The Urban System And Networks Of Corporate Control

The Urban System And Networks Of Corporate Control

by Christopher O. Ross

ISBN-10: 1559384743

ISBN-13: 9781559384742

Pub. Date: 01/01/1992

Publisher: Elsevier Limited

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Elsevier Limited
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Contemporary Studies in Sociology Series, #11
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The Urban System2
Research on Metropolitan Dominance3
The Internal Division of Labor and the Hinterland6
The External Division of Labor and the Hinterland7
The Internal Division of Labor and Urban System Position10
System Position and the External Division of Labor13
Improving the Ecological Approach to Metropolitan Dominance16
IIThe System of Intraorganizational Dominance Relations23
Corporate Actors in the Ecological Field23
Firms and Their Environments27
Power, Influence, and Dominance in the Intraorganizational Realm34
The Firm and Organizational Power41
Organizational Dominance in the Ecological Field43
A Synthetic Approach to Organizational Dominance45
Change in the Urban System53
Change in Ecological and Organizational Determinants of System Position55
IIINetwork Data and Network Structure57
Assessing Network Structure59
Summary Measures of Network Structure68
Ecological and Organizational Characteristics of Places71
IVThe Structure of the Network of Intercity Relations73
Hierarchy in the System of Cities73
Hierarchy and Region78
Hierarchy and Integration84
Summary: The Urban System as Hierarchy86
VEcological and Organizational Components of Network Structure93
Ecological Dimensions of Network Prominence93
Summary: Ecological Antecedents of Network Prominence106
Organizational Components of Network Prominence110
Summary: Organizational and Ecological Perspectives of Dominance114
VIChange in the Network of Influence Relations117
The Urban Hierarchy in 1950118
Regional Influences and the Urban Hierarchy in 1950123
Hierarchy and Integration in the Urban System--1950125
Change in the Urban Hierarchy: 1950-1980127
Change in the Ecology of Urban Network Influence133
VIINetwork Characteristics and the Future of Urban Systems Research141
Characteristics of the System141
Ecological and Organizational Effects on the System144
Ecological and Organizational Effects147
The Network of World Cities148
Evolution of the Organizational Approach152
Appendix A161
Appendix B169
Author Index177
Subject Index181

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