Video Activist Handbook - Second Edition / Edition 2

Video Activist Handbook - Second Edition / Edition 2

by Thomas Harding

'a delightful memoire - full of valuable insights into ... journalistic and political worlds .... The reporting in this book is as vivid now as it was at the time.' Alan RusbridgerSee more details below


'a delightful memoire - full of valuable insights into ... journalistic and political worlds .... The reporting in this book is as vivid now as it was at the time.' Alan Rusbridger

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Pluto Press
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Second Edition
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5.57(w) x 8.44(h) x 0.74(d)

Meet the Author

Geoffrey Goodman has been a journalist all his working life on a range of newspapers which include The Manchester Guardian, The Daily Herald and The Daily Mirror. He was a member of the last Royal Commission on the Press and is the winner of several national press awards including the Gerald Barry award for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism. He has been editor of British Journalism Review since 1989 and currently works as a presentator and commentator for various news and current affairs programmes. His published work includes The awkward warrior : Frank Cousins, his life and times, (1979) and The miners' strike, (1985).He was appointed CBE for services to journalism in 1998.

Table of Contents

1What is video activism?
A brief history of video activism
The camcorder revolution
2Strategy of video activism
Finding a purpose
Types of video activist strategy
Differences between video activist and video-maker approaches
Problems with the video activist approach
3Equipment: Where do I find a camcorder?
The basic kit
Choosing a camcorder
Sound equipment
Advanced equipment
Looking after your equipment
Powering up in silly places
4Getting started - A basic introduction to using a camcorder
The Psychology of videoing in public
Getting good images
Getting good sound
Teach yourself to video in five easy steps
Your first big day of videoing
Getting better
5Witness video: Legal work Different types of witness video
Working with the legal system
Appearing in court
Tips for shooting witness video
Issues of security
Videoing covertly
Counter camcorder
6T V Work 1: Supplying footage to News
Why bother supplying footage to T V news?
What is T V news looking for?
Issues faced when supplying to T V news
Tips on supplying footage to T V news
7T V Work 2: Going beyond news footage
Different ways of supplying footage to T V
Producing a Video News Release (VNR)
Archive sales to T V
Documentary making: becoming a T V professional
8Making a campaign video 1: Production
Different types of campaign video (educational, empowerment, fundraising)
The process
Preparation and research
9Making a campaign video 2: Editing Political editing
The editing process
10Distribution 1: Screenings
Different types of screenings
Screening equipment
11Distribution 2: Other outlets
Community terrestrial broadcast
Video magazines
CD Rom
World Wide Web
Different types of video activist training
Issues and problems
Example of workshop schedule
Recommended reading
Video activist organisations
T V contacts

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