The Vikings

The Vikings

by David Angus, Joe Marsh

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Gr 4 Up—Opening with a dramatic Wagnerian fanfare, this audiobook by David Angus will thrill listeners at every turn. The turmoil and violence that the Vikings wreaked in a wide swath from the 8th through the 11th centuries is legendary. The stories of looting and pillaging ("to go a-viking" was apparently a verb meaning to go raiding) monasteries in North Umbria were particularly disturbing, but the Vikings were disgusted by the refusal of the monks to defend themselves. Courage in combat was their strongest value, so they felt justified in stealing priceless items from over 794 monasteries throughout what was to later become Great Britain. These "merciless marauders" loved to fight, have adventures, and then regale their fellows with the stories and poems of their great feats. Not just thieves and warriors, Vikings were also astonishing inventors, explorers, artists, carvers, furriers, traders, and even poets. Most striking was their invention of the keel in shipbuilding, which counterbalanced the stout masts and sails of their longboats, and enabled them to navigate the wild, frigid waters of the North Sea. This audiobook presents exciting stories about the Viking's history, culture, mythology, adventures, exploration, and accomplishments. Joe Marsh reads these fascinating tales with a distinctive British accent, providing a thrilling interpretation of the text and making this gripping history absolutely riveting. Highly recommended as an excellent resource for history classes.—Lonna Pierce, MacArthur Elementary School, Binghamton, NY

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