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by Matthew Costello

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Jack Murphy and his family need a vacation. This one might just be their last.See more details below


Jack Murphy and his family need a vacation. This one might just be their last.

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Publishers Weekly
Patrolman Jack Murphy, forced to leave a besieged New York City where he battles feral cannibals, gathers his family and heads for the hills in this tense apocalyptic thriller expanded from a short story by video game writer and novelist Costello (Doom 3: Maelstrom). Following worldwide drought and crop failures, society is reduced to enclaves like the fortified Paterville Family Camp, where city folks can frolic, watch fireworks, and eat real food. However, the oily owner and his shifty staff make it clear that you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. Costello sets up a world simultaneously threatened with constant surveillance and complete societal breakdowns, foreshadowing the camp scenes nicely with a suspenseful and frightening "rest" stop on an electric fence–enclosed highway. However, the quick discovery of Paterville's darker side leads to an equally quick, if heroic, resolution that curtails the suspense and horror. (Oct.)
Library Journal
NYPD cop Jack Murphy spends his days protecting his city from "Can Heads"—cannibalistic creatures who feed on other humans. It's not long before Jack suffers a near-fatal Can Head attack that leaves his partner dead. With his family living behind barbed wire fences in increasingly smaller protected areas of the city, Jack longs to take them to a safe place and get away from the chaos that has become their daily routine. Sounding like the ideal vacation spot is the Paterville Family Camp, which touts itself as a heavily protected and isolated compound in the mountains with plenty of "real food," swimming, hiking, and outdoor family fun. But all is not what it seems in Paterville, and it soon becomes a race against time for Jack to get his family out alive. VERDICT Video games writer and novelist Costello (Rage) is an expert at transforming mundane scenes into nail-biting suspense. His solid, fast-paced storytelling, laced with just the right amount of violence and gore, will appeal to zombie fiction aficionados as well as other fans of horror. [Library marketing.]—Amy M. Davis, Kent State Univ., Columbus, OH

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