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4.4 7
by C.J. Barry

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New Year's Resolutions:
#1: Control own destiny
#2: Save Earth
#3: Don't fall for an alien

Lacey Garrett is determined to take back the business and self-respect her ex-fiancé stole from her. But her resolutions seem trivial when she's suddenly teleported to a strange planet, courtesy of the most gorgeous male specimen in the universe.


New Year's Resolutions:
#1: Control own destiny
#2: Save Earth
#3: Don't fall for an alien

Lacey Garrett is determined to take back the business and self-respect her ex-fiancé stole from her. But her resolutions seem trivial when she's suddenly teleported to a strange planet, courtesy of the most gorgeous male specimen in the universe.

Interstellar fugitive Zain Masters needs Lacey's help to turn off the energy field that has stranded him on a wasteland planet. He has every intention of beaming her back to her own world safe and sound—until a system failure traps them both. Forced to work together to repair his ship, Zain and Lacey try to fight their mutual attraction—when they stumble upon a cosmic conspiracy that threatens not only Earth, but the entire galaxy.

Book 3 of 4.

Previously published.

76,000 words

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"That's one dry rock, Reene," Zain said to his computer as he surveyed the horizon over planet P254-334-5 through his ship's viewport. Below was an endless monotony of sunburned sand dunes broken by an occasional rock outcropping.

Reene replied, "An astute assessment, sir. Eighty percent desert, twenty percent water. No detectable human or alien populations. There is a viable atmosphere. However, significant terra-forming would be required to place a water-based populace here."

Good, Zain thought. The fieldwork of mapping a new planet was easier when it had no people. "Include that in our report to StarNet."

"Yes, sir."

Zain checked their progress in the planet's holo-image on the console. Reene had divided the planet surface into equal sections forming the typical grid pattern. As they passed over the next section, the sensor readings scrolled up beside the holo-image displaying surface maps, climate, electromagnetism, geochemistry, gravity. Zain scanned them. Nothing special. Another routine survey.

He leaned back and closed his eyes, letting Reene take care of the survey grid.

Lately, charting star systems and the planets therein had become downright monotonous. Not that he was looking for excitement. He smirked. Well, maybe just a little.

"Sir, I am getting an unusual reading over grid A5501," Reene announced.

Zain opened his eyes and noted a significant anomaly in the stats. He moved forward for a closer look. In one pinpoint within the grid, the energy readings were off the scale. What the hell was that?

"De-orbit and bring us down," he commanded, the first whispers of adrenaline unfurling in his gut.

As Reene took the ship down, Zain continued to monitor the readings and the planet surface. The terrain remained constant. No breaks and nothing to explain the kind of energy the sensors were picking up.

"We are directly over the site now," Reene announced.

"Any idea what this is?" Zain asked.

"We have never encountered this phenomenon before. Therefore, I cannot offer an accurate explanation."

Zain smiled at Reene's flawless logic. "A guess, then?"

"Sir, you may recall that I am not very good at guessing. Intuition is a trait I have not yet mastered."

Zain had to agree with his computer there. The last time he'd let Reene guess, they'd nearly made inadvertent first contact with a new species. Always a bad thing.

Besides, it had been a while since he'd stepped foot on land. A little hands-on data investigation might be just the thing he needed to mitigate the restlessness he'd felt over the past few cycles.

"Bring us down for a landing," he ordered. "Let's see what's making all the noise down there."

His ship responded immediately. The planet's energy readings continued to climb the closer they got to the surface, but Zain couldn't detect the source. He'd never seen anything like this in five years of space exploration.

The earlier excitement he'd felt changed to concern as they neared the planet's surface. Zain waited for touchdown, but it never happened. Something wasn't right.

"Reene, pull up," he ordered just as they slipped below what had appeared to be solid earth.

At the same instant, Reene reported, "Sir, I have encountered an energy field."

A flash of light crossed the viewport, striking the ship's hull full force. Another flash simultaneously hit the starboard side and sent a surge of current through the main systems.

