Upstairs in the Garden: Selected and New Poems, 1968-1988

Upstairs in the Garden: Selected and New Poems, 1968-1988

by Robin Morgan

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In this collection of new and previously published poetry by Ms. editor Morgan ( Depth Perception ), the development of her artistry is everywhere evident. Work from her early feminist days is filled with rage at the powerlessness of women; angry and ironic, these compelling poems alternately infuriate and fascinate. ``Monster'' and ``Quotations from Charwoman Me'' reveal the suffocating oppression of conventional female roles; the frustration born of this can spit forth with venom in sometimes rambling diatribes. But as the pages turn, a new universality of concern and sureness of voice take hold, and we find the lovely ``Lithographers'' and ``The Lost Season,'' as well as the wise observations of ``Giving Up the Ghost'' and the title poem. Though in the quietude of her mature work one occasionally misses the passion of the poet's earlier style, lyricism and fresh technical discoveries proclaim new accomplishment in a ``lavish larkspur song . . . with a passion / for daily use.'' (July)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Poetry inspired by political issues too often sacrifices artistry for polemics, but this generous collection by an influential feminist activist and poet proves that politically informed poetry can stir the spirit as well as the conscience. Assembled here are Morgan's major feminist pieces (including ``Monster'' and ``The Network of Imaginary Mothers''), many of which have been adopted as rallying cries by the women's movement, and short poems in a variety of traditional and colloquial forms. Morgan's more ambitious work has a hard-hitting, incantatory expansiveness, while in her love poems she writes with the wit and irony of a John Donne. As a vindication and celebration of the female experience, these inventive poems successfully wed feminist rhetoric with vivid imagery and a sensitivity to the music of language. As Morgan writes, ``I am rejoicing slowly into a woman/ who grows older daring to write/the same poem over and over, not merely/rearranged, revised, reworded, but one poem/ hundreds of times anew.'' Highly recommended for poetry and women's studies collections.-- Christine Stenstrom, New York Law Sch. Lib.

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