Views of a Physicist: N G Van Kampen

Views of a Physicist: N G Van Kampen

by N. G. Van Kampen

ISBN-10: 981024357X

ISBN-13: 9789810243579

Pub. Date: 01/28/2000

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Ch. IPhilosophy of Physics1
1Physics, Is it a Science?3
2What is Science?14
3Determinism and Predictability25
4The Theory of Everything34
5Misconceptions about Physics40
6Questions without Answers48
7The Retreat of Rationality53
Ch. IIStatistical Mechanics57
2Probability in Theoretical Physics69
4Probability and Noise in Physics83
5The Fokker-Planck Equation88
6Introduction to Chaos Theory93
7From Statistical Mechanics to Quantum Theory100
8How do Stochastic Processes enter into Physics?110
Ch. IIIQuantum Mechanics121
1Are the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Problematical?123
2Ten Theorems about Quantum Mechanical Measurements127
3Postmodern Obscurantism138
4Quantum Chaos148
5Against Bell156
Ch. IVAtavisms159
1Review of a book by Louis de Broglie161
2A Redundant Theory165
3Chance is not Accidental168
4The Danger of Popularization171
Ch. VGreat Physicists173
2The Legacy of Smoluchowski and Einstein in Statistical Physics188
3Dresden's Life of Kramers197
4Remembering Kramers200
5H. A. Kramers: 1894-1952206
6Kramers and the Problem of Escape over a Barrier209
7Historiography and the Work of H. A. Kramers217
8Einstein's Early Years223
9L. C. P. Van Hove227
10E. P. Wigner233
Ch. VIMiscellaneous239
1Space Travel and Physics241
2Physics in the Twentieth Century247
3Memorable Events in History261
4The Danger of Science Management264
5Bibliometry - Is it a Science?267
6Bizarre Science271
7Physics and the Paranormal274

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