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VI Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications / Edition 1
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VI Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications / Edition 1

by O. Civitarese, C. Dorso, G. Garcia Bermudez, A.J. Kreiner

ISBN-10: 0735403880

ISBN-13: 9780735403888

Pub. Date: 01/28/2007

Publisher: American Institute of Physics

All papers were peer reviewed. The Sixth Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Applications covered the most active topics in basic nuclear physics which were grouped into four broad categories, namely, nuclear structure, nuclear reactions, subnuclear physics, and nuclear thermodynamics and dynamics. It also placed a significant emphasis on the applications of


All papers were peer reviewed. The Sixth Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Applications covered the most active topics in basic nuclear physics which were grouped into four broad categories, namely, nuclear structure, nuclear reactions, subnuclear physics, and nuclear thermodynamics and dynamics. It also placed a significant emphasis on the applications of nuclear science and nuclear instrumentation to a wide range of fields of knowledge, from novel medical uses of these techniques, through materials and environmental sciences to art and archaeology. An up-to-date overview of all these subjects was presented through a number of plenary talks reported in longer articles complimented by a larger number of short articles describing detailed work along the different lines. Although the level of the articles is suited for the specialist in each field, the audience and potential interested readership extends far beyond.

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AIP Conference Proceedings Series, #884
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Table of Contents

