Understanding the Contemporary Middle East, 3rd Edition / Edition 3

Understanding the Contemporary Middle East, 3rd Edition / Edition 3

by Jillian Schwedler

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1 Introduction Jillian Schwedler Schwedler, Jillian 1

2 The Middle East: A Geographic Preface Ian R. Manners Manners, Ian R. Barbara McKean Parmenter Parmenter, Barbara McKean 9

3 The Historical Context Arthur Goldschmidt Jr. Goldschmidt, Arthur, Jr. 37

4 Middle Eastern Politics Deborah J. Gerner Gerner, Deborah J. Philip A. Schrodt Schrodt, Philip A. 85

5 International Relations Mary Ann Tetreault Tetreault, Mary Ann 137

6 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Simona Sharoni Sharoni, Simona Mohammed Abu-Nimer Abu-Nimer, Mohammed 177

7 The Economies of the Middle East Agnieszka Paczynska 221

8 The Political Economy of Middle Eastern Oil Mary Ann Tetreault Tetreault, Mary Ann 255

9 Population Growth, Urbanization, and the Challenges of Unemployment Valentine M. Moghadam Moghadam, Valentine M. 281

10 Kinship, Class, and Ethnicity Laurie King-Irani King-Irani, Laurie 309

11 The Role of Women Lisa Taraki Taraki, Lisa 345

12 Religion and Politics in the Middle East Jillian Schwedler Schwedler, Jillian 373

13 MiddIe Eastern Literature Miriam Cooke Cooke, Miriam 397

14 Trends and Prospects Lillian Schwedler and Deborah I. Gerner Gerner, Deborah I. 435

List of Acronyms 443

Basic Political Data 447

The Contributors 459

Index 461

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