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Unshakable Foundations: Contemporary Answers to Crucial Questions about the Christian Faith

Unshakable Foundations: Contemporary Answers to Crucial Questions about the Christian Faith

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by Norman L. Geisler, Peter Bocchino

ISBN-10: 0764224085

ISBN-13: 9780764224089

Pub. Date: 08/01/2000

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

Time-Tested Apologetic Truths From Two Leading Authorities

Seeking steadfast answers about the difficult questions of life on which to stand firm? This comprehensive and eminently readable survey of the central issues of Christianity provides just the conclusive responses readers desire. There are answers to the most crucial issues of our time, all presented in


Time-Tested Apologetic Truths From Two Leading Authorities

Seeking steadfast answers about the difficult questions of life on which to stand firm? This comprehensive and eminently readable survey of the central issues of Christianity provides just the conclusive responses readers desire. There are answers to the most crucial issues of our time, all presented in an easy-to-understand format that helps you remember information for when you'll need it most.

Written by Dr. Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino, Unshakable Foundations is the culmination of more than thirty years of experience teaching apologetics. The information has been refined and sorted to present the truths most critical for today's readers. With clear and direct evidence, the authors help construct a foundation on which readers may stand firm in this changing world.

Topics covered include the origin of life, good vs. evil, science and the universe, heaven and hell, and the deity of Jesus. As well, major ethical issues of contemporary society are addressed—from biomedicine to abortion. Uniquely integrating illustrations to clarify abstract concepts, the book is written for anyone seeking comprehensible answers to difficult questions to the faith.

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Table of Contents

1.Questions About Logic19
What are first principles?19
Why begin with logic?21
What is the first principle of logic?22
Is the law of noncontradiction unavoidable?23
What if all is nothing but an illusion?24
What if logic doesn't apply to reality?26
What about the use of Eastern logic?26
Can the laws of logic be used as a test for truth?28
2.Questions About Truth31
What is truth?31
Is truth relative?33
Is absolute truth intolerant?35
What is pluralism?38
Should pluralism be embraced in academics?39
Agnosticism: What is that?42
Do relativism and pluralism make sense?43
Are agnosticism, relativism, and pluralism true?44
Is it credible to hold to absolute truth?47
How can we know the truth about reality?48
3.Questions About Worldviews55
What is a worldview?55
Why are worldviews important?55
How many worldviews are there?57
How do worldviews differ?58
What do atheists believe?58
What do pantheists believe?59
What do theists believe?60
What is worldview confusion?60
Why are questions so important?61
How can we handle worldview questions?62
How can we ask the right kinds of questions?65
4.Questions About Science71
Is science a matter of faith?71
What is the principle of causality?73
Is the causality principle reliable?74
Does quantum physics disprove causality?76
Does causality apply to God?78
Is God a self-caused Being?78
Can science determine past causes?79
Can origin science affirm the existence of God?80
Does appealing to a Creator nullify the scientific method?84
5.Questions About the Cosmos87
Does the cosmos need a cause?87
What's the difference between cosmology and cosmogony?89
What is the foremost law of science?90
Is the cosmos running out of usable energy?92
Can scientists evade the second law of thermodynamics?94
What evidence supports belief in a finite universe?95
Which origin model best fits the cosmological evidence?101
Why did the Superforce bring the cosmos into existence?103
Why couldn't the cosmos be oscillating (or pulsating)?104
Why couldn't the cosmos be in an eternal steady state?105
What about quantum cosmology and Stephen Hawking's model?107
6.Questions About the Origin of Life111
Which came first, mind or matter?111
What are the two competing origin-of-life models?113
Did Darwin understand the complex nature of the cell?115
How complex is a single cell, and how does it work?117
What kind of coded information does a cell utilize?119
How does the DNA molecular-information system work?121
What kind of information is stored in the DNA molecule?123
When does nonliving matter become a living organism?126
What kind of cause produces highly specified complexity?127
Why can't the forces of nature account for the origin of life?131
How does information theory confirm an intelligent cause?134
What kind of intelligent cause designed the genetic text?136
What else can we know about this super-intelligent Being?138
Which worldview is true (best corresponds to reality)?139
7.Questions About Macroevolution141
What is macroevolution?141
Are there variations of macroevolution?142
What is the design model?143
Are there variations of the design model?144
How should origin models be evaluated?146
Doesn't natural selection support macroevolution?147
What about the fruit fly experiments?149
What about the use of computer models and analogies?150
What about the fossil record (paleontological evidence)?155
Isn't the fossil record complete except for a few missing links?159
What is the "punctuated equilibria" model, and is it valid?163
8.Questions About Intelligent Design169
What about the theistic macroevolutionary model of origins?169
Which design model best matches all the scientific evidence?172
Why does the progressive view best fit all the evidence?175
Does the progressive view fit all the evidence?177
Does the biblical age of humanity conflict with modern science?185
9.Questions About Law189
What is law?190
What caused the rise of positive law theory?192
Does positive law jeopardize criminal justice?195
How can lawmakers pass good laws?196
How does positive law theory threaten basic human rights?201
How does education influence law and human rights?203
10.Questions About Justice209
Is it wrong to pass laws that deny basic human rights?209
Do governments create human rights or discover them?211
Are the concepts of legal theory and personal morality related?214
Which worldview is true (best corresponds to reality)?227
11.Questions About God and Evil229
Why evil?229
Where is God?230
Who can answer?231
What is evil?232
Did God create evil?234
Why doesn't God stop evil?237
What is the purpose of evil and suffering?238
Why is there so much evil and suffering?241
What about floods, tornadoes, cancer, AIDS, etc.?242
Can God be sovereign and still allow for human freedom?245
12.Questions About History and Jesus251
What is history?251
Are miracles possible?252
How can we test the reliability of ancient documents?253
Does the New Testament pass the bibliographical test?255
Does the New Testament pass the internal test?259
Does the New Testament pass the external test?264
Are the New Testament authors reliable eyewitnesses?277
What can we conclude about the New Testament documents?281
13.Questions About the Deity of Jesus Christ283
Who is Jesus Christ?283
Who did Jesus Christ claim to be?284
What did the apostles say about Jesus Christ?287
What about you--who do you say Jesus Christ is?290
How can Jesus Christ be both God and man?296
Is there any way to illustrate this divine mystery?299
How did Jesus Christ substantiate His claim to be God?301
14.Questions About Ethics and Morals309
What are ethics and morals?309
Do absolute moral laws exist?311
Isn't ethics just human instincts?313
Isn't ethics just a matter of evincing one's feelings?315
What is Jesus' first principle of ethics?324
What did Jesus say about moral goodness?325
What are Jesus' observations about human nature?329
What is Jesus' diagnosis of the condition of humanity?331
What is Jesus' prognosis of and prescription for humanity?334
15.Questions About True Meaning and Heaven341
What gives ultimate meaning to life?341
Why can't true meaning be found apart from God?344
Why can't true happiness be found in this world alone?349
What does the future hold for someone who accepts Jesus?351
What are the temporal consequences of refusing God?354
16.Questions About True Misery and Hell363
What are the permanent consequences of refusing God?363
Why do "decent" people go to hell?364
Why does anyone go to hell?367
AppendixFirst Principle Responses to Ethical Questions371
What about abortion?372
What about euthanasia?380
What about biomedical issues?384
What about human cloning?390

