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Undertaking Irene (Jane Delaney Mysteries, #1)

Undertaking Irene (Jane Delaney Mysteries, #1)

4.3 4
by Pamela Burford

"Look out, Janet Evanovich: Jane Delaney is a worthy rival of Stephanie Plum. Bright, smart, and incredibly funny, Undertaking Irene is a delightful laugh-out-loud roller-coaster ride." LORNA BARRETT, New York Times best-selling author of Book Clubbed

"Witty characters, humorous story line and a plot so fun you won't want to stop reading


"Look out, Janet Evanovich: Jane Delaney is a worthy rival of Stephanie Plum. Bright, smart, and incredibly funny, Undertaking Irene is a delightful laugh-out-loud roller-coaster ride." LORNA BARRETT, New York Times best-selling author of Book Clubbed

"Witty characters, humorous story line and a plot so fun you won't want to stop reading this book! . . . It's laugh out loud funny and will make people wonder what you are reading!" SHELLEY'S BOOK CASE

"This one is definitely ♥♥♥♥♥!" RANTIN', RAVIN' & READING

"Undertaking Irene by Pamela Burford is one of the funniest books I've read in a long time! . . . I was laughing out loud right from the start. . . . I can't wait for book two. If you like humor with your mystery, definitely check this one out!" BROOKE BLOGS, 5 Stars!

"Quirky characters, an intriguing mystery, and snappy dialogue!" ESCAPE WITH DOLLYCAS

"I hated to put it down. . . . I will be looking to read other books by Pamela Burford!" READALOT

Death Diva Jane is simply going about her business, which in this case requires her to empty a three-liter spigot box of cheap rosé on a grave, when she and her furry sidekick Sexy Beast make a grisly discovery in the town cemetery.

The victim was murdered three decades ago, but memories are fresh and old grievances fresher as facts come to light and fingers start pointing. Naturally Jane must investigate. Well, what would you do if one of your best pals turned out to be Suspect Numero Uno?

Meanwhile, between her amorous ex and a sexy bad boy who keeps popping up in the most distracting way—not to mention the (creepy? bizarre? pathetic?) guys she’s meeting through a dog lovers’ dating site—her love life has never been so (creepy? bizarre? pathetic?)… interesting.

Book 1 in the Jane Delaney mystery series. Approximately 259 pages.

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Jane Delaney Mysteries , #1
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Undertaking Irene (Jane Delaney Mysteries, #1) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the humor throughout the book as well as the many twists of the mystery. Jane Delaney is an interesting person and it was fun jumping from conclusion to conclusion with her. She put aside her perceptions when faced with the evidence. Underneath all the mystery solving and dog care, she grew up as she realized that her past love life should not hinder living her life in the present. This is the first in the Jane Delaney Mysteries, and I look forward to reading more. I was given a chance to read this story for an honest review.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Jane Delaney does things her paying customers can’t do, don’t want to do, don’t want to be seen doing, can’t bring themselves to do, and/or don’t want it to be known they’d paid someone to do. To dead people. Life gets complicated for Jane and her Death Diva business when she’s hired to liberate a gaudy mermaid brooch from the corpse during a wake. Well, a girl’s got to make a living, and this assignment pays better than scattering ashes, placing flowers on graves, or bawling her eyes out as a hired mourner. Unfortunately for Jane, someone else is just as eager to get his hands on that brooch, and he’s even sneakier than she is. Just when she thinks her biggest problem is grand theft mermaid, things take a murderous turn. But hey, when you’ve teamed up with a neurotic seven-pound poodle named Sexy Beast, how can you go wrong? Dollycas’s Thoughts There are so many things I liked about this book. Quirky characters, an intriguing mystery, and snappy dialogue all drew me in to this story. Jane Delaney is quite a character and she has a very interesting job. She is a Death Diva. I had heard of hiring mourners to cry at funerals but never a Death Diva. She has quite a vast array of services that she offers, like stealing a brooch off of a dead lady during the wake. She has one client that keeps her quite busy or has in the past. If you think these are unusual characters there are more, a “priest” who is very easy on the eyes, a concierge doctor named Jonah, Patrick O’Rourke, son of the deceased who happens to have a huge secret, his daughter, his wife and let’s not forget Sexy Beast, a tiny apricot poodle who needs a trip to a groomer and soon. The mystery starts when Jane finds a dead body that is ruled as a death from natural causes, but Jane just can’t accept that and decides if the police are not going to investigate she will. The plot is full of twists and diversions. At times I wasn’t sure if it was really a murder or not, but Jane kept digging and then the chase was on to figure out just which suspect was guilty. This was a quick read, told from Jane’s point of view, and I enjoyed very much! The author has laid a firm foundation for the series to unfold. I look forward to the next job Jane undertakes!
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS Jane Delaney has a very interesting job. She does things for or too people that have died. Right now her job is to steal a pin the deceased plans to be buried with. But someone beat her to it. It has some funny moments in this book, and some very serious moments too. Jane finds her friend dead. She does not believe it was a natural death so she convinces someone to look into it. She ends up being a suspect. Their are a few suspects that have motive. It keeps you guessing till it reveals who. cute dogs in this story. Interesting characters, Interesting romances, Looks like it could be a good series to follow and also a clean read. My attention was kept in the story. I hated to put it down. Jane still likes her ex-husband that he is getting ready for his 4th wedding. She also likes a mystery priest. Jane does not have much money compared to those around her do. She really likes her employers dog sexy beast. Jane cares about those around her. Jonah is a man of mystery that I really want to know more about him and where he got his skills. Sexy Beast is a poodle with a real matted hair. I think my daughter's dog needs his hair cut too. Sexy beast is seven pounds. He is spoiled dog. I will be looking to read other books by Pamela Burford in the future. I was given this ebook to read and agreed to give honest review of it and be part of Undertaking Irene's blog tour.
DebbPenn More than 1 year ago
I can't usually read mysteries because I have a limited memory and never enough time to read straight-through to recall who-done-what...but this story was a great read!! I was pleasantly entertained to the very last unexpected page. The quick witty dialogue made me laugh out loud in public : D The interesting plot twists had me changing my mind and pointing the guilty finger at a few different members of the memorable cast of hilarious characters...and I was so (happily) wrong! Fabulously funny! When is the next Jane Delaney book coming out?