Value, Welfare, and Morality

Value, Welfare, and Morality

by R. G. Frey

This book addresses critical issues in normative ethical theory.See more details below


This book addresses critical issues in normative ethical theory.

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List of contributors; Preface; 1. Value, welfare and morality R. G. Frey and Christopher W. Morris; 2. The land of lost content Simon Blackburn; 3. Putting rationality in its place Warren Quinn; 4. Can a Humean be moderate? John Broome; 5. Welfare, preference and rationality L. W. Sumner; 6. Preference Arthur Ripstein; 7. Reason and needs David Copp; 8. Desired desires Gilbert Harman; 9. On the winding road from good to right James Griffin; 10. Value, reasons and the sense of justice David Gauthier; 11. Agent-relativity of value, deontic restraints and self-ownership Eric Mack; 12. Agent-relativity - the very idea Jonathan Dancy; 13. The separateness of persons, distributive norms and moral theory David Brink; 14. Harmful goods, harmless bads Larry Temkin.

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