Unveiling the Informal Sector

Unveiling the Informal Sector

by Bohuslav Herman

ISBN-10: 1859724442

ISBN-13: 9781859724446

Pub. Date: 06/18/2005

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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1On manpower policies and data, the informal sector, technical assistance and all that: A review chapter3
2ILO's recommendations on methodologies concerning informal sector data collection15
3Where, from whom, how and what? Four main questions concerning data collection on informal sector employment30
4ILO's assistance for informal sector data collection in Tanzania, the Philippines and Colombia57
5Informal sector employment in Pakistan: New analytical insights74
6Measuring self-employment in the United States99
7Recent developments in some European data collection systems pertaining to the informal sector113
8Data collection and policy-oriented analysis: The case of Tanzania125
9The informal sector in India: Estimates of its size, needs and problems of data collection138
10Problems of surveying the informal sector: The case of Nigeria161
11Survey of the urban informal economy in Brazil168
12Informal sector data collection: The case of Turkey182
13Surveying the informal sector, statistical pitfalls: The case of Costa Rica197
14Speeches: Opening session217
15Summary of the deliberations223
16Conclusions and recommendations230
17Speeches: Closure session232

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