Very Best of Euphoric Dance: Breakdown [Bonus DVD]

Very Best of Euphoric Dance: Breakdown [Bonus DVD]


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Euphoria Breakdown


Disc 1

  1. Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U)
  2. Thunder in My Heart
  3. Phat Beach (I'll Be Ready)
  4. Doctor Pressure
  5. Your Body
  6. Lola's Theme
  7. Call on Me
  8. Love on My Mind
  9. Falling Stars
  10. Out of Touch
  11. Dancin'
  12. I See Girls (Crazy)
  13. My My My
  14. Strings of Life (Stronger on My Own)
  15. Owner of a Lonely Heart
  16. Feel the Vibe (Til the Morning Comes)
  17. Make a Move
  18. Dove (I'll Be Loving You)
  19. For You
  20. The Rockerfeller Skank

Disc 2

  1. Listen to Your Heart
  2. Love Me Right (Oh Sheila)
  3. Loneliness
  4. Satisfaction
  5. The Way (Put Your Hand in My Hand)
  6. Adagio For Strings
  7. The Theme
  8. Bullet In A Gun
  9. Raindrops
  10. Pump Up the Jam
  11. Take Me Away
  12. Stupidisco
  13. Take Me Away
  14. Music Power
  15. I Like Girls
  16. Speechless
  17. Watchin'
  18. Need You Now
  19. Wildberry Tracks
  20. C'mon Get It On

Disc 3

  1. Call on Me
  2. Satisfaction
  3. Somebody to Love
  4. I See Girls (Crazy)
  5. Your Body
  6. Listen to Your Heart
  7. Heaven
  8. Star to Fall
  9. Owner of a Lonely Heart
  10. The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand)
  11. Do You Know (I Go Crazy)
  12. Give It Away
  13. Loneliness
  14. Rapture
  15. Pump It Up
  16. Dancin'
  17. Pump Up the Jam
  18. Feel the Vibe (Til the Morning Comes)
  19. Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
  20. Sex And Sun

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sylvia Mason   Background Vocals
Errol Reid   Vocals
Harry Brooks   Vocals
Sam Blue   Vocals
Michael Marshall   Vocals
Philip Cortez   Percussion
Cyril Bodin   Vocals
Nadia Mampaey   Vocals
Nina Babet   Vocals
Dany Caen   Vocals
Onika Henderson   Vocals
Jinian Wilde   Vocals
Amanda Wilson   Vocals
Tara McDonald   Vocals

Technical Credits

Paul McCartney   Composer
Trevor Rabin   Composer
Leo Sayer   Composer
Bruce Springsteen   Composer
Chris Squire   Composer
Daryl Hall   Composer
Tom Snow   Composer
Melvin Riley   Composer
Calvert   Producer,Original Concept
Per Gessle   Composer
Peter Hammond   Producer,Vocal Producer,Vocal Recording
Trevor Horn   Composer
J.L. Jamison   Composer
Gary "Gazza" Johnson   Producer
M. Johnson   Producer
Sam Lorber   Composer
George Merrill   Composer
John Oates   Composer
Richard Perry   Producer
Errol Reid   Composer
Lee Robinson   Composer,Producer
Shannon Rubicam   Composer
Matt Schwartz   Composer
Gerald Valentine   Composer
S. Walker   Composer
Harry Wilkins   Composer
Kasper Winding   Composer,Producer
StoneBridge   Composer
Armand Van Helden   Composer,Producer
Michelle Gayle   Composer
Mike   Composer
Derrick May   Composer
Tommy Kent   Composer,Producer
Fatboy Slim   Producer,Engineer
Max Reich   Composer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Vito Lucente   Composer
Djaimin   Composer
Tom Novy   Composer
Stefano Noferini   Executive Producer
Eniac   Composer,Producer
Marcel Krieg   Composer,Producer
Roberto Concina   Composer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Van Damme   Composer
Shep Solomon   Composer
Thomas Alisson   Composer
Jacques Lu Cont   Composer
A. Martin   Composer
A. Smith   Composer
Bryan Adams   Composer
Axwell   Composer
Fulvio Perniola   Composer
Lee Butler   Producer,Original Concept
Seamus Haji   Producer
Michael Marshall   Composer
Max Graham   Producer
Karen Ann Poole   Composer
T&F   Producer
Tomcraft   Producer
Adrian Misiewicz   Composer
Paul Timothy   Arranger,Producer
Robin Felder   Producer,Vocal Producer
Ben Cook   Composer,Executive Producer
David Dollimore   Composer
Markus Moser   Producer
Darren Tate   Composer,Producer
Melanie Moser   Composer
Benny Benassi   Arranger,Producer
Bruce Elliot Smith   Producer,Vocal Producer,Vocal Recording
Reinhard Raith   Producer
Sarah Jane Scott   Producer
Simon Wills   Producer
Paul Crawley   Composer,Producer
Mike DiScala   Producer,Original Concept
Phil Sagar   Executive Producer
Serhat Sakin   Arranger,Producer
S. Wayne Barber   Composer
E. "Hustlechild" Clement   Composer
Mirko Jacob   Producer
Cyril Bodin   Composer
Gregory Louis   Arranger,Composer
Eric Prydz   Arranger,Producer
Bruce Allen   Arranger,Producer
Myles Macinnes   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Darren Sampson   Producer
Freemasons   Composer
Simon Hulbert   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Engineer
Scott Chester   Producer
Mark Dowling   Producer
Dave Valler   Producer
Hal Ritson   Producer
Flor Theeuwes   Arranger,Producer
Jeffrey Vissers   Arranger,Producer
Tara McDonald   Composer
J. Vallance   Composer
P. Anqueti   Composer,Producer
Timmy Vegas   Producer
M. "Hot Dog" Carre   Composer,Producer
Oscar Fullone   Composer
Jerome Isma-Ae   Composer
Andy Ward & Deep Josh   Arranger,Producer
Molly Smithen-Downes   Composer
Joel Edwards   Composer
Marcus Lee   Producer,Original Concept
Jerome Ismae Ae   Producer
Paul Emanuel   Producer
Simon Marlin   Composer
Massimo Notito   Producer
Will Patton   Original Concept

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