The Varicose Vigilantes II - Hedge Money (Large Print)

The Varicose Vigilantes II - Hedge Money (Large Print)

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by Jay Lumbert

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The Varicose Vigilantes II - Hedge Money

Jay Lumbert broke exciting


The Varicose Vigilantes II - Hedge Money

Jay Lumbert broke exciting literary ground with his popular best seller, The Varicose Vigilantes, the unique comedy thriller where seniors rule.

Rejoice, Vigilantes fans. Jay's back!

The Varicose Vigilantes II: Hedge Money features Mabel Witherspoon, a sight-challenged, slightly incontinent, Harley-riding senior, who takes on a fraudulent hedge fund manager, battles international drug cartels and saves the Super Bowl. Join Mabel as she shows the FBI, the DEA and the SEC that age and determination are more powerful than money and influence.

Jay always thrills, with his uniquely creative blend of comedy, humanism and pulsating action. He creates powerful images that resonate strongly with readers of all ages. Jay's writing reminds us that the spirit stays young, regardless of years. He makes us believe that experience can still trump youth, that determination can overcome abusive power, and that good can triumph over evil.

If you are tired of boring assembly-line fiction, and looking for a book that will send your blood pumping, but also warm your heart, this is the one. If you believe that the American Way is something great and worth protecting, then read this book and join the cause!

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Large Print
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13 Years

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Varicose Vigilantes II - Hedge Money 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BookChaser More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of Jay Lumbert's writing. I have read all four of his books, and found each to be entirely satisfying. I don't know how he does it, but Jay has an uncanny ability to blend action with humor and humility. His books keep me on the edge of my seat. But they have another quality that is exceedingly rare. Jay keeps me believing in the goodness inside us all. Jay's books are set within today's complicated world of financial crisis and global terrorism. Bad things happen, as they do in real life. It is easy to forget that while things may be crashing all around us, there are heroes everywhere, ordinary people with grit and character that we rarely see. Jay's writing reminds me that there is a hero inside all of us-no matter how old we might be. I cherish that in every page. The Varicose Vigilantes II features a woman with poor eyesight who has bladder issues. This is not your ordinary hero. Jay finds a way to show us that it is not our bodies that make us strong. It is what's inside that counts. Character doesn't reside in big muscles; it is what's between the ears. Mabel will kick anybody's butt, no matter how rich and powerful they might be. As a senior, I know that "you have to be tough to get old." Amen. Those nagging body aches can sap energy. Sometimes it is a challenge to do what used to be simple. However, I do know this. My mind feels as strong as ever. Not much has changed in there since I was a teenager. Jay's books remind me of that. With his books, I am young again, kicking ass and taking names along with his characters. What a great place to be.