Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity

Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity

by Benjamin Creme

We need a new, hopeful vision for the future. This book presents such a vision: a future that embraces a world at peace in harmony and unity, while each individual quality and approach is welcomed and needed. It is visionary, but is expressed with a cogent and compelling logic.

Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity concerns the future of


We need a new, hopeful vision for the future. This book presents such a vision: a future that embraces a world at peace in harmony and unity, while each individual quality and approach is welcomed and needed. It is visionary, but is expressed with a cogent and compelling logic.

Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity concerns the future of every man, woman and child. It is about the future of the Earth itself. Humanity, Creme says, is at a crossroads and has a major decision to make: to go onwards and create a brilliant new civilisation in which all are free and social justice reigns, or continue as we are, divided and competing, and see the end of life on planet Earth.

Creme writes for the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, whose Plan for the betterment of all humanity he presents. He shows that the path forward for us all is the realisation of our essential unity without the sacrifice of our equally essential diversity.

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In this coming time, as we move deeper into the Aquarian experience, we will find that the idea of unity and its relation to diversity becomes ever more meaningful, and consistent with our growing understanding of the evolution of consciousness, which is the central purpose of our human existence. Unity to the Masters is the inner reality of our lives, reflecting the unity of every atom in relation with every other atom in cosmos. We all seek unity, knowingly or not: it is the destined achievement of our longing and our creating. Our aspiration for betterment drives us towards unity. Diversity also, we shall understand, is the reality of our being, reflecting as it does each person's unique individuality. We have to realise that humanity is One, and act accordingly.

In this book I attempt to show some of the profound and far-reaching happenings that underlie the path to unity; also the parts that particular nations, in all their diversity, are playing in furthering the Plan of evolution, as understood and initiated by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters in this world cycle. The book comprises ten articles by one of the Masters of Wisdom, interspersed with talks by myself, and related questions and answers. Topics range from the political and international to group relationships, all with the underlying esoteric theme of unity in diversity, along with commentaries on related current affairs in the first decade of the 21st century.

Humanity's diversity is to a large extent the result of the differences in individual and national ray structures. The Rays are streams of energy, seven in number, which each person and each nation displays as part of their energetic make-up. The different ray qualities are expressed on the soul and the personality level for both individuals and nations. They qualify and give colour to the quality of the individual and nation. A few older nations display something of their soul quality but most, above all young nations, display mainly their personality ray. The same is true of the individual. This being so, the quality and identity of a nation is created mainly by the more advanced individuals in any country.

A great threefold experiment is being undertaken in the building of national identities: different ways of creating a unity from diversity. In the United Kingdom representatives of all the peoples of the Commonwealth of nations live together more or less peacefully, while strongly maintaining their separate identities. The USA is really an amalgam of representatives of many European countries transplanted across the ocean, mixing together until something new emerges - an American. The now independent states of the old USSR maintain their independence, while remaining a part of a vast 'federation', spreading from Europe to Vladivostok.

It will be seen that three great ideologies - democracy, communism and fascism - that today have divided humanity are actually our attempts to express, however inadequately and with much distortion, our vague awareness of the three aspects of the divine intention that we can know at this time. This shows the need for greater tolerance for different political structures. In the same way, working groups need to find ways to integrate the different individuals that make up those groups, and to work towards consensus and unity. Unity is the only path forward for all of humanity.

These lectures and answers to questions were addressed primarily to groups familiar with my information and previous publications. Therefore I speak freely about the Lord Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom, without the need to explain Who They are, Their work and relation to humanity. For new readers, however, some explanation is essential and I offer the following brief account of Their work and plans.

The Masters of Wisdom are a group of perfected men Who have preceded us in evolution and indeed have reached a point where They need no further incarnation on our planet. Nevertheless, They remain on Earth to oversee the evolution of the rest of us. They are the Custodians of the evolutionary process, the Guides, the Mentors, the Protectors of the race, and work to fulfil the Plan of evolution of our Planetary Logos through humanity and the lower kingdoms. For many thousands of years They (and Their predecessors) have lived mainly in the remote mountain and desert areas of the world - the Himalaya, Andes, Rockies, Cascades, Carpathians, Atlas, Urals, and the Gobi and other deserts. From these mountain and desert retreats They have overseen and stimulated human evolution from behind the scenes.

