Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels

Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels

by Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy was a great band and Phil Lynott, the songwriter behind it, was a kind of visionary, pioneering a poetic, working-class aesthetic later echoed in his American counterpart, Bruce Springsteen, while also leading the group's various lineups through a staggering number of great guitarists,See more details below


Thin Lizzy was a great band and Phil Lynott, the songwriter behind it, was a kind of visionary, pioneering a poetic, working-class aesthetic later echoed in his American counterpart, Bruce Springsteen, while also leading the group's various lineups through a staggering number of great guitarists, highlighted by the triple-attack of the Jailbreak era. That said, they're the kind of great band that, unless you're dedicated, is perhaps better heard in isolated bursts, such as the classic Jailbreak or the peerless compilation Dedication, which successfully summarizes the band in 70 minutes. Often, their albums fluctuated between greatness and puzzling idiosyncratic detours -- the kind of thing you cherish once you're a fan, but the kind of thing that prevents many from converting in the first place. Which is why Dedication is such a welcome entry in their catalog, but for those who want more, without getting actual albums, the 2001 four-disc box set Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels is a good bet, since it does whittle down a fairly extensive discography into a fairly lean, yet generous 73 tracks. Apart from some album tracks from Jailbreak and Bad Reputation, there really aren't any truly great songs that didn't make it on Dedication, so this box will not provide revelations -- just other well-written, well-performed, eloquent hard rock, graced by Lynott's wonderfully unpredictable phrasing and consistently superb guitars. For collectors, there's a handful of rare tracks, usually from EPs and B-sides (the best of which is 1973 B-side "Cruising in the Lizzymobile," which is easily one of the greatest titles in rock), plus the requisite history and photographs. It does add up to a thorough, entertaining, and valuable history -- but probably not one necessary for those who already own all the albums; nor is it necessarily going to be satisfying for those already satiated by Jailbreak and Dedication, even if it does round up nearly all of the best of the rest of the albums.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Edge J26181


Disc 1

  1. The Farmer  -  Thin Lizzy
  2. The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle  -  Thin Lizzy
  3. Remembering, Pt. 1  -  Thin Lizzy
  4. Dublin  -  Thin Lizzy
  5. Remembering, Pt. 2 (New Day)  -  Thin Lizzy
  6. Things Ain't Workin' Out Down at the Farm  -  Thin Lizzy
  7. Buffalo Gal  -  Thin Lizzy
  8. Sarah  -  Thin Lizzy
  9. Brought Down  -  Thin Lizzy
  10. Whiskey in the Jar  -  Thin Lizzy
  11. Black Boys on the Corner  -  Thin Lizzy
  12. Randolph's Tango  -  Thin Lizzy
  13. Broken Dreams  -  Thin Lizzy
  14. Vagabond of the Western World  -  Thin Lizzy
  15. Little Girl in Bloom  -  Thin Lizzy
  16. Slow Blues  -  Thin Lizzy
  17. The Rocker  -  Thin Lizzy
  18. Here I Go Again  -  Thin Lizzy

Disc 2

  1. Cruising in the Lizzymobile  -  Thin Lizzy
  2. Little Darling  -  Thin Lizzy
  3. Sitamoia  -  Thin Lizzy
  4. Philomena  -  Thin Lizzy
  5. Still in Love With You  -  Thin Lizzy
  6. Showdown  -  Thin Lizzy
  7. It's Only Money  -  Thin Lizzy
  8. Rosalie  -  Thin Lizzy
  9. Half Caste  -  Thin Lizzy
  10. King's Vengeance  -  Thin Lizzy
  11. Suicide  -  Thin Lizzy
  12. Wild One  -  Thin Lizzy
  13. Try a Little Harder  -  Thin Lizzy
  14. Fighting My Way Back  -  Thin Lizzy
  15. Jailbreak  -  Thin Lizzy
  16. Romeo and the Lonely Girl  -  Thin Lizzy
  17. The Boys Are Back in Town  -  Thin Lizzy
  18. Cowboy Song  -  Thin Lizzy
  19. Emerald  -  Thin Lizzy

