Venus In Boston / Edition 1

Venus In Boston / Edition 1

by George Thompson, Kimberly R. Gladman, David S. Reynolds

Writings by one of America's earliest and best-selling authors of sensational fiction. See more details below


Writings by one of America's earliest and best-selling authors of sensational fiction.

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University of Massachusetts Press
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New Edition
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5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Note on the Texts
Venus in Boston: A Romance of City Life
Ch. IThe blind Basket-maker and his family3
Ch. IIInnocence in the Grip of Lust7
Ch. IIIThe Rescue17
Ch. IVA night in Ann street20
Ch. VThe Chevalier and the Duchess52
Ch. VIThe Stolen Package75
Ch. VIIShowing the operations of Jew Mike90
Ch. VIIIThe Chambers of Love98
City Crimes: Or Life in New York and Boston
Ch. IA Young Gentleman of Wealth and Fashion107
Ch. IIThe Courtezan's story112
Ch. IIIDomestic Troubles119
Ch. IVA Fashionable Lady124
Ch. VA Thieves' Crib on the Five Points128
Ch. VIThe Dark Vaults132
Ch. VIIThe false wife137
Ch. VIIIThe Subterranean Cellar147
Ch. IXThe Masquerade Ball156
Ch. XThe Amours of Josephine168
Ch. XIThe Condemnation to Death172
Ch. XIIShowing how the Dead Man escaped178
Ch. XIIIThe African and his Mistress186
Ch. XIVA Glimpse of the Crimes192
CH. XVShowing the pranks played204
Ch. XVIShowing the Voluptuous Revellings212
Ch. XVIIIllustrating the truth of the proverb219
Ch. XVIIIThe Dead Man's story227
Ch. XIXShowing how Mrs. Belmont was pursued232
Ch. XXFrank Sydney in the Power of his Enemies236
Ch. XXIJosephine and Mrs. Franklin239
Ch. XXIIShowing the Desperate and Bloody Combat249
Ch. XXIIIShowing how Sydney was tortured255
Ch. XXIVThe Marriage259
Ch. XXVServants' Frolics268
Ch. XXVIScene on Boston Common273
Ch. XXVIIThe Ruined Rector281
Ch. XXVIIIThe Disguised Husband286
Ch. XXIXWherein one of the Characters295
Ch. XXXShowing that a man should never marry304
My Life: or the Adventures of Geo. Thompson
Introduction: In which the author defineth his position313
Ch. IIn which I begin to Acquire a Knowledge315
Ch. IIIn which I become a Printer325
Ch. IIIIn which is enacted a bloody tragedy331
Ch. IVIn which I set forth upon my travels339
Ch. VI encountered a lady acquaintance344
Ch. VIIn which is introduced a celebrated Comedian354
Ch. VIIA deed of blood and horror359
Ch. VIIIAn Escape, and a Triumph363
Ch. IXAn accident366
Ch. XSix weeks in Leverett Street Jail369
Ch. XI"The Uncles and Nephews"371
Conclusion: My Parting Bow377

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