VHDL: Hardware Description and Design / Edition 1

VHDL: Hardware Description and Design / Edition 1

by Roger Lipsett, Carl F. Schaefer, Cary Ussery

ISBN-10: 079239030X

ISBN-13: 9780792390305

Pub. Date: 06/30/1989

Publisher: Springer US

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Table of Contents

1 — Introduction.- Why VHDL.- Terminology and Conventions.- 2 — A Model of Hardware.- A Model of Behavior.- A Model of Time.- A Model of Structure.- 3 — Basics.- Structure and Behavior.- Data Types and Objects.- Data Types.- Objects.- Hooking Constructs Together.- Interface Lists.- Association Lists.- Major VHDL Constructs.- Entity Declarations.- Architecture Bodies.- Subprograms.- Packages and Use Clauses.- Libraries.- Library Units and Order of Analysis.- Visibility of a Primary Unit and Libraries.- 4 — Data Types.- Literals.- Scalar Types.- Composite Types.- Aggregates and String Literals.- Referencing Elements of Composites.- Subtypes.- Attributes.- Predefined Operators.- 5 — Behavioral Description.- Process Statements.- The Wait Statement: Activation and Suspension.- Behavioral Modeling — Sequential View.- Declarations.- Sequential Assignment.- Signal Assignment.- Signal Drivers.- Delay in Signal Assignments.- Variable Assignment.- Sequential Control.- Conditional Control.- Iterative Control.- Other Sequential Statements.- The Assertion Statement.- Procedure Calls.- The Return Statement.- The Null Statement.- Behavioral Modeling — Concurrent View.- Concurrent Statements and Equivalent Processes.- Concurrent Signal Assignment.- Concurrent Assertion Statement.- Resolved Signals.- A Counter Element.- 6 — Structural Description.- Basic Features of Structural Description.- Ports in Entity Declarations.- Port Modes and Direction of Data Flow.- Ports in Component Declarations.- Component Instantiation Statements.- Example: A Simple ALU.- Example: A Decoder.- Example: Data Bus.- Regular Structures.- Generate Statements.- Generics.- Configuration Specifications.- Default Values and Unconnected Ports.- Default Values.- Unconnected Ports.- 7 — Large Scale Design.- Managing Shared Designs.- Design Libraries and their Implementation.- Predefined Design Libraries.- The Use of Libraries for Revision Management.- Visibility and the Analysis Context.- Name Visibility in VHDL.- Access to External VHDL Libraries.- Partitioning a Design.- Concurrent and Sequential Procedure Calls.- The Block Statement.- Component Instantiations and Blocks.- Sharing Data Within a Design.- Specifying a Design Configuration.- How Component Binding Occurs.- Type Incompatibilities in Component Binding.- Mixing Structure and Behavior.- 8 — A Complete Example.- The Traffic Light Controller.- Creating the Specification.- Defining the System Types.- Creating the Interface.- The Body of the Specification.- Creating a Test Bench.- Partitioning the Design.- Choosing a Type Representation.- Revising the Specification.- The First Partition.- The Second Partition.- Starting the Implementation.- Setting Up the PLA.- 9 — Advanced Features.- Overloading.- Access Types.- File Types and I/O.- User-Defined Attributes.- Signal-Related Attributes.- Aliases.- Association by Subelement.- Guarded Assignment Statements.- Disconnection Specifications.- Null Transactions.- 10 — VHDL in Use.- A Device Controller.- Setup and Hold Timing.- A Neural Net.- A Systolic Array Multiplier.- Summary.- Appendix A — Predefined Environment261.- Reserved Words.- Attributes.- Type and Subtype Attributes.- Array Attributes.- Signal-Valued Attributes.- Signal-Related Attributes.- Packages.- The Package STANDARD.- The Package TEXTIO.- >Appendix B — VHDL Syntax.- >Appendix C — Suggested Reading.- >Index.

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