Violence of Action (Rogue Warrior Series)

Violence of Action (Rogue Warrior Series)

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by Richard Marcinko

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Back from self-imposed exile, the Rogue Warrior enters a whole new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from domestic terrorists intent on a holy war — military insiders gone bad — and they possess suitcase-sized nuclear weapons. The city of Portland, Oregon, is marked for annihilation — but the terrorists are going up against the

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Back from self-imposed exile, the Rogue Warrior enters a whole new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from domestic terrorists intent on a holy war — military insiders gone bad — and they possess suitcase-sized nuclear weapons. The city of Portland, Oregon, is marked for annihilation — but the terrorists are going up against the best in the bloody business. Not only has age weathered the Rogue Warrior into the ultimate fighting machine, he's also got an entirely new team of heavy hitters — a multicultural band of the toughest operatives available. The battle takes the Rogue Warrior to the extremes of hard-core action with the survival of his country at stake, and Demo Dick has never had a harder fight ahead of him. Is he up to the challenge, or has the Rogue Warrior finally met his match?

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Riding the wave of controversy over Iraq, and dedicated "To the many heroes of September 11th," this 10th volume in the breathtakingly crude but bestselling Rogue Warrior series again stars hairy-chested author/narrator Capt. Dick Marcinko, ex-navy SEAL and covert-ops antiterrorism expert. Licking his wounds after unjustly serving time in a white-collar federal prison, Capt. Dick is called to Washington when the White House is confronted with the theft of a suitcase-sized nuclear bomb by a band of terrorists. After capturing one of the terrorists, Dick's team tortures him into revealing the group's plan to nuke Portland, Ore., as the first step in establishing ethnic purity in the world. Marcinko may have jettisoned his longtime co-writer John Weisman (whose name no longer appears on the title page), but little else has changed. As in previous volumes, Dick is boorishly self-aggrandizing (he boasts of bedroom swordsmanship with a 10-inch saber), and the first-person narration is punctuated with personal confidences that detract from the authentic descriptions of cutting-edge high-tech military weapons and vivid action-packed scenes of engagement. Bordering on comic book satire and saturated with gruesome, gratuitous violence, the novel should fly off the shelves into the eager hands of the rabid legions of blood and guts fantasy-fulfillment RW readers. (Oct. 22) FYI: Rogue Warrior novels are hardly kiddie lit, but according to the publisher, Blue Box Toys is releasing a series of RW action figures to be sold at toy stores around the country. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
Library Journal
A new, improved Rogue Warrior is back, ready to counter the latest terrorist threat, which entails the nuclear destruction of a U.S. city. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Tenth, we think, in the outrageously vulgar Rogue Warrior series and the first solo effort by Commander Loose Cannon Marcinko in years (he usually writes with John Weisman). These are matchlessly blazing bomb-blasts, once based on now-retired Marcinko’s 30-year history in the US Navy and his Black Ops bloodlettings as a SEAL. All the realism of the original Rogue Warrior (1992) and Rogue Warrior II (1994) has long since morphed into trigger-happy dementia, stranglings, assassinations, and big knives sending bad guys to the boneyard. Even so, for many readers a lippy new Marcinko block of plastic explosive is a BFD ("Big Fucking Deal"). This time out, he’s got a new team of looters and shooters as he goes on a counterterrorist mission to chase down a missing nuke known to be aimed at a major American city. Before Marcinko gets his ear blown off and rises up blistered, beat to hell, scraped, and bruised, he’s found the travel-size 30-pound suitcase with the nuke in it but faces an anti-disturbance device inside that won’t let him disarm the f***ing world-ender. Sleep well, America.

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Chapter One

"There are occasions when daring and risky operations, boldly executed, can pay great dividends."

General Mathew B. Ridgeway, Soldier, 1956

The stranger slouched comfortably in the driver's seat of his rented black Lexus, a new Panasonic DVD player perched in his lap. Outside, a cool mist had descended over the deserted, tree-lined street. Raindrops pattered a soothing rhythm against the car's roof and windows. The small, yellow flames of the neighborhood's gas streetlamps flickered weakly against the gloom. Extraordinarily expensive, they'd been selected for their graceful lines, not their usefulness. Waiting patiently, the man welcomed the inclement weather like an old friend who'd showed up unexpectedly on his doorstep. In his business, bad weather was an ally.

He studied the DVD player's miniature screen as the image of Samuel Beckstein appeared in a clip from a recent evening news broadcast. Like a conquering hero, Beckstein was vigorously striding down the massive flight of stairs in front of a marble-columned courthouse, coming to a halt before a jackal-like mob of reporters. The camera zoomed in on the civil rights attorney's face as he pontificated about his latest legal victory. It had to be said, Beckstein was not a handsome man. His weary face was riddled with deep age lines and irregular patches of discolored skin, suggesting years of overexposure to the sun. A shock of longish, ill-kept, iron gray hair sprouted from his oblong skull. For an instant, his eyes, deeply set in cave-like sockets, seemed to stare directly at the man in the car. "You're a tired old fuck, aren't you?" the man whispered to himself. The electronic file played through a few other similar video clips and then ended.