Preface     xiii
Committees     xv
Group Photo     xvii
Plenary Talks
Chiral Nuclear Effective Field Theory   U. van Kolck     3
Progress on the Accelerator Based SPES-BNCT Project at INFN Legnaro   J. Esposito   P. Colautti   A. Pisent   L. De Nardo   V. Conte   D. Moro   S. Agosteo   G. Jori   R. Tinti   G. Rosi     13
Mesoscopy and Thermodynamics   L. G. Moretto   K. A. Bugaev   J. B. Elliott   L. Phair     24
Chiral Dynamics of Baryons in the Quark Model   A. Faessler   Th. Gutsche   V. E. Lyubovitskij   K. Pumsa-ard     43
Fusion and Breakup of Weakly Bound Nuclei   P. R. S. Gomes   L. F. Canto   R. Donangelo   M. S. Hussein     52
Nuclear Mass Forecasting: Can Observed Pattern Determine Mass Values?   A. Frank   J. C. Lopez Vieyra   J. Barea   J. G. Hirsch   V. Velazquez   P. Van Isacker     61
Microcanonical Thermostatistics, the Basis for a New Thermodynamics, "Heat Can Flow from Cold to Hot", and Nuclear Multifragmentation. The Correct Treatment of Phase Separation after 150 Years of StatisticalMechanics   D. H. E. Gross     70
Data Quality and First Science Results of the Pierre Auger Experiment   A. Etchegoyen     75
On Superheavy Element Formation and Beyond   V. Zagrebaev   W. Greiner     85
Parallel Talks
Nuclear Structure
AGATA: The European HPGe Tracking Array   F. Camen     97
The Status of the ALTO Project   F. Ibrahim     103
Laser Spectroscopy: A Powerful Tool for the Determination of the Global Properties of the Ground and Isomeric States   B. Roussiere     107
The Spin Degree of Freedom in Nuclei: Levels and Transitions in [superscript 58]Cu   D. R. Bes   O. Civitarese     113
The Surface Geometry of Exotic Nuclei   B. V. Carlson   E. Baldini-Neto   D. Hirata   S. Peru-Desenfants   J.-F. Berger   C. De Conti   L. C. Chamon     118
Spectroscopic Studies on Light Proton-Rich Nuclei   V. Guimaraes   R. Lichtenthaler   S. Kubono   M. H. Tanaka   T. Nomura   I. Katayama   S. Kato     123
Spatial Characteristics of Borromean, Tango, Samba and All-bound Halo Nuclei   M. T. Yamashita   T. Frederico   L. Tomio      129
Coulomb Energy Differences in Isobaric Multiplets   S. M. Lenzi   F. Della Vedova   M. Ionescu-Bujor   N. Marginean   D. R. Napoli   E. Farnea   G. de Angelis   M. Axiotis   D. Bazzacco   A. M. Bizzeti-Sona   P. G. Bizzeti   F. Brandolini   D. Bucurescu   A. Gadea   A. Iordachescu   S. Lunardi   P. Mason   R. Menegazzo   B. Million   M. Nespolo   C. A. Ur     135
N=38 Sub-shell Closure Behavior of B(E2:[Character not reproducible]) Around [superscript 68]Ni: Seniority and p-n Interaction   I. Deloncle   B. Roussiere     141
Spectroscopic Factors within an Algebraic Model and an Application to [superscript 12]C+[superscript 12]C   P. O. Hess   E. F. Aguilera   E. Martinez-Quiroz   A. Algora   J. Cseh   J. P. Draayer   T. L. Belyaeva     147
An Upper Limit to Ground State Energy Fluctuations in Nuclear Masses   J. G. Hirsch   V. Velazquez   A. Frank   J. Barea   P. Van Isacker   A. P. Zuker     153
Nuclear Reactions
Astrophysical S-factors for the p+[superscript 16]O and n+[superscript 16]O Captures from the Analysis of [superscript 16]O(d,n)[superscript 17]F and [superscript 16]O(d,p)[superscript 17]O Transfer Reactions   M. Assuncao   R. Lichtenthaler   V. Guimaraes   A. Lepine-Szily   A. M. Moro     158
A Microscopic Semi-classical Model of Nucleon-induced Pre-equilibrium Reactions   C. A. Soares-Pompeia   B. V. Carlson     163
Gamma-rays from Muon Capture in Al, Si, Natural Ca, Fe, Ni, I, An, and Bi   D. F. Measday   T. J. Stocki     169
Semiclassical Theory of Fusion and Breakup Reactions   L. F. Canto   R. Donangelo   H. D. Marta     176
Elastic Scattering with Weakly Bound Projectiles   J. M. Figueira   D. Abriola   J. O. Fernandez Niello   A. Arazi   O. A. Capurro   G. V. Marti   D. Martinez Heinmann   A. J. Pacheco   J. E. Testoni   E. de Barbara   I. Padron   P. R. S. Gomes   J. Lubian     185
