Understanding the Earth / Edition 1

Understanding the Earth / Edition 1

by Geoff Brown

This 1992 book contains well-illustrated and readable accounts covering many aspects of the earth sciences.See more details below


This 1992 book contains well-illustrated and readable accounts covering many aspects of the earth sciences.

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Cambridge University Press
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7.44(w) x 9.69(h) x 1.14(d)

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Lists of editors and contributors; Foreword Ian G. Gass; Introduction to chapters 1-4; 1. Exploration of the Solar System Peter W. Francis; 2. The origin of the Earth Stuart Ross Taylor; 3. The Earth's interior Don L. Anderson; 4. Experimental petrology: Earth materials science Peter J. Wyllie; Introduction to chapters 5-8; 5. Magma generation in the Earth Stephen J. Sparks; 6. The interpretation of magmatic evolution Keith G. Cox; 7. Geological time Chris J. Hawkesworth and Peter van Calsteren; 8. The continents Keith O'Nions; Introduction to chapters 9-12; 9. Seafloor spreading and plate tectonics Tjeerd H. van Andel; 10. Plate tectonics and continental drift Alan G. Smith; 11. Plate tectonics and hydrothermal ore deposits Michael J. Russell; 12. Metamorphism and fluids Alan B. Thompson; Introduction to chapters 13-15; 13. Seismic reflection profiling and the structure of the continental lithosphere Simon Klemperer and Carolyn Peddy; 14. Deformation of the continental crust Philip England; 15. The formation of sedimentary basins Tony Watts; Introduction to chapters 16-19; 16. Classic sediments Roger G. Walker; 17. Limestones through time Maurice E. Tucker; 18. Hydrocarbon source works Ralf Littke and Dietrich H. Welte; 19. Event stratigraphy: a dynamic view of the setimentary record Adolf Seilacher; Introduction to chapters 20 and 21; 20. Sequence stratigraphy: an introduction Chris Wilson; 21. Intraplate stress and sedimentary basin evolution Sierd Cloetingh; Introduction to chapters 22 and 23; 22. The early evolution of life Simon Conway Morris; 23. Fossils and evolutionary theory Peter W. Skelton; Introduction to chapters 24 and 25; 24. Palaeoclimatology Eric J. Barron; 25. Volcanic hazards Michael R. Rampino; Glossary; Figure acknowledgements; Index.

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