Vaudeville Blues 1919-1941: Blues Links - Vaudeville & Rural Blues

Vaudeville Blues 1919-1941: Blues Links - Vaudeville & Rural Blues


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Disc 1

  1. I Want Plenty Grease In My Frying Pan  -  Margaret Carter
  2. Come Get Me Papa, Before I Faint  -  Margaret Carter
  3. Mama, Papa Don't Wanna Come Home  - Margaret Johnson
  4. Who'll Chop Your Suey (When I'm Gone)  - Margaret Johnson
  5. Crazy Blues  - Mamie Smith
  6. Snatch It Back Blues  - Buddy Boy Hawkins
  7. Twe Twa Twa Blues  - Ora Brown
  8. Memphis Tennessee  - Ethel Ridley
  9. You've Got To Save That Thing  - Ora Alexander
  10. Save Me Some  -  Jed Davenport & His Beale Street Jug Band
  11. Conversation With the Blues  - Memphis Slim
  12. Kind Stella Blues  - Lucille Bogan
  13. Chirpin' the Blues  - Lucille Bogan
  14. Chirping the Blues  - Alberta Hunter
  15. Pea Vine Blues  - Charley Patton
  16. Magnolia Blues  - Charley Patton
  17. Chirpin' the Blues  - Viola McCoy
  18. Sorrowful Blues  - Bessie Smith
  19. Nineteen Women Blues  - Charlie Manson
  20. Fare Thee Honey Blues  -  Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds
  21. Walkin' Blues  - Robert Johnson
  22. Goodbye Rider  - Ida May Mack
  23. My Gal's Done Quit Me  - Luke Jordan
  24. Frisco Blues  - Luella Miller
  25. He's a Darn Good Man (To Have Hanging 'Round)  - Alberta Hunter
  26. Future Blues  - Willie Brown

Disc 2

  1. Don't Take Away Those Blues  - Flo Bert
  2. Good Man Sam  - Julia Moody
  3. Rolling Stone, Pt. 1  - Robert Wilkins
  4. 'Taint Nobody's Biz-Iness If I Do  - Anna Meyers
  5. Nobody's Dirty Business  - Mississippi John Hurt
  6. It's Nobody's Business But My Own  - Bert Williams
  7. The Penetrating Blues  - Martha Copeland
  8. Grievous Blues  - Fanny May Goosby
  9. Broke Down Engine Blues  - Blind Willie McTell
  10. Uncle Bud (Bugle Blues)  - Leona Williams
  11. Uncle Bud (Dog-Gone Him)  - Tampa Red
  12. Penitentiary Moan Blues  - Texas Alexander
  13. Kansas City Man Blues  -  Harlem Trio
  14. Kansas City Man Blues  - Clara Smith
  15. Levee Camp Moan Blues  - Clara Smith
  16. I'm All Out and Down
  17. I Got a Mule To Ride  - Edna Winston
  18. The Mule Laid Down and Died  - Kokomo Arnold
  19. For Sale (Hannah Johnson's Jack Ass)  - Clara Smith
  20. Low Land Blues  - Bertha "Chippie" Hill
  21. Jealous Hearted Blues  - Charley Lincoln
  22. Jealous Hearted Blues  -  Ma Rainey & Her Georgia Jazz Band
  23. The Wicked Fives Blues  - Lena Wilson
  24. Strut Miss Lizzie  -  Mary Stafford & Her Jazz Band
  25. Vamps of '28'  -  Whistler & His Jug Band

Disc 3

  1. Salty Dog Blues  - Papa Charlie Jackson
  2. Salty Dog  - Clara Smith
  3. Salty Dog  - Kokomo Arnold
  4. Mister Man, Pt. 2  - Papa Charlie Jackson
  5. Spread Yo' Stuff  -  Five Jazz Bell Hops
  6. Black Gypsy Blues  - Furry Lewis
  7. Eagle Rock Me Papa  -  Clarence Williams' Blue Five
  8. Sally Long Blues  - Virginia Liston
  9. If You Don't Believe I Love You  - Essie Whitman
  10. Bull-Doze Blues  - Henry Thomas
  11. Trouble Hearted Blues  - Ishmon Bracey
  12. Stealin' Stealin'  -  Memphis Jug Band
  13. Squawkin' the Blues  - Edna Hicks
  14. Hard Luck Blues  -  Porter Grainger's Sawin' Three
  15. Drop Down Mama  - Sleepy John Estes
  16. Gulf Coast Blues  - Monette Moore
  17. Poor Me Blues  -  Porter Grainger's Sawin' Three
  18. Cryin' Blues  - Hound Head Henry
  19. Poor Me  - Charley Patton
  20. M&O Blues No. 3 (My Baby Called The Police)  - Walter Davis
  21. Booze & Blues  -  Ma Rainey & Her Georgia Jazz Band
  22. Tom Rushen Blues  - Charley Patton
  23. A Woman Gets Tired of One Man All the Time  - George Williams
  24. A Woman Gets Tired of One Man All the Time  -  Stovepipe No. 1
  25. Blues Ain't Nothin' Else But!  -  Lovie Austin & Her Blues Serenaders
  26. Preachin' Blues  - Robert Johnson

