Unisar TV920-HS TV Listener J3 Extra Headset Fot TV920 Headset System

Unisar TV920-HS TV Listener J3 Extra Headset Fot TV920 Headset System


Now you can listen to your television at a volume that is comfortable for you without disturbing others in the room. The TV Listener infrared headphones are ideal if you have difficulty hearing or if you simply want to watch television at a different volume than others. You are able to adjust the volume on the headset to any level without affecting the volume of the television. Works with hearing aids. The TV Listener works just like your remote control. It sends an invisible infrared signal from your television or any other audio device to the deluxe stereo headset. The receiver in the headset captures the infrared light waves and converts them back into sound. You adjust the volume on the headset to suit your personal needs. Unlike radio frequency devices infrared is not subject to interference from cordless phones wireless networks microwaves etc.

Rechargeable stereo headset with cushioned ear pad. Volume control conveniently located on cushioned lightweight wireless headset. No interference from other electronic devices. Transmits signal up to 33 feet. Infrared technology. To be used with Model TV920 - sold separately. Allows two people to use TV920 at the same time. No limit to the number of headsets that can be used. Rechargeable. Each user can adjust volume to his or her needs. Includes 2 AAA rechargeable batteries.

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