Venus Examines Her Breast

Venus Examines Her Breast

by Maureen Seaton

A collection of poetry by Maureen Seaton.


A collection of poetry by Maureen Seaton.

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Carnegie-Mellon University Press
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Carnegie Mellon Poetry Series
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New Edition
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5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.20(d)

What People are saying about this

Kimiko Hahn
"Maureen Seaton is not afraid of flight—and that flight is not away, but towards various kinds of sentencing, whether a lament or lines on happenstance."
Campbell McGrath
"Venus Examines Her Breast is a book of diabolical charm and daring intelligence. From Batman to Bonnie Parker, Maureen Seaton takes on all comers in a range of experimental forms and language so rich it should come with a warning label. Poetry this nutritious could feed multitudes."
Judith Barrington
"These poems burst with energetic words which Seaton uses not only to conjure one memorable image after another, but also to make music of sense and sounds. you can savor the collages, a wise and confiding voice grappling with the death of a mother. Whether she is describing her own narrow escape from death or the connectedness of seemingly unconnected events, her language never fails to dazzle."
Terese Svoboda
"Sir Real, bow down. Seaton has you and has you, especially during the (dis)association between grief and Good Grief. Aglow between meanings, Venus Examines Her Breast is 'a glut of non-ego, non-movied beauty.' A mother dies and a shower of embers, these poems, arise. Extraordinary."

Meet the Author

MAUREEN SEATON is the author of Little Ice Age; Furious Cooking, winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize and the Lambda Literary Award; Fear of Subways, winner of the Eighth Mountain Poetry Prize; and The Sea among the Cupboards, winner of the Capricorn Award. She is the co-author, with Denise Duhamel, of Exquisite Politics, Oyl, and Little Novels. Her work has appeared in Best American Poetry, The Atlantic, The Paris Review, New Republic, and many other journals. She is the recipient of an NEA Fellowship, an Illinois Arts Council grant, and a Pushcart Prize. She is Director of Creative Writing at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.

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