The United Nations and Changing World Politics / Edition 5

The United Nations and Changing World Politics / Edition 5

by Thomas G Weiss, David P. Forsythe, Roger A. Coate, Kelly-Kate Pease

With updates throughout, this newly revised fifth edition serves as the definitive text for courses dealing with the United Nations.

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With updates throughout, this newly revised fifth edition serves as the definitive text for courses dealing with the United Nations.

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Fifth Edition
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5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Tables and Illustrations     ix
Foreword to the Second Edition   Inis L. Claude Jr.     xiii
Foreword to the Third Edition   Leon Gordenker     xv
Foreword to the Fourth Edition   James O. C. Jonah     xviii
Foreword to the Fifth Edition   Richard Jolly     xxiii
Preface to the Fifth Edition   Thomas G. Weiss   David P. Forsythe   Roger A. Coate   Kelly-Kate Pease     xxvi
Acronyms     xxxv
Introduction     xxxix
The Legal Foundations of Sovereignty     xliv
State Sovereignty     xliv
Changing Raisons d'Etat     l
The United Nations: Actor or Institutional Framework?     lii
UN Politics     lvii
Notes     lix
International Peace and Security     1
The Theory of UN Collective Security     3
Collective Security in General     4
The United Nations and Security: Some Basics     7
Regional Arrangements     17
Straying from the Course     23
Notes     23
UN Security Efforts During the Cold War     27
The Early Years: Palestine, Korea, Suez, the Congo     27
Understanding Peacekeeping     33
"Chapter Six and a Half" on Hold, 1978-1988     39
Economic Sanctions     41
Notes     43
UN Security Operations After the Cold War     45
The First UN Military Operations After the End of the Cold War, 1988-1993     46
The Rebirth of Peacekeeping     49
Moving Toward the Next Generation     53
Moving Toward Enforcement     56
Nonforcible Sanctions in the Post-Cold War Era: Humanitarian Dilemmas     61
Operational Quandaries: Cambodia, the Former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Rwanda, and Haiti     63
Ever-Evolving Security Operations: Kosovo, East Timor, and Sierra Leone     76
Conclusion     81
Notes     88
The Challenges of the Twenty-First Century     95
After September 11, What's New?     95
Political Challenges     103
Institutional Challenges     106
The World Summit 2005     114
Professional Changes: Strengthening the Secretariat     121
Explaining Change     127
Notes     129
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs     135
The United Nations, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Affairs      137
The Theory     138
Understanding Rights     140
Basic Norms in the UN Era     145
Core Norms Beyond the Charter     150
Supplementing the Core     155
Notes     160
The United Nations and Applying Human Rights Standards     165
Security Council     167
General Assembly     175
International Criminal Court     177
Office of the Secretary-General     179
High Commissioner for Human Rights     182
Commission on Human Rights (1946-2006)     185
Human Rights Council (2006-)     189
Supplemental Human Rights Bodies     192
Supervising Rights and Development     203
Emergency Assistance     206
Notes     212
Change, the United Nations, and Human Rights     219
More on Raisons d'Etat     221
State Coalitions     224
Nonstate Actors     226
Theories of Change     229
Notes     237
Sustainable Human Development     239
Theories of Development at the United Nations     241
The Politics of Changing Theories     245
Notes      264
Sustainable Development as Process: UN Organizations and Norms     269
Unpacking the Organizational Chart: Coordination, Again     270
Particular Contributions to Sustainable Development     273
The UN and the IMF and World Bank     283
Norm Creation and Coherence: History of Ideas     285
The UN's Sustainable Human Development Model     298
Notes     301
The UN, Development, and Globalization     305
Globalization and Global Governance     306
The MDG Strategy     310
Implementing the MDGs     313
A Global Partnership for Development     327
Globalization, MDGs, Partnerships     336
Explaining Change     338
Notes     340
Conclusion: Learning from Change     345
Learning Lessons?     347
Articulation and Aggregation of Interests     350
Rule-Making     357
Rule Enforcement     360
Some Final Thoughts     366
Notes     371
The United Nations System     375
Concise List of Internet Sites Relevant to the United Nations     376
Charter of the United Nations     377
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights     396
About the Book and Authors     400
Index     402

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