Disc 3

  1. Johnny  -  Thin Lizzy
  2. Don't Believe a Word  -  Thin Lizzy
  3. Fools Gold  -  Thin Lizzy
  4. Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed  -  Thin Lizzy
  5. Massacre  -  Thin Lizzy
  6. Soldier of Fortune  -  Thin Lizzy
  7. Bad Reputation  -  Thin Lizzy
  8. Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in Its Spotlight)  -  Thin Lizzy
  9. Killer Without a Cause  -  Thin Lizzy
  10. Warrior  -  Thin Lizzy
  11. Are You Ready  -  Thin Lizzy
  12. Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song  -  Thin Lizzy
  13. Me and the Boys  -  Thin Lizzy
  14. Parisienne Walkways  -  Thin Lizzy
  15. Do Anything You Want To  -  Thin Lizzy
  16. Waiting for an Alibi  -  Thin Lizzy
  17. Sarah  -  Thin Lizzy
  18. Got to Give It Up  -  Thin Lizzy
  19. Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend: Shenandoah/Will You Go Lassy  -  Thin Lizzy
  20. Just the Two of Us  -  Thin Lizzy

Disc 4

  1. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts  -  Thin Lizzy
  2. King's Call  -  Thin Lizzy
  3. Chinatown  -  Thin Lizzy
  4. Sugar Blues  -  Thin Lizzy
  5. Killer on the Loose  -  Thin Lizzy
  6. Don't Play Around  -  Thin Lizzy
  7. Song for Jimi  -  Thin Lizzy
  8. Renegade  -  Thin Lizzy
  9. Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)  -  Thin Lizzy
  10. Old Town  -  Thin Lizzy
  11. Thunder and Lightning  -  Thin Lizzy
  12. Cold Sweat  -  Thin Lizzy
  13. The Sun Goes Down  -  Thin Lizzy
  14. Sisters of Mercy  -  Thin Lizzy
  15. Nineteen  -  Thin Lizzy
  16. A Night in the Life of a Blues Singer  -  Thin Lizzy

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Thin Lizzy   Primary Artist
Phil Collins   Percussion
Gary Moore   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Phil Lynott   Acoustic Guitar,Bass Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,12-string Guitar
Ian McLagan   Piano
Snowy White   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
John Sykes   Guitar,Background Vocals
Don Airey   Keyboards
Jimmy Bain   Background Vocals
Eric Bell   Acoustic Guitar
Robbie Brennan   Drums
Brian Downey   Percussion,Drums
Rusty Egan   Drums
Scott Gorham   Acoustic Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
John Helliwell   Saxophone
Mark Knopfler   Guitar
Huey Lewis   Harmonica
Brian Robertson   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Mark Stanway   Keyboards
Darren Wharton   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Laurence Archer   Guitar
Jean Rouselle   Keyboards
Eric Wrixon   Keyboards
Frankie Miller   Vocals
Doish Nagle   Guitar

Technical Credits

Paul Hardcastle   Producer
Gary Moore   Composer,Producer
Thin Lizzy   Producer
Phil Lynott   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Louis Austin   Engineer
Eric Bell   Arranger
Brian Downey   Arranger,Composer
Ben Edmonds   Liner Notes
Scott English   Producer
Scott Gorham   Composer
Keith Harwood   Engineer
Bill Levenson   Mastering
Ron Nevison   Producer,Engineer
Bob Seger   Composer
Ted Sharp   Engineer
Nick Tauber   Producer
Chris Tsangarides   Producer,Engineer
Tony Visconti   Producer,Engineer
Andrew Warwick   Engineer
Darren Wharton   Composer
Kit Woolven   Producer,Engineer
John Alcock   Producer
Peter Rynston   Engineer
Will Reid Dick   Engineer
Chris Herles   Mastering
Bas Hartong   Mastering
Traditional   Composer

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