United States of Poetry

United States of Poetry


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Polygram Records


  1. Driftwood Feelin'
  2. Opening
  3. Green Light and Gamma Ways
  4. Democracy
  5. Soldiers Drill (Found Poetry #1)
  6. Telephone Booth #905 1/2
  7. Slot Machine
  8. James Joyce
  9. Stoplight Politics
  10. Project Princess
  11. The X Is Black (Spike Lie)
  12. Turning Forty
  13. A Three Point Shot From Andromeda
  14. So Beautiful
  15. Personals Ad
  16. Crumbs
  17. Tours
  18. Good Shepherd: Atlanta, 1981
  19. Double Dutch Rhymes (Found Poetry #2)
  20. Sista: Boss of the Food
  21. How Do I Love Thee
  22. Cheerleader Chant (Found Poetry #3)
  23. The Long Road
  24. Gift
  25. Heritage
  26. Square Dance Call (Found Poetry #4)
  27. I'm an Emotional Idiot
  28. Romeo Had Juliette
  29. Two Whores
  30. A Testimonial
  31. Change
  32. A Song
  33. Salvation/Quarantine
  34. Tell Our Daughters
  35. The Sounds I Hear at Night
  36. Spirit Hunters
  37. Opening Reprise

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Leonard Cohen   Track Performer
Allen Ginsberg   Track Performer
Lou Reed   Track Performer
John Trudell   Track Performer
Joseph Brodsky   Track Performer
Al   Track Performer
Amiri Baraka   Track Performer
Dennis Cooper   Track Performer
Robert Creeley   Track Performer
Maggie Estep   Track Performer
Paul Beatty   Track Performer
Quincy Troupe   Track Performer
Hal Sirowitz   Track Performer
Tracie Morris   Track Performer
Emily XYZ   Track Performer
Sparrow   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Tom Paul   Engineer
Mark Lipson   Producer
Joshua Blum   Producer,Creation
Mark Pellington   Director
Bob Holman   Producer,Creation
Anna Mullen   Producer
Tony Lovato   Composer
Joshua Blum   Producer

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