"Evasive action!" Zain yelled above the alarms.

Meet the Author

C.J. Barry grew up reading science fiction novels, comic books and her brother's Cracked magazines. In high school, a creative writing teacher told her she should be a writer, but she decided to go to college instead. In college, a writing professor told her she should be a writer, but she decided to be a computer programmer instead. A husband, two cats and two kids later, an adult education teacher told her she should be a writer. She finally gave in, and after selling the first novel she ever wrote, decided that all those teachers were right. Eight books later, she continues to bring her unique blend of high adventure, witty humor and sizzling romance to her work.

C.J. has won numerous awards for her novels, and is a member of the Romance Writers of America. By day, she works as a web developer. By night, she dreams up adventures and pens the books she was destined to write.

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Unleashed 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Butterfly-o-Meter_Books More than 1 year ago
The overall rating for the series is 4 butterflies. I had a great time reading these books, I had fun, I got a healthy dose of smutty galore, and I was very, very glad I got a chance to read them. If I were to say what genre they'd go in, since people are always big on tags and stuff like that, I'd think these are romance with a sci-fi-ish twist, and not the other way around. There is a lot going on in each book, and there's a whole universe weaved for them, but I feel the main element is the romance. So I'd disagree with some reviews I read up on Goodreads, that slightly bash them for not being solidly sci-fi. I don't think they were meant to be; and I don't think I would have liked them more if they would have been, honestly. Buuut then again I'm not a sci-fi buff, I just like the occasional sci-fi because the book was very well written and the writer is very talented, not because of that genre. Anyways. Unleashed (UN-Forgettable #3) Now this one I loved the most out of all 4 of the books. This one I'd love to reread anytime I'll have the chance. The plot is, like with book #2, more sci-fi-ish then the first. But what really makes this awesome are the characters, Zain and Lacey, and their chemistry. It felt to me like they had the most intense connection out of all the pairs, and I loved them separately and together. Of course, I may be also influenced by Lacey's cat in this.it shall remain a mystery. The entire book felt fast paced, and it kept me on the edge of my seat basically from start to finish; I loved it so much, I read it in one go. It felt to me like in this book there was the most humor, and it's all thanks to Lacey, she's super smart, and funny, and a pleasure to read. And Zain was the awesome partner for it. Lacey and Zain rock!! This one was more like a 4,5 butterflies, it was close to 5, but not quite there for some reason. But it's one awesome and fun romance book, and I say you should read it, totally.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lacey Garrett is a computer programmer. Her fiancé steals her program wipes out her savings, and then runs off with everything. Lacey ends up picking up Oliver, the cat he abandoned, and moving to a secluded area. She only wants to be left alone so she can try to salvage the one client she has left. ........................ When Lacey read a post on one of the 'geek' boards asking for help identifying some images, Lacey answers. Her good deed did not go unpunished. Lacey finds herself and Oliver transported to another planet. ......................... Zain Masters is a former advance scout for InterGlax. (Think space law enforcement.) He has been on InterGlax's Wanted List for about ten years now for the death of his partner. Zain and his sentient ship, Reene, were simply exploring a planet when they came upon a camouflaged section and found themselves being shot out of the sky. From the looks of nearby debris, it is obvious that someone is hiding something worth killing over. Reene needs repairs fast. His energy cells are failing. But even if Reene gets patched up they cannot leave without turning off the weapons that shot them down. In a nearby dome, Zain finds odd images and needs help figuring them out. Help came from a 'juvenile planet' (one who still believes it is alone in the universe). He did not expect the female he beamed aboard to be so lovely or have a cat in her arms. He also did not expect for Reene to lose more power and be unable to send her home. They team up in hopes of figuring out the images and getting off the planet. But it turns out the dome is only the tip of the iceberg, literally. ......................... Things