Unique Animals of Alaska

Unique Animals of Alaska

by Lee Jacobs, Tanya Lee Stone

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Alaska is home to many different kinds of animals. Our national bird, the eagle is found in great numbers in Alaska. In fact, there are more eagles in Alaska than any other state. They reside in Alaska all year long. Other year-round Alaskan residents are the snowy owl and the willow ptarmigan. Many other birds make Alaska their home only during the summer. Some of the other kinds of animals that stay in Alaska all year round change color to stay camouflaged. The Alaskan hare and the snowshoe hare both turn white in the winter. Some kinds of animals in Alaska outnumber the human inhabitants. There are twice as many caribou in Alaska as there are people. As members of the deer family, caribou differ from deer in that both males and females grow horns. They are great travelers and sometimes walk thousands of miles to find food. Grizzly bears and polar bears also live in Alaska. Grizzly bears like to catch salmon in the rivers. Polar bears live in the far northern areas of Alaska. This series, "Regional Wild America," is well illustrated with photographs. 2005, Thomson Gale, Ages 6 to 10.
—Kristin Harris
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 2-5-Each volume introduces approximately a dozen animals found in a designated geographical area. Stone provides basic information about the animals' physical characteristics, food sources, habitat, and behavior. With only a page or two per animal, not every topic can be addressed for each one. There is also no attempt to relate species to one another. The writing is clear, and the well-designed pages feature photographs that reinforce the written information. However, organizing this series around groups of states rather than habitat sets up an artificial structure that works better in some cases than in others. Stone can identify enough unique animals in Alaska and Hawaii to distinguish those states from most other locations, but the Midwest includes many animals that are common in wide areas of North America. For example, deer, cardinals, and ground squirrels can be found in many other regions. With so many books available about individual animals or states, the choices for the further-reading lists are curious. About half of the titles are also published by Blackbirch, several by this author. Libraries may want to purchase the volume that covers their state. Other titles could be considered for purchase where heavy demand for report material warrants.-Kathy Piehl, Minnesota State University, Mankato Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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