Fusion Cross Sections for the [superscript 6,7]Li+[superscript 27]Al, [superscript 9]Be+[superscript 27]Al Systems   E. de Barbara   G. V. Marti   A. Arazi   O. A. Capurro   J. O. Fernandez Niello   J. M. Figueira   A. J. Pacheco   M. Ramirez   M. D. Rodriguez   J. E. Testoni   M. Verruno   I. Padron   P. R. S. Gomes   E. Crema     189
Influence of Entrance Channel on Fusion Hindrance and Quasifission   M. Trotta   G. N. Kniazheva   A. M. Stefanini   S. Beghini   B. R. Behera   A. Yu. Chizhov   L. Corradi   S. Courtin   E. Fioretto   A. Gadea   P. R. S. Gomes   F. Haas   I. M. Itkis   M. G. Itkis   N. A. Kondratiev   E. M. Kozulin   A. Latina   G. Montagnoli   I. V. Pokrovsky   N. Rowley   R. N. Sagaidak   F. Scarlassara   A. Szanto de Toledo   S. Szilner   V. M. Voskressensky     195
Prompt Dipole [gamma]-Ray Emission: A New Cooling Mechanism in Fusion Heavy-ion Reactions   D. Pierroutsakou   B. Martin   G. Inglima   C. Agodi   R. Alba   V. Baran   A. Boiano   G. Cardella   M. Colonna   R. Coniglione   E. De Filippo   A. De Rosa   A. Del Zoppo   M. Di Pietro   M. Di Toro   T. Glodariu   M. La Commara   C. Maiolino   M. Mazzocco   A. Pagano   N. Pellegriti    P. Piatelli   S. Pirrone   M. Romoli   M. Sandoli   D. Santonocito   P. Sapienza   C. Signorini     201
The Interaction of [superscript 12]C and [superscript 16]O with Medium-heavy Nuclei   F. Cerutti   E. Gadioli   A. Mairani   A. Pepe     207
Production Yields of Neutron-rich Fluorine Isotopes   E. Kwan   D. J. Morrissey   D. A. Davies   M. Steiner   C. S. Sumithrarachchi   L. Weissman     213
Low Energy Light Ion Interactions   F. Cerutti   F. Ballarini   G. Battistoni   P. Colleoni   A. Ferrari   S. V. Fortsch   E. Gadioli   M. V. Garzelli   A. Mairani   A. Ottolenghi   A. Pepe   L. S. Pinsky   P. R. Sala   G. F. Steyn     219
Nuclear Physics Applications
Tandem-ESQ for Accelerator-based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (AB-BNCT)   A. J. Kreiner   J. W. Kwan   A. A. Burlon   H. Di Paolo   E. Henestroza   D. Minsky   A. Valda   M. Debray   H. R. Somacal     225
Nuclear Physics Issues in Space Radiation Risk Assessment-The FLUKA Monte Carlo Transport Code Used for Space Radiation Measurement and Protection   K. T. Lee     231
Numerical Characterization of a Tomographic System for Online Dose Measurements in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy   D. M. Minsky   A. A. Valda   A. A. Burlon   A. J. Kreiner   H. Somacal     237
Space Applications of the FLUKA Monte-Carlo Code: Lunar and Planetary Exploration   K. Lee   T. Wilson   N. Zapp   L. Pinsky     243
Radiometric Analyses of Beach Sands from the Southeast of Brazil   R. M. Anjos   K. Macario   R. Veiga   C. Carvalho   B. Mosquera     249
The Use of Neutrons for the Detection of Explosives in Civil Security Applications   S. Pesente   D. Fabris   M. Lunardon   S. Moretto   G. Nebbia   G. Viesti     254
Design, Modeling and Simulations in the Race Project: Preliminary Study for the Development of a Transport Line   C. O. Maidana   A. W. Hunt   D. Beller   K. Folkman     259
Measurements of Neutron Capture Cross-Sections at n_TOF   G. Tagliente et. al.     265
Charge-state Distribution and Electron-loss Collisions of [superscript 127]I Ions in a Tandem Accelerator   A. Negri   A. Arazi   D. E. Alvarez    O. A. Capurro   E. de Barbara   J. O. Fernandez Niello   J. M. Figueira   M. S. Gravielle   G. V. Marti   J. Miraglia   A. J. Pacheco   J. E. Testoni     272
On Line Release Simulator of Radioactive Beams Produced by ISOL Technique   M. Turrion   O. Tengblad   M. J. G. Borge   E. Reillo   E. R. Morrissey   M. Santana     278
Nuclear Thermodynamics and Dynamics
Isospin Transport in Semi-Peripheral Collisions at Fermi Energy   M. Zielinska-Pfabe   M. Di Toro   V. Baran   M. Colonna   H. H. Wolter     285
Multifragmentation and Symmetry Energy Studied with Antisymmetrized Molecular Dynamics   A. Ono     292
Thermal Symmetry in Isoscaling   C. R. Escudero   J. A. Lopez   C. O. Dorso     299
