University Chemistry

University Chemistry

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by Brian B. Laird

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University Chemistry, First Edition by Brian Laird

Chapter 0 The Basic Language of Chemistry
Chapter 1 Quantum Theory and the Electronic Structure of Atoms
Chapter 2 Many-Electron Atoms and the Periodic Table
Chapter 3 The Chemical Bond
Chapter 4 Molecular Structure and Interaction
Chapter 5 States of Matter I: Phase Diagrams and Gases
Chapter 6 States of Matter I: Liquids and Solids
Chapter 7Thermochemistry
Chapter 8 Entropy, Free Energy and the Equilibrium State
Chapter 9 Physical Equilibria
Chapter 10 Chemical Equilibria
Chapter 11 Acids and Bases
Chapter 12 Solution Equilibria

Chapter 13 Electrochemistry
Chapter 14 Chemical Reaction Kinetics
Chapter 15
Chemistry of Transition Metals
Chapter 16 Organic and Polymer Chemistry
Chapter 17 Nuclear Chemistry

APPENDIX 1: Units and Mathematical Background
APPENDIX 2: Thermodynamic Data at 1 bar and 25oC (Source: Appendix 3 9e – modified)
APPENDIX 3: Derivation of the Names of the Elements (Source: Appendix 1 9e)
APPENDIX 4: Stable and Unstable Isotopes of the First Ten Elements

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