Venus in Blue Jeans

Venus in Blue Jeans

by Jimmy Clanton

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Disc 1

  1. I Trusted You
  2. That's You Baby
  3. Just a Dream
  4. You Aim to Please
  5. A Letter to an Angel
  6. A Part of Me
  7. A Ship on a Stormy Sea
  8. My Love is Strong
  9. My Own True Love
  10. Little Boy in Love
  11. Go Jimmy Go
  12. I Trusted You
  13. Another Sleepless Night
  14. I'm Gonna Try
  15. Come Back
  16. Wait
  17. What Am I Gonna Do?
  18. If I
  19. Down the Aisle
  20. What Am I Living For
  21. I Just Wanna Make Love
  22. Don't Look at Me
  23. Lucky in Love With You
  24. Not Like a Brother
  25. Twist on Little Girl
  26. Wayward Love
  27. Just a Moment
  28. Because I Do
  29. Venus in Blue Jeans
  30. Highway Bound
  31. Darkest Street in Town
  32. Dreams of a Fool

Disc 2

  1. Take Her Back
  2. No Greater Love
  3. It's All Over Now
  4. Land of Tomorrow
  5. It Takes a Long, Long Time
  6. Losing the One I Love
  7. Angel Face
  8. Don't You Know (Aka It's All Over Now)
  9. Jimmy's Tune (I'm in Love)
  10. That Old Feeling
  11. Linda
  12. I'm Beginning to See the Light
  13. Beg Your Pardon
  14. You're an Old Smoothie (I'm an Old Softie)
  15. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
  16. I Feel Those Tears Coming On
  17. Somebody Please Help Me
  18. Nothing Left For Me
  19. You Better Settle Down
  20. You Kissed a Fool Goodbye
  21. Love Me Tonight
  22. I Wanna Go Home
  23. Wedding Bells
  24. A Fool For You
  25. See See Rider
  26. I Feel So Bad
  27. Any More
  28. You Win Again
  29. Teenage Millionaire
  30. The Way I Am
  31. Molly Darling
  32. Walk With Me

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