Bimodality: A Robust Signature of a Nuclear Matter Phase Transition   B. Tamain   M. Pichon   R. Bougault   O. Lopez     306
Nonequilibrium Effects in Isoscaling   C. O. Dorso   J. A. Lopez     313
From Multifragmentation to Supernovae and Neutron Stars   Ph. Chomaz   F. Gulminelli   C. Ducoin   P. Napolitani   K. Hasnaoui     318
Zipf's Law and the Universality Class of the Fragmentation Phase Transition   W. Bauer   S. Pratt   B. Alleman     327
Information Theory of Open Fragmenting Systems   F. Gulminelli   Ph. Chomaz   O. Juillet   M. J. Ison   C. O. Dorso     332
Equation of State of Symmetric and Asymmetric Nuclear Matter   S. Shlomo   T. Sil     340
Probing Two-Particle Source and Densities in Heavy-Ion Collisions   G. Verde     346
Symmetry Energy in the Equation of State of Asymmetric Nuclear Matter   S. J. Yennello   D. V. Shetty   G. A. Souliotis     351
Subnuclear Physics
Nuclear Structure Aspects of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay: Limits on the Electron Neutrino Mass   O. Civitarese   J. Suhonen     360
The Structure of the Nucleon   R. Bijker     366
Phase Diagram of Non-local Chiral Quark Models under Compact Star Conditions   D. Gomez Dumm   A. G. Grunfeld   N. N. Scoccola     372
QCD Running Coupling with Diquarks   J. A. O. Marinho   E. Gambin   T. Frederico     378
Effective Interactions from q-Deformed Quark Fields   V. S. Timoteo   C. L. Lima     384
The Assembly of the ALICE Silicon Pixel Detector   S. Moretto     390
Recent Results from Phobos   E. Garcia et. al.     396
Acceptance and Angular Resolution of an Infill Array for the Pierre Auger Surface Detector   C. Medina   M. Gomez Berisso   I. Allekotte   A. Etchegoyen   G. Medina-Tanco   D. Supanitsky     405
Primary Cosmic Ray Composition: Simulations and Detector Design   D. Supanitsky   G. Medina-Tanco   A. Etchegoyen   M. Gomez Berisso   C. Medina     411
Spin Duality on the Neutron ([superscript 3]He)   P. Solvignon     417
Nuclear Structure
The Status of the ALTO Project   S. Essabaa     423
[superscript 101]Ru Low-energy Levels Calculation   F. A. Genezini   G. S. Zahn   J. Mesa-Hormaza   C. B. Zamboni   M. T. F. da Cruz     425
Boson Mapping Treatment of Atoms-Photon Systems   M. Reboiro     429
Quantum Entanglement in Quasispin Models   R. Rossignoli   N. Canosa     433
Correlations in the Charge Radii of Complex Systems   M. Tomaselli   T. Kuhl   D. Ursescu      435
Exotic Neutron-rich Nuclei in a Three-body Model   L. Tomio   T. Frederico   M. T. Yamashita     438
Shell Model Description of Band Structure in [superscript 48]Cr   C. E. Vargas   V. M. Velazquez     440
Angular Correlation Study of Excited Levels in [superscript 193]Ir   G. S. Zahn   C. B. Zamboni   J. Y. Zevallos-Chavez   F. A. Genezini   M. T. F. da Cruz     442
High-spin States in Odd-Odd [superscript 168]Tm   M. A. Cardona   D. Hojman   D. Bazzacco   N. Blasi   J. Davidson   M. Davidson   M. E. Debray   M. De Poli   A. J. Kreiner   S. M. Lenzi   G. Levinton   G. Lo Bianco   G. V. Marti   D. R. Napoli   C. Rossi Alvarez     446
High-spin States and Deformation Properties in [superscript 187]Pt   M. A. Cardona   D. Hojman   A. Aguilar   W. T. Cluff   T. Hinners   C. R. Hoffman   K. Lagergren   S. Lee   M. Perry   A. Pipidis   M. A. Riley   S. L. Tabor   V. Tripathi     448
Spectroscopy of [superscript 215]Rn[subscript 86]   M. E. Debray   M. Davidson    J. Davidson   A. J. Kreiner   M. A. Cardona   D. L. Hojman   S. Lenzi   D. Napoli     450
Continuum Effects in Nuclear Transfer Reactions   H. D. Marta   R. Donangelo   J. O. Fernandez Niello   A. J. Pacheco     452
Helicity-dependent Angular Distributions in Three-body Photodisintegration of [superscript 3]He   T. N. Ukwatta   B. L. Berman   S. Strauch     454
Quasielastic Electron Scattering on [superscript 65]Cu   V. Denyak   S. A. Paschuk   H. R. Schelin   V. M. Khvastunov     456
Nuclear Physics Applications