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Unshakable Foundations: Contemporary Answers to Crucial Questions about the Christian Faith 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Confident of the reality and sovereignty of God by faith throughout my life, I always appreciate individuals who employ their cerebral skills in demonstrating that same reality and sovereignty of a Supreme Being by the exercise of reason. Much too often, faith in a Supreme Deity is relegated to the 'trash bin' of fantasy or fraud by those who confine themselves to the anthropocentric orb of naturalism and materialism. In one book Geisler and Bocchino articluate as compellingly as any two could how rational and reassuring faith in a Creator truly is. Students of serious, mind-engaging apologetics will especially enjoy this text. Thank you, sirs, for sharing your probing and insightful cogitations and words with us all.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been reading books about religion now for years. I have been a 'Christian' now for five bu haven't ever really felt that conversion I was told I would feel. This book has helped me see why I believe and gives foundational reasons why to believe and unshakeable arguements why the Bible is true.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If I could only own 10 books, I would include Unshakable Foundations in that too-tiny collection. Geisler and Bocchino handle fabulous thought-provoking questions about physics, law, logic, history, evolution, ethics, deity, miracles, and more in a systematic fashion that is not difficult for laymen. If you want a book bogged down with obtuse terminology, buy a different book. The questions are handled sensitively and with great clarity - interesting visual aids and creative analogies help in this regard. I learned SO MUCH from this book, that before I had even finished reading my copy, I bought a copy for my dad and one for a friend. English is not her first language (though she speaks it well), but the writing is lucid enough that she understood it readily. I wish I could afford to buy a copy for all my friends!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been reading apologetics books for some time now and have yet to find a more complete book on the subject.