The Uruguay Round and the Developing Countries

The Uruguay Round and the Developing Countries

by Will Martin

This volume provides an assessment of the economic impact of the Uruguay Round of the GATT on the developing countries.See more details below


This volume provides an assessment of the economic impact of the Uruguay Round of the GATT on the developing countries.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Edition
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1. The Uruguay round: a milestone for the developing countries Will Martin and L. Alan Winters; 2. Agricultural liberalisation and the Uruguay round Dale E. Hathaway and Merlinda D. Ingco; 3. Trade in manufactures: the outcome of the Uruguay round and developing country interests Marcelo De Paiva Abreu; 4. Assessing the general agreement on trade in services Bernard Hoekman; 5. The Uruguay round and market access: opportunities and challenges for developing countries Richard Blackhurst, Alice Enders and Joseph F. Francois; 6. Assessing agricultural tariffication under the Uruguay round Ian Goldin and Dominique Van Der Mensbrugghe; 7. Liberalising manufactures trade in a changing world economy Thomas Hertel, Will Martin, Koji Yanagishima and Betina Dimaranan; 8. Quantifying the Uruguay round Glenn W. Harrison, Thomas F. Rutherford and David G. Tarr; 9. The Uruguay round: a numerically based qualitative assessment Joseph F. Francois, Bradley McDonald and Håkan Nordström; 10. The liberalisation of services trade: potential impacts in the aftermath of the Uruguay round Drusilla K. Brown, Alan V. Deardorff, Alan K. Fox and Robert M. Stern; 11. Legalised backsliding: safeguard provisions in GATT J. Michael Finger and Rebecca Hardy; 12. Trade-related intellectual property issues: the Uruguay round agreement and its economic implications Carlos A. Primo Braga; 13. Beyond TRIMs: a case for multilateral action on investment rules and competition policy Patrick Low and Arvind Subramanian; 14. Developing countries and system strengthening in the Uruguay round John Whalley; 15. The intrusion of environmental and labour standards in trade policy Kym Anderson.

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