Using the Internet

Using the Internet

by Valerie Bodden

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Children's Literature - Heather Kinard
Most people conduct research every single day without even realizing it. The same skills needed for conducting research during writing are used in less formal situations in our daily lives. For example, to find out the definition of a word, one would look it up in a dictionary. To find out what happened locally yesterday, one would read the newspaper. Research is really just a quest to find specific and accurate information about a given topic. In a world where many people use the Internet as a main source of information, this book is designed to help readers conduct logical Internet searches and evaluate information to determine its accuracy. When is the Internet a good place to go to for research? When is it not? What is a URL? What is the difference between the world wide web and the Internet? Bodden answers all of these questions and provides tips and suggestions for using the Internet wisely. The Internet is huge, and students could waste a lot of time and energy on useless and inaccurate websites. This book instructs readers about how to search carefully and evaluate information to determine what is accurate and useful. Includes a glossary and a list of websites for further information. Part of the "Research for Writing" series. Reviewer: Heather Kinard
School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—The how-to-research advice in this series is thoughtful and well-articulated. The titles explain information such as the difference between qualitative and quantitative data, how to evaluate sources (both in print and online), and the importance of reference librarians. However, the design (which is made of blocks of text against white backgrounds) might make sustained reading difficult, especially for struggling readers. Entertaining cartoon illustrations provide some visual relief. Quality selected bibliographies and online resources are listed at the back of each volume. Recommended for writers who have had some experience with the research process.

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Research for Writing Series
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10 - 13 Years

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