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Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard
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Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard

4.0 3
by Yvonne Johnson

This book delivers a state-of-the-art, customized Snow Leopard learning experience to every user. It integrates outstanding step-by-step guidance and real-life examples with easy-to-use online content - including how-to screencasts, instructor videos, podcasts, and more. Leading computer trainer Yvonne Johnson covers everything you want to know and do with Snow


This book delivers a state-of-the-art, customized Snow Leopard learning experience to every user. It integrates outstanding step-by-step guidance and real-life examples with easy-to-use online content - including how-to screencasts, instructor videos, podcasts, and more. Leading computer trainer Yvonne Johnson covers everything you want to know and do with Snow Leopard. What's more, she carefully explains the "why" as well as the "how," so you understand more and get productive faster. Johnson walks beginning-to-intermediate Snow Leopard users through all this, and more:: " Getting comfortable with Snow Leopard, tailoring the desktop, and managing files and applications " Making the most of Snow Leopard's web and productivity applications, including Safari, Mail, iCal, and Address Book " Using the Mac's easy, powerful creativity tools, including iPhoto and iMovie " Keeping Macs safe and up-to-date This book's easy step-by-step instructions give beginners a solid foundation for using Snow Leopard, and its tightly-linked online content expands on these basics - offering bonus practical advice, tips, suggestions, activities, and advanced techniques.

  • The next best thing to live, one-on-one Snow Leopard personal instruction, without the cost!
  • Packed with real-life examples and step-by-step guidance from one of the world's most experienced computer trainers
  • Covers everything you want to do - from creativity to productivity to security
  • Integrated with online how-to screencasts, instructor videos, and podcasts
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    Meet the Author

    Yvonne Johnson has been writing computer books and teaching computer classes since 1982. She has written more than 60 computer books and college texts for well-known publishers on practically every type of software that exists–from operating systems to desktop publishing, from word processing and spreadsheets to databases, from programming to graphic design and web design. Her most recent Mac projects include doing the technical editing for Easy iLife 09 (Que) and Switching to Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Pearson Education).

    She started the first proprietary computer-training school in Kentucky and operated it for 12 years, serving local clients such as Brown & Williamson Tobacco and General Electric, and sending out trainers to locations all over the country for the Department of Defense, the IRS, and Fortune 500 companies. During that time, she wrote the curricula for all the software programs taught at the school. After selling the school, she worked as a freelance computer curriculum developer, writing a large percent of the curricula offered by a national computer-training company headquartered in Chicago. She also wrote computer-training material and trained extensively for a computer-training and consulting subsidiary of the Washington Post. Ultimately, she took the position of Vice President of Curriculum Development with this company.

    Although she has a tremendous depth and breadth of computer knowledge, she has never forgotten how to communicate with beginning learners. She is known for the simplicity of her writing and her ability to explain complex topics in understandable terms. This ability comes from years of delivering classroom training on computer applications to thousands of employees of large and small businesses, military and government personnel, teachers, attorneys, secretaries, and, yes, even Microsoft software support engineers.

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    Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    tech_trainer More than 1 year ago
    This book gets down to business and leaves out much of the fluff found in many other beginner/intermediate books. As the author states in the Introduction, "Although the book is written for beginner-to-intermediate users. . . I waste no space on basic computer skills and knowledge that most pepole have." This book is all about using Mac OS X Snow Leopard. She stays in that space and covers the topic well. It's obvious that this book was written by a skilled trainer with a lot of courseware writing experience. She assumes the reader is not clueless and that the reader has limited time to get to the point. The author is a fairly recent Mac convert. That comes through with some interesting comments about how the OS performs and about Apple in general throughout the book. That's something I can identify with very well, which is perhaps a significant reason why I really enjoyed this book and was able to get a lot out of it. Within the book itself, you'll find shortcuts for both new and old Mac keyboards as well as preferences that are buried several layers deep within the Mac menus. If I'd had this book shortly after I'd purchased my Mac, I'd be even happier to have found out about all these shortcuts and preference settings. Changing tab preferences and keyboard illumination settings on a MacBook were ah-ha moments for me. If you are a longtime PC/Windows user, one of the most confusing things for you is likely the file system on your Mac and how to find files, downloads, and applications that you have installed. This book explains it well and in terms that make sense. Even the folx at the Apple Store didn't explain it this well when I asked them to go over it for me. The three sections of the book are well organized. She covers each (Introducing Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Getting Busy, and Having Fun and Getting Creative) with just the right amount of depth to get you through the basics and over the rough spots so that you can make the most of the OS and the included tools/applications. In each instance, I found the material to be correct and easy to understand. The publisher has provided access to additional material thru the web in this series of books. Beyond the traditional print version, once registered online, you'll have access to a web edition of the book as well. With that, you can treat the we edition as an extended version of Help. There's a plethora of additional online material available after registration including video tutorials (Show Me) and audio sidebars (Tell Me More). These are found throughout the book along with several timely and useful practical exercises (Let Me Try It). For these reasons alone, the book is worth the cost, because you've basically bought an online course at that point. The one thing that is missing from this book is mention of BootCamp or other methods of dual-booting to a Windows environment. Nor does it discuss operating in a mixed network with Macs and non-Mac machines. This is not a "Mac for Windows users" book, either. So, you won't find the author giving you comparisons about how something might be accomplished in Windows versus OS X Snow Leopard. That's not a bad thing. There are other books out there if you think you need that sort of assistance. This book focuses on how to use the OS and what's included out of the box and it does it in a manner and at a level most of us will appreciate.