Velda: Girl Detective in The 13 Feathers

Velda: Girl Detective in The 13 Feathers

4.4 17
by Ron Miller
Velda has to contend with a mad firebug with too much time on his hands...


Velda has to contend with a mad firebug with too much time on his hands...

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Black Cat Press NJ
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Velda: Girl Detective , #8
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Ron Miller is an author and illustrator specializing in science, science fiction and fantasy. In addition to providing artwork for hundreds of books and magazines published world-wide, he is also the author of nearly 60 books of his own...many of them award-winning.

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Velda: Girl Detective in The 13 Feathers 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Eclipsedmoon &alpha Age: 23 moons &alpha Fur: long furred, pure silky white &alpha Wings: angelic, white &alpha Eyes: stunning; left eye rich purple, the other, peircing blue &alpha Personality: mysterious, unsocialable, hides how much she cares for some cats, closest to kits (espescially mysterykit), controlling &alpha Abilities: telepathical, skilled in hunting fish, very strong senses, can feel what other cats are feeling, most comfortable in the snow &alpha Inabilities: can't do flying tricks, slow flying, sloppy in catching birds, mice, voles ect. Can't swim, pushy, controlling, belligerent (sometimes not out loud) &alpha History: classifyed &alpha Mate: none &alpha Kits: robinkit(inactive) foxkit(inactive) &alpha Crush: secret &alpha Friends: Twilightsun, Cometrun, Dovepale, Mousefur, Mysterykit (everyone in clan) &alpha Siggy: &#9813 &alpha Theme songs: Sleepsong (Secret Garden) See you again (miley cyrus) I see fire (Desolation of Smaug) Gollum's song (LOTR) Name: Mysterykit &omega Age: 7 moons &omega Rank: kit (should be app.) &omega Parents: Mother= Twilightsun Father= Tigerheart &omega Personality: fun, playful, bubbly, kindhearted &omega Abilities: none known yet &omega Fur: violet, looks somewhat like her mother &omega Theme song: none known yet &omega Siggy: same as Eclipsedmoon's &omega Past rped cats: Opalpaw, Snowy/Radiancewing, Moonsage, Tatteredwing/ Newmoon, Briarstar
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
S: Age: about 3 moons &star Gender: she kit &star Looks: her fur is 50 shade of grey (XD), her eyes are storm gray and have green flecks in the iris, she has a sleek muscular build (at least she will when shes older), and one of her paws is white &star Kin: only Twilightsun (my mother by adoption) &star Crush/mate etc: dont ask i wont tell (cuz i no haz one)/none &star Personality: just meet me i talk alot though &star History: just ask <p><p> W: name: Whitekit % Age:ask Ebonyflame % Gender: she kit (female) % Looks: a pure white she kit with bright mint green eyes % Kin: Jetkit(sis), Mudkit and Graykit (bros), Cloudkit (step bro), and Ebonyflame (mommy) % Other: ask Ebonyflame
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is at 'eagle cry' res 1 cause I'm too lazy to redo it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Redleaf <p> Gender: T &male om <p> Age: 14 moons <p> Look: Red with an even redder tail. A white tail tip. Light red wings. Green eyes. <p> Rank: Warrior <p> Mate: None. <p> Crush: No. <p> Kits: No. <p> Personality: Serious, fun, kind, brotherly, caring, brave loyal. Very good at hunting and fighting. <p> History: Not much. <p> Kin: Ravenfeather (brother) Mistypaw (sister) <p> Power: He can run super fast. Name: Ravenfeather <p> Gender T &male om <p> Age: 14 moons <p> Look: Black with a wingshaped white mark on his chest. Black wings and blue eyes. <p> Rank: Warrior <p> Mate: No. <p> Crush: Ebonyflame <p> Kits: None. <p> Personality: Funny, smart, caring, kind, strong, brave, courageous. He is a great fighter and hunter. Looks up to his brother. <p> History: Same as Redleaf. <p> Kin: Mistypaw (sister) Redleaf (brother) <p> Power: Can control water fire and ice. <p> Name: Mistypaw <p> Gender: She cat &female <p> Age: 14 moons <p> Look: Icy blue pelt with blue eyes. White chest patch and tail tip. Lightest blue wings. <p> Rank: Medicence cat apprintence <p> Mate/Crush/Kits: Not supposed to. <p> Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, funny, can get annoyed easily, smart, caring, kind, sweet, a great friend and sister. Stands up for what she believes in and will stop at nothing to care for and protect her clan. <p> History: Not much. <p> Kin: Redleaf (brother) Ravenfeather (brother) <p> Power: Can turn invisible.