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Vikings terrorized northern Europe for nearly 300 years pillaging villages and killing people. They were excellent seamen with maneuverable longboats that were light enough to carry over land. Later they became traders and explorers who founded Iceland and Greenland and were the first Europeans to reach North America. How do we know this? The Vikings were great storytellers and wrote about their adventures and heroes such as Harald Bluetooth and Eric the Red. It is an exciting legacy and one that we follow regularly as several days of the week are named after Viking gods. Even very young readers will enjoy nonfiction in the "Read About" series; books designed to increase reading fluency. Simple text is accompanied by colorful illustrations and photographs. These history books would be appropriate for many primary students and those learning English. 2000, Copper Beech Books/Millbrook Press, Ages 8 to 10, $17.90. Reviewer: Laura Hummel—Children's Literature

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Read about Series
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7 - 9 Years

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