Disc 4

  1. Haven't Seen No Whiskey  - Joe "Jackson Joe" Williams
  2. Mean Old Master Blues  - Bessie Tucker
  3. Stingaree Blues (a Down Home Blues)  - Esther Bigeou
  4. Waco Texas Blues  - Mary H. Bradford
  5. Hey Lawdy Mama - the France Blues  - Papa Harvey Hull
  6. Find Me At The Greasy Spoon (If You Miss Me Here)  -  Fletcher Henderson Orchestra
  7. Scoop It  -  Grant & Wilson
  8. Mama, Let Me Scoop For You  - Blind Willie McTell
  9. Bow Legged Papa  -  Butterbeans & Susie
  10. How Can I Miss You When I've Got Dead Aim  -  Lovie Austin's Serenaders
  11. Railroad Bill  - Will Bennett
  12. Hard Headed Mama  - Martha Copeland
  13. 'Git' Goin'  - Viola McCoy
  14. He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me Sometimes)  -  Lucille Hegamin & Her Blue Flame Syncopaters
  15. Devil In the Lion's Den  - Sam Collins
  16. Uncle Sam Blues  - Edna Hicks
  17. Everybody Mess Around  - Alberta Hunter
  18. Twistin' Your Stuff  - Barbecue Bob
  19. Don't Shake It No More  - Trixie Smith
  20. Fouth Street Mess Around  -  Memphis Jug Band
  21. How Come You Do Me Like You Do  - Rosa Henderson
  22. Beat You Doing It  - Clifford Gibson
  23. Slow Up Papa  - Viola McCoy
  24. Honey You're Going Too Fast  - Barbecue Bob
  25. Penitentiary Bound Blues  - Rosa Henderson
  26. Death Cell Blues  - Blind Willie McTell

