Vampires' Curse

Vampires' Curse

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by Lauralynn Elliott

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The Libby Fox novellas are now available in one book! Dark Relic: Vampires' Curse, Secrets of the Wolf, and Search for the Vampires' Curse are all included in this compilation, Vampires' Curse.

Dark Relic: Vampires' Curse

Libby Fox is just a regular private investigator, snooping on cheating business partners and wayward husbands. That is, until Adam


The Libby Fox novellas are now available in one book! Dark Relic: Vampires' Curse, Secrets of the Wolf, and Search for the Vampires' Curse are all included in this compilation, Vampires' Curse.

Dark Relic: Vampires' Curse

Libby Fox is just a regular private investigator, snooping on cheating business partners and wayward husbands. That is, until Adam Ryder walks into her office and asks her to find a missing person. Before she even gets a chance to do much investigating, it turns out that the missing person has been kidnapped to force a trade for a beautiful and dangerous artifact, and Libby's job description changes to hostage exchange. But there is more to her client than she could possibly have realized, and Libby is drawn into a world darker than she dreamed had existed. Now she's torn between the feelings she's beginning to have for Adam, and the fact that he lives in a world she's not sure she can be a part of.

Secrets of the Wolf

While private investigator, Libby Fox, is still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that vampires exist and that she actually has feelings for one of them, she's drawn into yet another case where there's more to her client that meets the eye. When Blake Harding walks into her office, hiring her to find a secret book very important to his family, Libby has no idea of the danger involved. She learns that there are things out there more dangerous than vampires as she searches for the Secrets of the Wolf.

Search for the Vampires' Curse

The third and final novella of the Libby Fox Series, Search for the Vampires' Curse, takes Libby, Adam, and friends from the bayous of Louisiana to the rain forest in Brazil. In this story, the search for the deadly cross introduced in book one continues. Meanwhile, Libby and Adam continue to question whether or not a relationship between them is possible. Will Libby take a chance and ignore her fears, or will she let Adam go for good? Find out the answers in the conclusion of the Libby Fox series.

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Meet the Author

Lauralynn is an author of paranormal and fantasy romance books published independently in primarily electronic format. You will find everything from vampires and ghosts to elves and wizards in her novels and novellas. She enjoys putting a little bit of a different twist on some of the old ideas about our favorite fictional characters.

Lauralynn lives in the southeastern United States with her husband of "several" years. She enjoys reading, playing computer games, and spending time with friends.

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Vampires' Curse 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Lynda-Flanagan1 More than 1 year ago
Vampires' Curse - The Libby Fox Trilogy ***Please see each book for a full review - I ran out of space to post them here!*** As book 1 and book 2 ended I kept reading on.  Libby Fox is a brilliant heroine.  What I loved most about her was, even though she had strong feelings for Adam, she knew she wouldn't share him with a blood donor, nor did she want to be bitten.  I loved the way she visited him to remind herself that they came from different worlds.  I feel this made her stay true to her character.  She has been self reliant all of her life and had she u-turned without any reason, I don't think it would have fit.  She is funny, brave and very likable - even when she jumps the gun. Book 1 - Dark Relic Libby Fox is a private investigator who is struggling to make it big.  As her usual cases concern cheating spouses or corrupt business partners, she is thrown for a loop when when the enigmatic Adam Ryder hires her regarding the kidnapping of sixteen year old Julie Bowman.  He is adamant that the police should not be involved as the kidnappers want a rare artifact that is in the possession of Julie's father.  And under no circumstances will the kidnappers walk away with the relic .  . But this is the only information Adam Ryder is willing to part with.   Libby takes the intriguing case and embarks on a journey which brings her into a world she never knew existed.  Vampires, vampire hunters and an ancient relic that can destroy all vampires in a heartbeat.  I really enjoyed this book.  Libby is strong, independent, sarcastic and smart.  When she discovers the truth about Adams' nature, she takes her own time to process everything and I really like that!  Book 2 - Secrets of the Wolf  In book 1 Lauralynn Elliott gave us Adam Ryder and vampires.  In book 2, she gives us Blake Harding and wolves.  Blake Harding hires Libby to locate a book that has been stolen from him.   Blake tells Libby that she must locate the book before the next full moon - which is in a week! Libby shows her human side in this book.  She makes mistakes, but in all fairness, she is up against some very scary and powerful creatures.  Another great book -roll on book 3!   Book 3 - Search for the Vampires' Curse   The third and last installment brings the previous two books together in a roller-coaster of action.  After chasing the relic but being one step behind, Libby,  Adam and Blake travel to the Amazon Rain-forest in Brazil to find the dark relic that has been wiping out covens of vampires in The States. In this book, Lauralynn's writing is, as usual, amazing.  The descriptions of the jungle in Brazil, the creatures that live there, the foliage and wild-life reminded me of a BBC nature documentary.  I shrieked along with the heroine when two certain creatures took special interest in her!  I love how the three main characters did not have the love triangle angst that many books seem to have.  I think it's because the characters are more mature, and like Libby's aversion to being bitten, such a story line would have taken merit away from the books.  A must read for fans of paranormal and anyone who likes their heroines with flaws (but who can walk without stumbling every two steps!)  And their heroes to be hot, honest and humble (who can get jealous without going all caveman!)  A great trilogy
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Vampire's Curse by Lauralynn Elliott The Libby Fox Trilogy These books are sold separately, I'm glad I had the trilogy as I couldn't stop reading after the first book. You know more is going to happen. They are shorter books and easy reads. There is romance, but it's somewhat secondary to the suspense going on. It is all told from Libby's point of view as well. Book 1: Dark Relic Private investigator Libby Fox is approached by Adam Ryder to help find a young girl who was kidnapped while in his care. And he's willing to pay a nice fee to get her back. This case changes everything Libby ever believed to be true. Vampires existed but there were others out there who are more evil. And could she fall for a man who was dead in the day and needed blood donors to survive? And what about the relic? Book 2: Secrets of the Wolf At least Adam Ryder was sending more business Libby Fox's way. One of his rich neighbors hired her to find a missing book. Again with the mystery though. And then she gets her second big whammy in a few weeks, vampires are not the only paranormals living in her world. And she still is undecided whether she can have a relationship with the handsome vampire or not. What happened to her boring life? Book 3: Search for the Vampire's Curse The nasty vampire hunter Fiona is on the move, using the relic for its evil purpose. Libby Fox will do all she can to protect Adam and the other vampires from the relic. Even if she's still undecided about Adam and his all or nothing ultimatum. Their chase for the relic leads them to the jungles of Brazil. Libby is running out of time to decide about Adam. She either can give him her all or learn to live without him, forever. **Mild sexual content
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If i read this book again i am soooooo glad that i got this book to raed. And thank you god.