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FoxPaw <br> Female <br> 7Moons <br> Looks: she has deep redish fur with browning mixed in. She also has bright Icy white blue eyes. She is really small in form and tallness so shelookslike a kit. <br> Extar: <br> -Flame i her brother <br> -crush: Fireapaw <p> FlamePaw <br> Male <br> 7moons <br> Looks: he is well built and a bit bigger than avreage. He has bleek brownfur with brigght rustyred fur in it. He has deep green bck eyes. <br> Extra: <br> Sister is Foxpaw <br> <P> CheshireKat
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&starf Name|| Cometrun <br> <p> &starf Gender|| &male <br> <p> &starf Age|| does it matter very much? I don't really care <br> <p> &starf Rank|| Deputy of CelestialClan! <br> <p> &starf Build|| Cometrun is lithle, more so than other toms. His legs and wings have the most muscle. His legs don't have the muscle for fighting and such, but running. I think that covers it for the most part... <br> &starf Fur|| shorter, light gray with dark gray tabby stribes. He has silver paws and a tailtip, along with a four-pointed silver star on his forehead and chest. He is quite handsome, though he doesn't try to be. <br> &starf Eyes|| calm, stormy blue with a tiny, tiny and I mean tiny ring of green around the pupil. The stormy blue fades out to a silvery shade of blue at the very edge of the iris. <br> &starf Wings|| Cometrun's wings are falcon-like and gray. The tips of the feathers are silver. The longer the feather, the larger the area of silver is on the individual feather. His wings are very muscular and built for speed and he specializes in flight and running. This is why his wings are so large. <p> &starf Other|| Cometrun has a fire opal pendant around his neck of a lightning bolt. It is electric blue, with tinges of green, silver, and the slightest hint of pink towards the top point. <br> <p> &starf Personality|| Cometrun is a complex cat. He doesn't often show his feelings, and only shares these with those he trusts greatest. He is calm and considerate, and does whatever is best for the clan. He will die for a loyal warrior, elder, apprentice, leader, and even kits. He is fearless in battles if he belives it is the only way to solve the problem. Otherwise, he is a peaceful cat. He is a natural leader, and is upset that StarClan had not granted him the abilities of telepathic speaking or healing, although his powers fit him perfectly. He loves kits, and is EXTREMELY LOYAL! <br> <p> &starf Likes|| racing, flying, hunting, his clanmates, peace, and a few other things. <br> <p> &starf Dislikes|| talking too much, Dark Forest, unable to help, other things he doesn't want to share. One thing he doesn't care if people find out if his dislike of snakes. <br> <p> &starf Powers|| superspeed. He looooves it! <br> <p> &starf Stengths|| arial fighting/abrobatics, running, hunting, eh, a few more things! <br> <p> &starf Crush|| <br> &starf Mate|| not yet! <br> &starf Kits|| loves 'em, but no <br> <p> &starf Friends|| Twilightsun, Lionmane, Moisefur, Larkflight, Eclipsedmoon, Ravensong, Snowstar, Redpaw, Icespike, MANY MORE! If your name is not listed, I had a forgetful moment don't worry! <br> <p> &stard Theme Song|| I've got a few <br> -Centuries~ Fall Out Boy <br> -Animals~ Maroon 5 <br> -Battleships~ Daughtry[?] <br> <p> &starf Other|| hi. Um, I'm in mtn. time zone? Also, this cat is based off of me. Except the gender part...oh well! <br> <p> ~|Cometrun|~