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Ursula's Gift

Ursula's Gift

by Roger L. DiSilvestro

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Stanley Merriwether is a plump, sweet-natured young man who seems destined never to get a girl and never to leave his mark on the world, much to the disgust of his take-charge, big-game-hunter father. But one night Stanley steps out of character and comes to the aid of a lady of the evening who is being brutalized by her pimp. The woman, named Ursula, shows her gratitude by biting Stanley on the shoulder. A werewolf, Ursula has spotted Stanley for the Walter Mitty that he is, and has decided to add some excitement to his life by passing on her special talent. Stanley likes being a wolf. He's trimming down, adding muscle to his human form from all the exercise, and women are finding him attractive for the first time in his life. Things go sour, however, when his father declares he'll add Stanley to his trophy room during the next full moon. Despite the occasional blood and rather tepid sex, Stanley's story reads like a young adult novel, burdened by heavy attempts at humor and an increasingly outlandish plot. As sweet-natured as its protagonist, the book is just as uncompelling. (September)

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