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Unzipped Souls: A Jazz Journey through the Soviet Union

Unzipped Souls: A Jazz Journey through the Soviet Union

by William Minor

Editorial Reviews

Aaron Cohen
A combination of travelogue and musicology, "Unzipped Souls" chronicles jazz in the Soviet Union just as glasnost began and the nation began to break apart. Minor's odyssey took him to destinations that included the First Moscow International Jazz Festival and such comparatively remote places as the Georgian city of Tbilisi. Valuable for Minor's interviews with some of the region's most important players and entertaining because of its warm-hearted descriptions of his often humorous adventures, the book also shows that Minor is a respectful critic who does not let his enthusiasm about new musical territory cloud his judgments. Since he keenly understands Russian culture, too, he continually makes astute cultural connections, for example in comparing modern Russia's avant-garde jazz players of the 1980s to its 1920s absurdist authors. Regardless of whether American readers are familiar with some of Minor's favorites, such as pianists Sergei Kurokhin and Igor Bril, they will benefit from reading these musicians and their colleagues' insights into their unique musical landscape.

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