USS Unbecoming

USS Unbecoming

by Chief Gunner's Mate Miller, Chief Gunner's Mate Usn (Re Joe Miller
Slapstick comedy at its best, so easy to pick up, so hard to put down. It will make you laugh!


Slapstick comedy at its best, so easy to pick up, so hard to put down. It will make you laugh!

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Born and raised in West Virginia. After graduation I worked for Libby Owens Ford Glass company as a glass inspector. I decided to join the Navy with WWll looming around the corner.

I wanted to get a head start on the ass kicking contest. On April 16th 1940 I was sworn in to the United States Navy, the best on Earth.

In early 1940 I helped in sinking wolf-pack submarines and surface ships. We took a beating at the same time.

After boot camp I was placed on the heavy cruiser the USS Tuscaloosa for transportation, to an old four stack, coal burner the USS destroyer Reuben James, which I never made it on, it was sunk before I got aboard. So with that I stayed on the Tuscaloosa for two years prowling and killing the enemy.

I then received orders to report on board a brand new destroyer for duty and inspected the ship making sure it was ready for combat. Which was the USS Bristol.

When on board the Bristol we fought in constant combat from the Philippines all the wayfrom Iwo Jima to Okinawa to Japan.

Some where in time I was assigned to the USS destoyer Oliver Mitchell (Escort). She made a name for herself and was pride of the fleet.

During my entire wartime duties I was awarded seven good conduct medals and chest full of other medals and ribbons as a reward for a job well done for my country.

After serving 30 years in the Navy, I was married in 1942 for 50 years to my loving wife Roberta M. Miller who has now passed on. We have two great children together, and one great grandson.

I have owned and operated several restaurant and might/country clubs. My life has been great many years of family and friends and I'm now retired and life in the Sunny Sunshine State of Florida.

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