Pigments Elementary Chemical Composition Study of Gainsborough Attributed Painting Employing a Portable X-rays Fluorescence System   C. R. Appoloni   M. S. Blonski   P. S. Parreira   L. A. C. Souza     459
Design and Construction of an Optimized Neutron Beam Shaping Assembly for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy at the Tandar Accelerator   A. Burlon   A. J. Kreiner   A. A. Valda   D. M. Minsky   H. Somacal     465
In Vivo Evaluation of Fe in Human Skin Employing X-ray Fluorescence Methodology (XRF)   M. Estevam   C. R. Appoloni     468
Accumulation and Distribution of [superscript 137]Cs in Tropical Plants   R. M. Anjos   C. Carvalho   B. Mosquera   R. Veiga   N. Sanches   J. Bastos   K. Macario     471
Characterization of Aerosol Particles from Buenos Aires City and Its Subway System: PIXE and SEM/EDX   L. G. Murruni   M. E. Debray   A. J. Kreiner   A. Burlon   M. Davidson   J. Davidson   D. Minsky   M. J. Ozafran   M. Rosenbusch   A. G. Ulke   M. E. Vazquez|cV. Solanes     474
Energy Measurements in a Prototype Proton CT Scanner   H. R. Schelin   M. C. L. Klock   V. V. Denyak   S. A. Paschuk   J. A. P. Setti   J. T. de Assis   I. Evseev   O. Yevseyeva   U. M. Vinagre Filho   R. T. Lopes   R. Schulte   V. Bashkirov     476
A Radiographic Technique with Heavy Ion Microbeams   J. Muscio   H. Somacal   A. Burlon   M. E. Debray   A. J. Kreiner   J. M. Kesque   D. M. Minsky   A. A. Valda     479
Cryolite-Alumina Solutions Analysis by Neutron Activation   E. D. Greaves   L. Sajo-Bohus   M. Manrique   C. DeArriba     482
3-D Image Reconstruction of Nuclear Tracks Induced in CR-39 Detectors by Means of Digital Holography   F. Palacios   J. Ricardo   D. Palacios   L. Sajo-Bohus     485
Planar Optical Waveguide Formation in LiNbO[subscript 3] by Means of High Energy Ion Implantation   F. Nesprias   M. E. Debray   M. Fischer   A. Lamagna   A. J. Kreiner   M. Davidson   J. Davidson   G. Redelico   A. Burlon   L. Murruni   D. Minsky   H. Somacal     489
Applications of the Gamma-ray Detection Technique in Environmental Sciences   G. Curutchet   D. E. Di Gregorio   J. O. Fernandez Niello   R. Gargarello   H. Huck   H. Somacal     492
Evaluation of Fe Employing X-ray Fluorescence Methodology (XRF) in Mice Skin during Acute Phase of Experimental Infection with Trypanosoma cruzi   M. Estevam   A. D. Malvezi   C. L. Borges   P. Pinge-Filho   C. R. Appoloni     494
Gamma Radiation Measurements in Brazilian Commercial Granites   R. M. Anjos   R. Veiga   B. Mosquera   C. Carvalho   J. G. Aguiar   A. M. A. Santos   M. H. B. O. Frasca     497
Heavy Ion Micro-machining at the Tandar Laboratory    M. E. Debray   M. Fischer   A. J. Kreiner   A. Lamagna   M. Davidson   J. Davidson   D. Minsky   A. Burlon   H. Somacal     499
[superscript 222]Rn Indoor Concentration Measurements Related to Construction Materials   J. N. Correa   L. Fior   S. A. Paschuk   H. R. Schelin   V. Denyak   L. G. I. Miranda   V. de Paula Melo     501
Evaluation of Particle Trajectories in Proton Computer Tomography   V. V. Denyak   S. A. Paschuk   H. R. Schelin   J. A. P. Setti   M. C. L. Klock   A. Pashchuk   I. Evseev   O. Yevseyeva   J. Mesa     504
Trace Elements at Whole Blood of Distinct Mouse Lines by Using NAA   C. B. Zamboni   G. S. Zahn   O. A. Sant'Anna     507
Development of a Monte Carlo Simulation Program for Elastic Recoil Spectrometry   V. Chappa   M. del Grosso   G. Garcia Bermudez   D. Abriola   M. Alurralde     510
Nuclear Thermodynamics and Dynamics
Dynamical Aspects of Fragmentation   M. J. Ison   C. O. Dorso     513
Subnuclear Physics
Representations in Density Dependent Hadronic Field Theory   R. M. Aguirre     516
Strong Decays of Excited Baryons in Large N[subscript c] QCD   J. L. Goity   N. N. Scoccola     518
Nuclear Matter Low Lying Collective Modes in a Finite Size Model of Nucleons   A. L. De Paoli   R. M. Aguirre     520
Author Index     523

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