Up, Up, and Away

Up, Up, and Away

by Margaret Hillert, Scott Spinks

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Children's Literature - Charles E. Kreinbucher
Two young children are wandering near the launching pad of a space shuttle. In the course of their natural exploration, they decide to climb the scaffolding and enter the cockpit. Soon, they are suited up and counting down to blast off to the moon. They rocket about space until they discover the moon. Upon landing, the children bounce on the surface, then ride in moon buggies. Missing their parents, they blast off for Earth. Once they enter the atmosphere, they parachute into the ocean and are picked up by a Navy helicopter. This is a very simple story, yet it outlines the events that occur when astronauts travel to the moon. This story may be familiar to adult readers, since it is a classic story. The text is comprised of basic sight words, which will provide practice for beginning readers. The pictures show the story and engage the reader. The final two pages contain extensive directions for working on phonics with a child. Reviewer: Charles E. Kreinbucher

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