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Unusual Suspects [Restaurant]

Unusual Suspects [Restaurant]


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  1. Tina Call  -  Opie & Anthony
  2. Immortal  - Beth Hart
  3. Counting Blue Cars  -  Dishwalla
  4. Dragon Ass @@Hillman Morning Show
  5. Surprise Date @@Rocko
  6. Diana  -  3 Lb. Thrill
  7. Elton John  -  Opie & Anthony
  8. Down Together  -  Refreshments
  9. Personals @@John Osterlind
  10. Arnold @@Hillman Morning Show
  11. Name  -  Goo Goo Dolls
  12. Daring Game @@Hillman Morning Show
  13. And Fools Shine On  -  Brother Cane
  14. Donna Summer  -  Opie & Anthony
  15. Spider  -  Imperial Drag
  16. Naveed  -  Our Lady Peace
  17. Dunkin Donuts @@Hillman Morning Show
  18. Big Mac @@John Osterlind
  19. All Wrong  -  God Lives Underwater
  20. Letter to Miguel @@Rocko
  21. Touretts Call  -  Opie & Anthony
  22. Sister  -  Nixons

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Goo Goo Dolls   Track Performer
Brother Cane   Track Performer
Nixons   Track Performer
God Lives Underwater   Track Performer
Dishwalla   Track Performer
3 Lb. Thrill   Track Performer
Our Lady Peace   Track Performer
Refreshments   Track Performer
Imperial Drag   Track Performer
Opie & Anthony   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Nixons   Producer
Dave Douglas   Executive Producer
Ed Grenga   Producer
Annalee Valencia   Art Direction
Chuck Davis   Producer
Kerry Krafton   Producer
Stephen A Russo   Executive Producer

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