Union Street

Union Street

by Pat Barker

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Ivan Gold
''UNION STREET,'' Pat Barker's first novel, is set in the early 1970's in an unnamed city in England's industrial Northeast....Miss Barker skillfully employs the factory setting to touch on matters like automation, race prejudice, feeblemindedness and the sheer human hardship experienced by some of those trapped on the assembly line....Her novel is divided into seven sections, each named for a particular female....Together, the seven sections explore every permutation and nuance (both within and outside the desperate social milieu that is this author's artistic capital) of growing up, growing old, making do, making a living....All in all, Pat Barker gives the sense of a writer who has enormous power that she has scarcely had to tap to write a first-rate first novel. I'm glad this book was published here and look forward to reading her next. -- New York Times

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