For over 500 years They have prepared Themselves for a group return to the everyday world which, I submit, is now in progress. In July 1977, Their head and leader, the Lord Maitreya, Who embodies the Christ Principle (the energy of Love) and holds the office of World Teacher, descended from His Himalayan retreat and entered London, England, His 'point of focus' in the modern world. Maitreya lives in the Asian community of London as an 'ordinary' man awaiting the appropriate time to come openly before the world. He is expected by religious groups under different names: the Christ; the Imam Mahdi; the Messiah; Krishna; Maitreya Buddha. He does not come as a religious leader but as an educator in the broadest sense.

Maitreya's presence will galvanise humanity into making the necessary changes in our political, economic and social life that will guarantee peace, justice and freedom for all humanity. His major concern is the disparity in living standards between the developed and developing worlds, which, He says, threatens the future of the race. Terrorism is one of the main symptoms of these divisions. Maitreya sees the principle of sharing as the key to the solution of our manifold problems, and the means of bringing humanity into right relationship. Maitreya has said: "Take your brother's need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course." Since January 2010 Maitreya has appeared on television (still incognito) in America, Mexico and Brazil, and will continue to give interviews in Japan, Europe and many countries around the world.

In January 1959 I was contacted by one of the Masters in the Himalaya and soon after by Maitreya, Himself. I was offered the task of preparing the way for Their emergence, creating the climate of hope and expectancy, a task on which I have been engaged now for 38 years. In the course of the training by my Master to prepare me for this work, we have established a moment-to-moment two-way telepathic link. This enables Him to communicate with me, with the minimum of His attention and energy. He forged an instrument through whom He could work, and which would be responsive to His slightest impression (of course, with my complete co-operation and without the slightest infringement of my free will). The Master's articles contained in this book were dictated by Him originally for Share International magazine.

Meet the Author

A lifelong student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings - first made available to the public in the late 1800s by H.P. Blavatsky and later by Alice A. Bailey - Benjamin Creme has traveled the world for more than 30 years informing people that the greatest event in history is now unfolding. Humanity's Elder Brothers - the Masters of Wisdom - are once again among us. Soon these ancient guardians of the human race will be working openly at our side, showing us how to live together in peace - with sharing, justice and Earth stewardship as the keynotes of a new civilization.

In the 16 inspiring and provocative books which have emerged from his lectures, Creme paints an ever more detailed picture of humanity's destiny, both worldly and spiritually. "We are talking about nothing less than the total transformation of every aspect of our lives", he says. Creme's message is both profound and immensely practical. Each book covers a vast range of topics: from meditation and the growth of consciousness to political and economic change, from initiation and group work to ecology and world service. Compelling explanations are offered for the ever-increasing 'miraculous' or unexplained phenomena such as weeping Madonnas, crosses of light, healing waters, crop circles and UFOs. Creme also clarifies misunderstandings about the antichrist and the 'last judgment'.

In close contact with, and trained by, a Master of Wisdom since 1959, Mr. Creme has access to constant up-to-date information on the progress of Maitreya's emergence and the total conviction necessary to present that information to a skeptical world. He is chief editor of Share International, a monthly magazine read in over 70 countries that addresses Maitreya's emergence as well as the changes that are both needed and actually occurring in every field of endeavor to bring about a more just and compassionate global society.

Creme has lectured by invitation throughout Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim, and is regularly interviewed on radio and television. He receives no remuneration or royalties for this work and makes no claims about his own spiritual status. His books have been translated and published in numerous languages by groups worldwide who have responded to his message.

"My task," Creme says, "has been to make the initial approach to the public, to help create a climate of hope and expectancy into which Maitreya can emerge without infringing our free will."

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