Unleashed (Harlequin Blaze Series #430)
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Unleashed (Harlequin Blaze Series #430)

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by Lori Borrill

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Purse designer Jessie Beane has some bad habits when it comes to men. So she's going to boost her sexual karma— by indulging in an extra-naughty, one-night stand?

Detective Rick Marshall is the perfect candidate—a hot cop with a creative and insatiable libido. Unfortunately, Jessie's poor excuse of an ex uses the opportunity to rob Jessie's


Purse designer Jessie Beane has some bad habits when it comes to men. So she's going to boost her sexual karma— by indulging in an extra-naughty, one-night stand?

Detective Rick Marshall is the perfect candidate—a hot cop with a creative and insatiable libido. Unfortunately, Jessie's poor excuse of an ex uses the opportunity to rob Jessie's apartment and steal Rick's car…with key evidence in the trunk!

Jessie and Rick don't have time to waste…. They need to find that car now. And if spending time together gives them the chance to unleash their voracious appetite for each other, then they'll be certain to enjoy every salacious minute….

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Harlequin Blaze Series , #430
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So, Sheriff, shall I spread 'em?"

Rick Marshall grasped the hips of the fiery redhead who had splayed her hands against the bedroom wall of his San Francisco flat.

"I'm thinking you should probably frisk me," she added, tossing a sinful wink over her shoulder and wiggling her bottom against his waist. "I could have something dangerous under my skirt."

He leaned in, pressing his lips close to the silky curls at her nape and whispered, "I'm counting on it."

She chuckled and he caught a whiff of something sweet. Peaches or strawberries. Or maybe it was the cherry she'd been sucking on back at the bar. The one she'd teased him with from across the room, trailing her tongue around the slick, red orb while sending him a look that said she'd prefer it if the cherry were his cock.

Rick normally wasn't such an easy mark, but between a crap day on the force and a couple condoms growing dust in his wallet, he decided not to play his usual game of not-interested. He'd found a spicy little Texan with her heart set on partying. Tonight was a night to do something he hadn't done in a long, long time.

Have some fun.

She brushed her ass against his crotch and his jeans strained against a cock that wanted to take this way too fast.

"Easy, Jess," he whispered into her ear. "This dick you're teasing hasn't seen much action lately." He slid his hands down her hips and held her steady. "I'd hate for this night to end before it gets started."

She spun around and pressed her back to the wall, the toying look in her eyes darkening to something serious while her hands went to work on his belt. "Right. I'm supposed to believe a tall, handsome man in uniform doesn't get any action?" Shecurved her mouth just short of a smile. "Don't let the drawl mistake me for stupid."

Oh, Jessica Beane most definitely wasn't stupid. He wouldn't have brought her home if she was. Despite the turned-up freckled nose and occasional girlish grin, the woman at work on his pants had eyes of experience, though what kind he wasn't sure. He only knew she wasn't naive or foolish, and for tonight, that's all he needed.

"Believe whatever turns you on," he said before covering her mouth with his.

Cupping her cheek with his hand, he dug in and feasted on the petite little beauty. She tasted like honey, felt like pure heaven and the surge to his pulse told him he needed this encounter more than he'd realized. Too much lately, he'd wrapped himself up in the job, every waking moment, every rampant thought devoted to getting creeps off the street. Since Nat's death, catching bad guys had gone from a job to an obsession he couldn't overcome, even though he knew that for every punk he brought in a dozen more were lined up after. It was a never-ending battle—he knew that—but it didn't stop the gnawing in his gut that kept him going. Working homicide, he'd seen too many of those blank stares, the eyes of the dead, silently begging him to catch one more.

And you caught them all too late, didn't you, pal?

He sucked in a heavy breath, inhaling the spicy fragrance of Jessie's hair, breathing deeply to extinguish the haunting voice. Sliding his hands toward her breasts, he needed to touch and absorb something living, something soft, vital and whole. He needed this escape, this heated rush of blood through his veins to remind himself that he was still among the living, that there was still pleasure to be found in this sometimes dark world. And before this night was over, he intended to find lots of it. He hadn't walked into Scotty's looking for sex, but he'd found it in this red-hot cowgirl. And as she won the battle with his belt and went to work on his fly, he thanked Jessica Beane and her sinful cherries. A one-night stand was exactly what the doctor ordered.

With increased fury, she unfastened the buttons on his 501's while their mouths licked and sucked.

Wondering why the rush, he came up for breath. "You in a hurry to get somewhere?"

"Yeah. In your pants."

He kissed a path to her ear. "I mean after that." Grasping her left hand, he jiggled her ring finger. "You don't need to get home to someone, do you?"

He could sense the roll of her eyes in her voice. "No ring. No husband." Then she huffed and added, "No boyfriend, no partner, no significant other. Not even a crush on a movie star."

