Vietnam: The People

Vietnam: The People

by Bobbie D. Kalman, Bobbie Kalman

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The Vietnamese are an ancient people who have had their share of struggles and suffering. From a French colony to rebellion to the Vietnam War to the present, the Vietnam people have been changing to improve their opportunities. The faces of this country primarily include ethnic Vietnamese but are also comprised of ethnic minorities: the Hoa, the Chams, the Khmers and the people of the hills. The hills of Vietnam are home to more than thirty different tribes, each with its own dress, religious beliefs and language. Family ties are very important to the Vietnamese. This philosophy is rooted in the lessons of the Chinese teacher names Confucius. Families often live together through adulthood. Their homes are built to adapt to the climate and landscape. Employment may include farm work, private business, industry, being an artist or a merchant. Many people are unemployed or under-employed because of years of war and a wavering economy. Popular sports in Vietnam are table tennis, swimming, cycling, badminton and volleyball. Soccer is the most popular sport and almost everyone owns a bicycle. In addition, this book has engaging photographs, a Glossary and an Index, making this entry in "The Lands, Peoples, and Cultures" series a great classroom addition. 2002 (orig. 1947), Crabtree Publishing Company,
— Michele Wilbur

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