Until Soon

Until Soon

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by Maya Indigal

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Andi Marlow, ex-swimmer and grad assistant, takes classes and teaches part time at a small liberal arts college in New England. Quiet and studious, she resists her friends' attempts at matchmaking in order to protect her once-broken heart. Her isolated and ordered world is disrupted when she meets Cara Jane Lipinski, a senior history major at the college. Athletic and…  See more details below


Andi Marlow, ex-swimmer and grad assistant, takes classes and teaches part time at a small liberal arts college in New England. Quiet and studious, she resists her friends' attempts at matchmaking in order to protect her once-broken heart. Her isolated and ordered world is disrupted when she meets Cara Jane Lipinski, a senior history major at the college. Athletic and outgoing, CJ is immediately drawn to Andi when the two women first meet at a university function. Andi is charmed by the outgoing basketball star and a comfortable friendship soon develops. Even while the women's growing sense of attraction increases, Andi's past relationship anguish and current job pressures keep her from following her heart toward CJ. The two women must struggle against personal, emotional, and physical challenges in order to bridge the gap between their insecurities and their desires.

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Maya Indigal is the pen name of a devoted fan of lesbian novels. A teacher by day, she spends her free time reading voraciously, writing when she's able to, and communing with nature while in her kayak, on her bike, or in her garden. She and her partner live in the Northeastern USA, sharing their home and hearts with several adopted cats. This is her first novel.