"Good," he said. "Because I'd like to keep you for a while." Tasting the base of her neck, he slipped a hand up under her black, sleeveless T-shirt and grabbed hold of a breast covered in something silky. A hard nipple topped the mound, and when he brushed his thumb over the smooth nub, her soft moan vibrated against his lips.

"This is nice," he said, sliding his spare hand up her shirt to toy with the other mound. He circled his palms over her nipples where they tickled his skin and sent sparks through his veins.

Her hands tugged at his jeans, the brush of her fingers against his length hardening an already threatening erection. He'd gone too long without the taste of a woman, erroneously thinking that a quick jerk-off in the shower could replace this feeling of flesh against flesh. Her mere touch was enough to send him careening toward the edge. So when she released his goods and took his hard, naked shaft in her hand, he quickly grabbed her forearms and pulled away.

"Babe, I wasn't joking. You're playing with a man overdue." Guiding her hands around his waist instead, he trailed his tongue against her earlobe. "I'd like this evening to last a while."

She responded by sliding to her knees. "Then we should take the edge off."

Every nerve in his body went on alert when those soft, wet lips touched his cock and cloaked him in slick warmth. The blood in his brain rushed south, stiffening his shaft until it throbbed.

"Babe, don't," he attempted, trying to pull from her mouth, when she relented, grabbing his ass and running her smooth tongue all the way from tip to base.

"Relax and go with it," she urged, but the anxious beauty didn't know what she was dealing with. She probably thought she'd come home with a regular guy. Someone who had real, live sex on a regular basis and who could shoot his wad and bounce back sometime before dawn for a few more rounds.

And on another day he would have been that man.

But he'd had too many sleepless nights, and the sensations boiling through him had been too long coming. He was overheating, the climax threatening to hit with such force he'd be spent for sure.

He may have lost most everything in his life, but he still had his pride.

She grabbed his balls and licked, and now he really did try to pull away. Until she opened wide and took him in fully.

Weeks of stress and tension slipped from his neck and shoulders, spilling down his back and sliding over his legs until his knees went weak and he had to brace himself against the wall. He cursed. Her wicked, hardheaded intent that had intrigued him in the bar was about to do him in right here. And as she clasped his hips and began motioning him to thrust his cock inside her, he lost the will to fight.

For the moment he simply obeyed, her moans of pleasure filling his ears and draining his mind of everything but the slick, tight feel of her tongue caressing his shaft. And as he let his body take over, pumping in and out while her fingers toyed with his ass, her groans played like music in the quiet of his room.

Electricity rushed through him, curling his fingers against the smooth, plastered wall, sounding a hum in his chest that erupted in one last warning.

"Jessica, I mean it. This is—" But a sharp stab of sensation sped up from his cock, trapping the words in his throat.

"Oh, yeah," she murmured before taking him in deep, apparently recognizing the signals that he was about to burst.

The waves kept sweeping through him, each one heavier than the last, and quickly his consciousness drained of everything but the feel of that mouth sucking hard on his flesh. His body lurched, his sight fading to black, his ears numbing to silence as the swirling cyclone of sensation began at the base of his spine and moved slowly toward the apex.

He leaned closer, his elbows scraping against the wall as he widened his stance in an attempt to brace himself for the crash, but before he could get a grip, she pressed a finger to the sensitive spot behind his balls and everything in him exploded.

"Oh, sh—" he cried out, bucking and jerking against her. His cock began to slip from her lips and she latched on, holding him in, dragging that tongue across his length and spreading white heat through every cell in his body.

He came hard, then came again, the waves ripping through him in a constant barrage of swell and release. For what seemed like an eternity he simply gave in to the motion, his flesh and her will taking over, holding him captive and sending him to places unknown. He didn't know how long it went on before the light slowly returned and her sweet sound of satisfaction filled his ears.

She was still on her knees, her tongue still caressing his shaft when he'd finally regained the motor skills to push from the wall and stand erect.

And then mortification swept through him. He hadn't had the woman in his bedroom for more than ten minutes before he'd humped her like a dog in heat and came in her mouth. What the hell was wrong with him?

Taking quick hold of her arms, he helped her to her feet, those sexy brown eyes expressing nothing but hot, ripe desire. Still, he opened his mouth to utter a lame apology, not knowing what to say or where to start. But before he could try, she whipped her black T-shirt over her head exposing two beautiful, round breasts covered in green silk and lace.

He stood dumbfounded as she wiggled out of her skirt, leaving her clad only in a matching thong and two sharp black stilettos.

A circle of moisture darkened the spot between her legs, underscoring her remark, "That was ridiculously hot."

It was an understatement.

