Uranometria 2000.0: The Northern Hemisphere to -60

Uranometria 2000.0: The Northern Hemisphere to -60

by Wil Tirion, Barry Rappaport, Loui

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Tirion, creator of the well-regarded Sky Atlas 2000.0 (1981), was the cartographer for this fine new celestial atlas. It includes all stars down to approximately magnitude 9.5 plus the 50 nearest stars and the 25 with the greatest proper motion. Over 10,000 deep sky objects are also incorporated. The 9-by-12-inch format was established with a view to use in the field; many of the older sky atlases are coffee-table volumes unhandy for outside observing. All objects indicated are very clear and annotated for maximum modern usefulness. This atlas will be a standard tool for professional and amateur astronomers. Highly recommended for both academic and public libraries. Jack W. Weigel, Univ. of Michigan Lib.

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