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Until Soon 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sweet parts, angsty parts, slightly steamy parts... this novel has it all. A couple of intriguing main characters with a solid supporting cast against a pleasing backdrop of a small New England college town. Nicely paced: the main characters' relationship and the entire story moves forward without feeling rushed and without glaring plot gaps. Where some of the more prolific authors have become almost formulaic in their output, Maya's contribution is an invigorating change of pace. A more than worthwhile way to spend a lazy weekend.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Until Soon by Maya Indigal is a romantic tale about love and friendship between Andrea ¿Andi¿ Marlow and Cara Jane ¿CJ¿ Lipinski. The setting is Northeast Valley College, a small liberal arts college in New England. Andi is a serious, studious, shy, and cautious second year graduate assistant for the English Department. She has had her heart badly broken in the past so she¿s very reluctant to repeat history. CJ is the modest captain and star basketball player who¿s quite the celebrity, and is frequently written up in the school¿s paper. She¿s outgoing, fun loving, and willing to take risks both on the court and in life. She has a voracious appetite for life¿and food, but she¿s not just another ¿dumb jock.¿ A history major, CJ has a lot on her plate, including finishing her senior course load, basketball championships, and deciding what to do with her future. She gives one hundred percent to everything she does from winning a basketball game to winning the love of her life. Opposites attract as graduate assistant and student meet by chance at a mandatory donor reception for the college. Sparks fly. Andi offers CJ help on a research project she is having trouble with, and CJ takes the English teacher up on her offer. She visits Andi during her office hours, which marks the beginning of a possible relationship. The women clearly enjoy each other¿s company and quickly develop a deep friendship and affection for one another. Are they destined to be lovers or just friends? Andi ponders the dilemma of CJ being a student, even though she isn¿t her student. She also doesn¿t want to risk getting hurt again. What if the object of Andi¿s desire is within her reach, but she is too afraid to risk her heart? What if CJ¿s ¿the one,¿ but Andi has so much at stake, both professionally and personally, that it almost paralyzes her? Read Until Soon to see if their relationship morphs from teacher/student, to friends, to hopefully, so much more. The author tortures and tantalizes. The reader wants Andi and CJ to wake up and realize that they are perfect for each other. It is the desire and longing that keeps the reader glued to the pages of Indigal¿s, Until Soon. The academic setting, believable characters, and interesting story captivate the reader who can imagine the smells of food cooking, hearts beating, bodies tingling, stomachs growling, and ¿hear¿ the captivating music of the Indigo Girls. Events occur which bring the gals even closer together, but will it keep them together? Indigal writes, ¿She [Andi] debated about removing her collection of lesbian books by Katherine V. Forrest, Radclyffe, Lori L. Lake, and the rest of the ¿writin¿ gals,¿ as she called them¿,¿ when she wasn¿t yet ¿out¿ to CJ. Andi had invited the student over to her apartment to work on the research project because her office was too cramped to spread out. Could there be ulterior motives at work here? Maya Indigal proves that she too is one of the ¿writin¿ gals.¿ I believe Until Soon earns her the right to be mentioned in the same sentence as Forrest, Radclyffe, and Lake. Once I picked up Until Soon, I could not put it down. Indigal is so adept at engaging her readers that it¿s hard to believe this is her first novel. Until Soon is not soon enough for a sequel. You¿ll see what I mean after you read this five star book
Guest More than 1 year ago
Andi Marlowe is a twenty-three year-old graduate assistant in the English department and a part-time instructor at a small New England liberal arts school, Northeast Valley College. While making a bothersome yet obligatory appearance at another boring fundraiser, Andi meets Cara Jane Lipinski, a senior history major, who also happens to be CJ Lipinski, the senior star of the college basketball team. A spilt drink prompts the two women to strike up a conversation. Before CJ leaves the party, Andi offers assistance to CJ who is struggling with the completion of an important history research paper. Soon after, the basketball star is dropping by Andi¿s office for some research mentoring, and she begins to realize that she is popping in for more than merely how to write a note card. There is a definite attraction for the beautiful graduate assistant. As the story progresses, Andi also realizes that her feelings for CJ go beyond simple friendship, and this presents a variety of conflicts for her as well as for those around her. The teacher/student boundary line, a spurned suitor, unpleasant memories of a past love, and an entirely unforeseen medical crisis are but a few of the troubling events that befall these two young women and which will affect the course of each woman¿s life. Until Soon is Maya Indigal¿s first novel, and it is undeniably an outstanding effort and worthwhile entry into the genre of lesbian romance. Indigal has meticulously fleshed out her characters completely and carefully. The calm and cautious Andi and the sassy CJ represent their age group quite well, but one does not need to be in that set to appreciate the uncertainty, the humor, and the vulnerability of these two very affable characters. CJ¿s interactions with her roommates are often quite raucous and humorous, and her relationship with her teammates and her understanding of the word team ring true. The exchanges between CJ and her coaches also capture the mood and spirit of an athlete and a team that want to win that all-important championship. The plot development, overall, is straightforward and most definitely comprehensible. A series of events often flow effortlessly into each other with a distinct rhythm and purpose. However, the only thing that this reader found a bit excessively drawn was the extent to which the author devoted so much of the storyline to the recuperation scene. It was too repetitive of actions toward the last third of this event. However, when Indigal recreates that magical sledding scene, it is virtually a verbal snapshot of a wonderful time, on a perfect day, with that ideal someone. Conflict drives any story, and there are several struggles that present themselves for these main characters that fully involve the reader. In addition, this reader would have preferred more emphasis on the conflict that involved Andi, CJ, and Jen, the assistant coach. There is a fair amount of internal conflict and internal dialogue involving Andi and CJ. Unlike some other novels, Until Soon refreshingly avoids the often overdone, tedious, confusing, and mundane expression of this plot device. Indigal possesses an easygoing and comfortable writing style that is one reason this reader sat down and finished the novel in several hours. It is the sort of writing that deals with the kind of believable and common experiences that immerse a reader; it is a genuine ¿put yourself in their places¿ novel. Until Soon gives the reader that sense of having met some very congenial and agreeable people, the sort one would like to invite over for an evening of good food, drink, and conversation. Until Soon is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Maya Indigal is an author worth remembering. Here¿s hoping she¿s working on her next novel!
Guest More than 1 year ago
From the moment the author approached me to read the draft of Until Soon, I considered it one of the best conceptions of original lesbian fiction I had read. A genre that has been clouded with tired cliques and predictable storylines; Maya Indigal has achieved originality with her work. The characters come to life in this well written novel. Andi and CJ are bright stars in this tale about love and the journey and courage it takes to open ones heart. Until Soon sits on my shelf well read and much loved.