She stepped from the pooled skirt at her feet and moved toward him, slow and deliberate, stopping for a moment to slide a finger between her legs then touch it to her lips. "Yes," she said. "That definitely got me going."

He swallowed.

When she reached him, she trailed the wet finger over his mouth as she stood close and eyed his lips intently. "Want a taste?"

Now her sweet honey scent was laced with sweat and sex, and as she rubbed her body against his, all the spots he'd feared might sleep for the night woke up for another round.

"Unbelievable," he muttered, sucking the slick tip of her finger into his mouth. Though she was a virtual stranger, she managed to know his body better than he knew it himself.

Or did she simply know her own capabilities?

Either way, she'd read him perfectly. He had needed to take the edge off, because now his pulse strummed with a tempered warmth that allowed him to relax and enjoy the seduction.

Straddling one leg, she pressed her sex to his thigh and began rocking against him, moving her hips in a dance, a slick spot growing where her clit met the fabric of his jeans. She moistened her lips and watched as he flicked his tongue against her finger, gliding it back and forth over the tip, demonstrating exactly what he planned to do to more sensitive spots on her body.

"That's it," she said. "That's exactly how I want it."

And the cock he'd thought was spent hardened as if they'd just gotten started.

He whipped her into his arms and tossed her on the bed, still awash in wonder over how this woman managed to tip him so far so quickly. Before tonight, he'd feared himself too old, tired and ruined for sex like this. But as he pulled the thong down her waist and began feasting, the years and sleepless nights slipped away, leaving him as pumped and virile as he'd been back before his life had fallen apart.

She crooked the heel of her shoe against one shoulder then did the same with the other, leaving her wide and exposed to receive all the gracious pleasure she'd given moments ago. And as he dove in, he thanked Fate for bringing him this momentary respite.

Not a drinker, he rarely went into the bars, much less picked up a playmate for the evening. They were usually more trouble than they were worth, expecting more than he could give.

Which was pretty much nothing.

But something seemed to be propelling him tonight. Like the tide carries a bottle from one shore to another, ever since he left the station he seemed to be succumbing to a force stronger than his will. And as he began the slow climb toward another searing climax, he opted to go with it rather than question it, for once relishing this life that had somehow gone out of his control.

"So what was it you were celebrating again?" Rick asked under the soft glow of the lone lamp that rested on his bedside table. Jessie had snuggled against him, her dimpled chin digging into his chest, sheets draped haphazardly around her waist while she trailed a finger over his abs.

Her eyes lit with a smile and she bolted from the bed. Excitement bounced in her steps as she shot out a quick, "I'll show you," before disappearing into the front room.

Where she got the energy, he'd never know. Though he'd discovered far more stamina than he believed he had, three hours of sex had officially drained every muscle in his body. The way he felt right now, brushing lint from his arm would be a stretch. Yet there was Jessica Beane, her perpetual beat leaving him wondering if she had a point of exhaustion.

Settling back next to him, she propped against a pillow and held up a worn and wrinkled copy of People magazine. Pointing to a celebrity photograph, she proudly exclaimed, "That."

He squinted to find the significance under the dim light.

"Jewel Murray?" he asked, vaguely remembering the name of the blond starlet pictured strolling across a street.

"No, that," Jessie replied, moving her slim finger to the handbag the actress was carrying. It was bright pink, adorned with shiny black sequins and—were those green feathers?

Jessie beamed, "It's a Beane Bag. This photo just made me famous.

Meet the Author

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lori Borrill moved to the Bay Area shortly after high school and has been a transplant Californian ever since. By day, she's a data analyst and when she's not working or writing, she's at the baseball field playing proud parent to her teenage son with her husband of more than 20 years.  She's also the collector of hobbies and loves gardening, photography, scrapbooking and cooking.  For more information, visit her website at www.LoriBorrill.com.

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Unleashed (Harlequin Blaze Series #430) 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
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In San Francisco Texas transplant purse designer Jess Beane, known for her ¿Beane Bag¿, and police detective Rick Marshall meet at a bar at a time she needs to celebrate her business success and he needs a time out from a murder investigation. That night they enjoy the best sex either has ever had.------------ The next morning he awakens in her apartment to soon find her and his car gone along with key evidence he had in the trunk involving his case. She returns to tell him she thinks her felonious ex husband stole the vehicle. They give chase, which leads them to trysts from the Bay to Texas where Jess¿ past arises to bite her butt and each can claim they slept here together.-------- UNLEASHED is a superb torrid police procedural romance starring two wonderful protagonists. The car chase from Northern California to Texas is heated yet often amusing. Although leaving criminal case evidence in a trunk seems wrong, Rick explains it as thinking with his wrong head. Fans will relish this joy ride due to the fine lead pairing as Lori Borill provides a one sitting thriller.------ Harriet Klausner