Victoria and Her Court

Victoria and Her Court

by Virginia Schomp

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Children's Literature - Ellen Welty
Victoria became Queen of England on June 20, 1837 at the age of eighteen. In the sixty three years that followed, she became the longest serving monarch in British history. Her ascension ushered in a period of dynamic change, both in political aspirations and in industrialization. During the years that Victoria reigned, the British Empire expanded its influence exponentially and transformed an agricultural economy from agriculture to a manufacturing superpower. Victoria assumed the throne at a time when public opinion about the royal family was at an all-time low. Her own industrious nature and devotion to duty proved to be critical in improving the royal image and expanding the empire around the world. The biggest expansion included control of most of Africa, in the name of what was referred to as "Our Civilizing Mission." This volume in the series "Life in Victorian England" discusses the life of Victoria herself and her court. Victoria, hard-working and dutiful when necessary, was also fun-loving and trend-setting. The lifestyle that she and Prince Albert and their children enjoyed became the model of family life of the era. The book includes chapters devoted to the men and the women of the court, the royal residences and the years after Albert's death in 1861. Those years included grand celebrations and more serious problems such as assassination attempts. There is a list of illustration credits at the beginning of the book and a glossary, index, bibliography and notes at the end. Nice to have would have been a timeline, but its lack by no means detracts from the usefulness of the volume. Recommended for school libraries and public libraries. Reviewer: Ellen Welty

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Life in Victorian England Series
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