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UNITY (Illirin, #2)

UNITY (Illirin, #2)

4.3 3
by Laura Maisano

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The fires in Illirin have died down, and the survivors are suffering under Emperor Nor’s tyranny. Unfortunately, Illirin isn’t the only world in danger of oppression. Nor’s pet wizard, Matt, has issued an insane ultimatum to Earth’s world leaders. Now Gabe and Lea are running out of time. Again.

For the past three months, Gabe


The fires in Illirin have died down, and the survivors are suffering under Emperor Nor’s tyranny. Unfortunately, Illirin isn’t the only world in danger of oppression. Nor’s pet wizard, Matt, has issued an insane ultimatum to Earth’s world leaders. Now Gabe and Lea are running out of time. Again.

For the past three months, Gabe has taken refuge on Earth with Lea. He’s broken and grieving, but he’s got to pull himself together to save those he left behind. Meanwhile, Lea prays Merlin’s prophecy of becoming powerful will come true. She’s busted her butt practicing her newfound magic. Too bad for her, she still sucks at it. Matt has had a lifetime to master his gift, and she’s fated to face him? Merlin must’ve made a mistake.

Together, Gabe and Lea go to Illirin hoping to locate help, but the Winged survivors won’t aid Gabe, who they hold responsible for their losses. While short on friends and adding new enemies, Gabe and Lea must find a way to defeat Nor and stop Matt’s plan. Failure could mean being torn apart, the Winged hunted to extinction, and Earth at the mercy of a wizard bent on domination.

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Illirin , #2
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UNITY (Illirin, #2) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was a little heartbroken at the conclusion of the last book. I'm not going to lie. So in opening this one, I was looking for redemption, and redemption I found. The plot twisted places I didn't want it to go, but that means I was feeling overly protective of the characters. Because I'm attached. Because the author did a fabulous job with them. Let me just say, I really hate the villains. Still, I got an ending that made me happy. A wonderful conclusion and a great journey, what more could a body ask for?
Gnashchick More than 1 year ago
Warning: This review assumes that you have read Schism, and contains spoilers for book 1 Unity picks up three months after Heten Nor took control of the Stand of Unity and with it, all of Illirin. The Winged are defeated, with just a handful of survivors suffering under the control of the Seers. Gabe and Lea have had a few months to rest and heal, but Gabe is wracked by guilt over his part in the battle. Matt appears and gives the leaders of Earth an ultimatum: submit to his rule in exchange for unlimited, pollution-free power. Matt’s threat to Earth prompt Gabe and Lea to return to Illirin to end Nor’s rule. Gabe and Lea find a small resistance movement, including Gabe’s sister Aime, fighting back against Nor’s army and providing refuge for survivors. Lea struggles to learn how to control her abilities and studies the book of magic reputed to have been written by Merlin himself. They have to find a way to break the power that Nor and Matt hold over both worlds, and the book might hold clues if only they can decipher them in time. I particularly enjoyed that none of the main characters are perfect. With both Earth and Illirin threatened, the stakes are higher. Gabe, Lea, and Aime worry not only their own safety but the extinction of the Winged and the threat of a brutal dictatorship taking over both linked worlds. They undertake dangerous missions because they know they have to, but success is not guaranteed. They show their ignorance, luck, pride, jealousy, ingenuity, and sometimes let their emotions get the better of them. Earth’s response to Matt’s threats struck me as unrealistic. Humans are a belligerent species, the USA in particular, so I expected squads of soldiers in armor and breathing gear to show up at any time and join the fray. However, their intrusion may have been too much to add to an already full cast of characters. The last third of the book is an action-packed page-turner that I couldn’t put down until the very end. Overall, Unity is a satisfying conclusion to the Illirin duology. In keeping with the overall themes and characters of the series, there is no guaranteed happily-ever-after, but the lessons learned will shape the dual worlds of Illirin and Earth for years to come. (4.5 Stars) I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of the review. This review was originally published at The Bookie Monster.
hmweasley More than 1 year ago
Because I want to avoid any big spoilers for the first book, I'm going to try to avoid discussing the events of Unity in detail in this review. However, I do want to say that I loved how familiar this book felt when I picked it up. It had been a year or so since I read the first book, and at first, I was worried that I would be confused going into book two. Not only did everything from book one come back to me easily, there was a familiarity to the world that you just couldn't get from the first book, since it was your introduction to the world, and that was a pleasant surprise. It was a nice aspect of the book that definitely added to my enjoyment as I read. Because I'm so used to series being trilogies or longer, I wasn't expecting the sequel to so strongly wrap everything up and conclude the story. That was a nice surprise, and another one that I greatly enjoyed. It was nice to read a story that, even though it expanded two books, was rather short in comparison to many series. I feel like the characters achieved what they needed, and I almost wish I was okay with adding spoilers to this review just so I could talk more about the ending. As I said in my review for the first book, there are some elements of this series that I almost remind me of science fiction even though the series is fantasy. It adds a very unique flavor to the story that I quite like, and I think it might broaden the appeal of the story to some who aren't always up for fantasy. But no matter what genre the book is, it's a nice story, and I think there are many people out there who would enjoy reading a fun series that's only two books long as opposed to getting into a longer series that may take ages to actually finish. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.