Unhallowed Ground: A Young Boy's Search for His Father and Brother

Unhallowed Ground: A Young Boy's Search for His Father and Brother

by Paul Guernsey

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This beautifully executed first novelsets 17-year old Manny Moreno, the sonof a Chilean immigrant and a descendantof New England Yankees, against incomprehensible, intractable and criminalelements of society. Living in a jerry-built shack with a drunken, promiscuous mother and a retarded sister, Manny haunts the nearby Connecticut swamp flushing deer as well as a pack of crazed dogs. The swamp is owned by Manny's employer, crippled millionaire William Cahill, cruel, arrogant and vicious. Manny seeks meaning from his world in the myths spun by his grandfather, Nat Tarbox. It is from these tales and it isin the swamp that Manny uncovers the riddle of his father's and his brother'sdisappearances years before. Totally in command of his narrative, equally skillful in capturing emotional nuances and evoking the natural world, Guernsey makes a bizarre situation credible by populating it with vivid characters, each of whom is memorable by virtue of a clearly articulated motivation. (August 27)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Manuel Morenco, a 17-year-old Chilean-Yankee crossbreed, languishes in the backwoods of Connecticut with a head full of marijuana and ghost stories, brooding on his father's desertion, his mother's pill problem, and his sister's insanity. A high school dropout and borderline delinquent, Manny feels lucky to land a job at the Cahill mansion, where he tends the fruit trees and spies on his boss's nubile granddaughter. Meanwhile, sinister goings-on in the town swamp, supposedly haunted by Indians and early settlers, threaten to disrupt the entire community. Unhallowed Ground is an ambitious coming-of-age novel grafted onto a predictable Stephen King-type thriller. Though only partially successful, it would be a suitable addition for most fiction collections. Edward B. St. John, Loyola Marymount Univ. Lib., Los Angeles

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