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kokomo Arnold   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Barbecue Bob   Guitar,Vocals
Lucille Bogan   Vocals
Big Bill Broonzy   Guitar,Vocals
Sam Collins   Guitar,Vocals
Cow Cow Davenport   Piano
Walter Davis   Vocals
Georgia Tom   Piano,Spoken Word
Sleepy John Estes   Guitar,Vocals
Alberta Hunter   Vocals,Spoken Word
Mississippi John Hurt   Guitar,Vocals
Papa Charlie Jackson   Banjo,Vocals,Spoken Word
Lonnie Johnson   Guitar
Lead Belly   Guitar,Vocals
Furry Lewis   Guitar,Vocals
Sara Martin   Vocals
Blind Willie McTell   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Memphis Slim   Piano
Hammie Nixon   Harmonica
Charley Patton   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Bessie Smith   Vocals,scat
Mamie Smith   Vocals
Roosevelt Sykes   Piano
Henry Thomas   Guitar,Vocals,Reed Pipes
Buster Bailey   Clarinet
Ida Cox   Vocals,Spoken Word
Eddie Heywood   Piano
Rex Stewart   Cornet
Phil Napoleon   Trumpet,Cornet
Louis Metcalf   Cornet
Tiny Parham   Piano
Ida May Mack   Vocals,Spoken Word
Tampa Red   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Don Redman   Clarinet
Richard M. Jones   Piano
Clifford Gibson   Guitar,Vocals
Buddy Boy Hawkins   Guitar,Vocals,scat
Bessie Tucker   Vocals
Curley Weaver   Guitar
Robert Wilkins   Guitar,Vocals
Bubber Miley   Cornet
Ma Rainey   Vocals
Texas Alexander   Vocals,Spoken Word
Louis Armstrong   Cornet
Lovie Austin   Piano
Sidney Bechet   Soprano Saxophone
Willie Brown   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie Burse   Guitar,Mandolin
Garvin Bushell   Clarinet
Buddy Christian   Banjo
David Crockett   Guitar
Charlie Dixon   Banjo
Fletcher Henderson   Piano
Porter Grainger   Piano
Papa Harvey Hull   Guitar,Vocals,scat
Charlie Irvis   Trombone
Cliff Jackson   Piano
K.D. Johnson   Piano
Robert Johnson   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Clarence Jones   Piano
Jab Jones   Vocals
Luke Jordan   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Hambone Lewis   Jug
Charley Lincoln   Guitar,Vocals,Laughs,Spoken Word
Jimmy Lytell   Clarinet
Monette Moore   Vocals
Yank Rachell   Mandolin,Spoken Word
Ben Ramey   Kazoo
Long "Cleve" Reed   Guitar,Vocals,scat
Jack Roth   Drums
Will Shade   Guitar,Harmonica
Bob Shoffner   Cornet
Frank Signorelli   Piano
Vol Stevens   Guitar
Jesse Thomas   Guitar
Clarence Williams   Piano
Joe "Jackson Joe" Williams   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Bert Williams   Spoken Word
Sonny Boy Williamson   Harmonica
Leola B. Wilson   Vocals
Lammar Wright   Cornet
Willie Black   Banjo
Ernest Elliott   Clarinet
Rudolph Thompson   Jug
Charlie Green   Trombone
Stovepipe No. 1   Vocals
Johnny Dunn   Cornet
Esther Bigeou   Vocals
Jed Davenport   Harmonica
Lucille Hegamin   Vocals
Rosa Henderson   Vocals
Edna Hicks   Vocals
Bertha "Chippie" Hill   Vocals
Virginia Liston   Vocals
Viola McCoy   Kazoo,Vocals
Clara Smith   Vocals
Trixie Smith   Vocals
Mary Stafford   Vocals
Lena Wilson   Vocals,Chant
Wesley Wilson   Vocals
Clarence Williams' Blue Five   Accompaniment
Martha Copeland   Vocals,Laughs,Spoken Word
Margaret Johnson   Vocals
Luella Miller   Vocals
Bob Fuller   Clarinet
Harvey Boone   Alto Saxophone
Ruby Glaze   Spoken Word
Phil Worde   Piano
Daisy Martin   Vocals
Aaron Thompson   Trombone
Gus Aitken   Trumpet
John Griffin   Guitar
Coot Grant   Vocals
Louis Hooper   Piano
Bert Howell   Violin
Sidney Easton   Vocals,Spoken Word
Anna Meyers   Vocals
Charlie Manson   Guitar,Vocals
Edna Winston   Vocals,Spoken Word
Ora Brown   Vocals,scat
Howard Scott   Cornet
Charles A. Matson   Piano
Bob Ricketts   Piano
Will Bennett   Guitar,Vocals
Leona Williams   Vocals
Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools   Accompaniment
Tom Morris   Cornet
Harlem Trio   Accompaniment
Ora Alexander   Vocals,scat,Spoken Word
Kaiser Marshall   Drums
Ray's Dreamland Orchestra   Accompaniment
Jesse Ferguson   Violin
Mike Jackson   Piano
Flo Bert   Vocals
Mary H. Bradford   Vocals,scat
Charlie Jackson   Violin
Margaret Carter   Vocals
Lemuel Fowler   Piano
Charlie Panelli   Trombone
Hound Head Henry   Vocals,Spoken Word
Ishmon Bracey   Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Butterbeans   Vocals,Laughs,Spoken Word
Julia Moody   Vocals
Leroy Parker   Violin
Ethel Ridley   Vocals,scat
Kid Wesley Wilson   Vocals
Charlie Nickerson   Vocals
Will Ezell   Piano
Dope Andrews   Trombone
George Williams   Vocals
Fanny May Goosby   Vocals
Essie Whitman   Vocals
Henry Callens   Piano
Bud Aitken   Trombone
Benny Moten   Piano
Robby Robbins   Violin
Joe Elder   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone

Technical Credits

Robert Crumb   Illustrations
Leola B. Wilson   Duet
Wesley Wilson   Duet
Marshall Wyatt   Photo Courtesy
Max Haymes   Annotation
Hound Head Henry   Vocal Effect
Charles a. Prince   Orchestra Director

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