go from bad, to worse, to impossible. It is up to a man, a woman, a cat, a small brain ship, a few lasers, and a crustacean (yes, you read that right) to take down the biggest and deadliest corporation in the galaxy. ........................................... ***** When author C. J. Barry sets out to give readers an action packed romance, she does not hold back any punches! Just like her other space adventure novel, titled 'Unmasked', I began reading and could not stop until the last page had been turned. Barry is causing me to lose too many hours of sleep. I may need to take some time off work just to catch up on my bed rest. UNPUTDOWNABLE! *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Virginia, a distraught Lacey Garrett knows she must start over since her former fiancé stole her business and her savings, and left behind a cat Oliver and nothing else. She vows on New Year¿s Eve to never allow anyone especially a male to interfere with her life.................................. However, five minutes after her resolutions to play it safe and ignore men, Lacey and Oliver find themselves on board a spaceship because she as Cyber Queen responded to an email from someone named Zainman asking for help. Captain Zain Masters demands Lacey and Oliver provide him with answers to how he was shot down by laser cannons on an allegedly uninhabited planet. Now they have five days to resolve what is going on or else while creatures out of a 1950s B movie harass them on some strange planet in which Oliver adapts faster than Lacey perhaps because of the Zain distraction factor. Still she begins offering real solutions in between Zain¿s delightful kisses..................................... In her latest ¿Un¿ed¿ tale (see UNEARTHED and UNRAVELED), C.J. Barry provides readers with a wild fun science fiction romance that will make true believers out of those who nay say ET. The exhilarating story line moves forward faster than the speed of light as the action never slows down from the moment that Zain¿s equipment malfunctions until the final climax. The star-crossed in love lead pair is a wonderful coupling while the support crew from Oliver to the enemy make this a fabulous journey into space as only C.J. (cerebrally jocular) Barry can escort readers.......................... Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lacey Garrett is making a stand. After all, when your so-called fiancé ran off with her business & her life saving and leaves her with a tube of toothpaste all squished out¿.well, actually his cat, Oliver¿a girl has to get her priorities straight. First, rebuild her career; two, stay in control of her destiny, and fight to the death anyone who tries to take that away from her; and three, when in doubt play it safe. Of course, Lady Fate has a sense of humour and just adores having a wee giggle on Lacey, for not more than 5 minutes after making those firm New Year¿s Resolutions she finds herself aboard a spaceship - beam me up, Scotty style - worse, on another planet! And while the Capt. Video is tall, muscular and quite a gal¿s dream, Lacey is determined he won¿t push her¿and Oliver¿around! Enough is Enough! Lacey at first believes Capt. Marvel is stuff dreams are made of - literally - but once she dashes outside the spaceship, and she finds she is not in Kansas¿um, Virginia any more, and she and Toto¿hum, Oliver¿are not going to be a happy campers. That will teach her to answer strange emails! Zain Masters is just ¿borrowing¿ Lacey¿um, and her cat¿to get some answers. He was shot down on a strange planet that is supposedly uninhabited, but those laser cannons did not get there by accident! He saw a strange configuration of designs inside the one domed buildings on the forbidding planet and sent out a desperate call for help. It was answered by Lacey, and she seemed to have insight to the riddle, so he was just ¿borrowing¿ her to pick her brain. But a malfunction plops Lacey and Oliver down on his teeny space ship, and they have about 5 days to solve the riddle and get out of ¿Dodge¿. Lacey is not thrilled, though Oliver takes things in stride, that they are on a distant planet harassed by a Godzilla-like creature - that just happens to bear a strong resemblance to her ex-fiancé, Bob. But once she gets a handle on things, she is thrilled actually to be a real part of a team instead of being used and dismiss. She could actually help Zain, if only he would let her. Once again, C.J. Barry brings her brilliantly funny wit to an outer-space, Indiana-Jones adventure. It¿s a riot of fun, with Lacey and Zain more than heating up things along the way. Barry¿s third novel announces she is here to stay and one of the brightest voices in Sci-Fi Romance today!