He checked his watch, a simple Swiss Army officer's model on a stainless-steel band. It was time to move. He'd dressed appropriately for tonight's occasion in a lightweight black wool suit, a black turtleneck, and hand-sewn black leather lace-up shoes with rubber soles. His powerful hands were encased in a pair of thin, black leather shooting gloves. Soft and supple as a baby's skin. The overall effect suggested a stylish, modern-day grim reaper. Appropriate indeed.

His right front coat pocket held a tight fitting assault mask — a black Nomex balaclava. The mask would conceal his most noticeable feature, a nasty scar running dead center across his forehead. The deep channel was the result of an unfortunate encounter with a Russian rocket-propelled grenade during the invasion of Panama.

He shut off the DVD player, set it on the seat beside him, then slipped an S&W Model 13 .357 Magnum revolver out of the sturdy leather shoulder holster beneath his left armpit. His hand-tailored suit coat concealed the weapon perfectly. The revolver's blued cylinder was loaded with six rounds, each a 158-grain soft lead, hollow base wadcutter seated backwards inside a shiny brass casing. He'd designed and tested the round himself. Upon contact with soft tissue or bone, it would reliably expand to roughly the size of a .70-caliber projectile. Satisfied his weapon was ready, he returned the revolver to its holster.

There was no one in sight on the street as he slid from the cozy warmth of the Lexus. He softly closed and locked its door behind him and began the half-block walk through the damp night air to Beckstein's home. Strolling casually along the wet sidewalk he keyed a pre-programmed number for the lawyer's private line into his cell phone. After several rings Beckstein answered.



"Samuel? Ed Curry here. Still okay to drop by?"

"Ed!" exclaimed Beckstein. The lawyer's voice assumed its nationally famous courtroom drawl. "Wonderful of you to call. Yes, yes of course. You're close?"

Closer than you think, cocksucker, the advancing gunman thought to himself. "Yes, Samuel. Just around the corner. Home alone?"

"Yes," Beckstein replied. "My bodyguard is off tonight. Fucking some sweet little bitch barely over the legal age, or so I'm told."

The man in black smiled. "Some guys have all the fun. See you soon."

"I'll deactivate the security gate," said Beckstein. "Come straight up to the front door and I'll let you in."

"Shouldn't be but a minute." He didn't wait for a response, but punched the end button on the phone and slid it back into his jacket pocket.

Reaching the house's outer perimeter, he took out the ominous black hood and pulled it over his head in one practiced motion. A subtle adjustment here and there ensured a seamless fit. He pushed open the wrought iron security gate just wide enough to slip past it. He stopped, listening and watching for anything unexpected. The rain was falling harder now. Big, fat drops of icy-cold water hammered against the top of the executioner's hood and soaked into his powerful shoulders. Sensing nothing unusual, he swiftly mounted the short flight of steps leading up to a massive front door of lustrous, dark wood. As his research had indicated, the townhouse's exquisitely restored Federal facade hadn't been marred by anything as practical as an exterior security camera, or even a low-tech peephole in the door. Why bother to employ some musclebound bodyguard if you couldn't take the most basic precautions yourself, he wondered? The asshole deserved whatever he got.

He eased the big Magnum revolver free of its holster and rapped its heavy, 3" barrel against the door. Moments later he heard the deadlock turning from the inside. His every muscle prepared to strike.

As soon as he felt the door opening his whole body sprang forward hard. His left hand violently pushed the door aside as he exploded into the foyer. The astonished Beckstein stumbled backwards as the inside doorknob flew from his grasp and the masked intruder exploded into his home.

The man smashed the butt of the revolver into Beckstein's face, crushing his nose and producing a spray of broken cartilage and rich red blood. As the lawyer's hands instinctively flew upward to protect his now ruined nose, the gunman raised his revolver level with Beckstein's gleaming forehead and pulled its custom-tuned trigger. No explanation, no hesitation.

Beckstein's face caved in as the lead wadcutter burrowed its way through his forehead and into his cranium. The soft, wide mouth of the bullet began expanding upon contact and reached an impressive .72-caliber in diameter by the time it ruptured the attorney's brain. It proceeded to punch a massive chunk of bone out of the back of his skull. Sloppy, pinkish-red gobs of pulped brain matter were sucked through the jagged hole as the lead chunk exited, landing with a satisfying splatter on the foyer's walls and floor.

Beckstein never knew what — or who — hit him.

Keeping the Magnum on target, the killer watched as Beckstein's body slumped to the floor. Then he straddled the fallen figure and fired a second bullet directly into the oozing mass of Beckstein's face. "If you were ugly in life," he whispered, "you're a beautiful motherfucker in death!" Dropping all of his weight onto one knee, he delivered a massive crunch to the center of Beckstein's chest. The sternum-shattering blow released a harsh spray of foamy red bubbles from the man's unmoving lips. Holstering the revolver, the killer slipped a microcassette tape from his front pants pocket and placed it next to the dead man's shattered skull.

As he rose, the hollow chime of an antique wall clock began to toll midnight. He stepped over the dead attorney like he was stepping over a piece of rotten meat and silently padded through the foyer to a large, lavishly decorated reception room. Moving swiftly across the room's glistening parquet floors and museum-quality Oriental rugs, he made his way to a side door that opened directly into a corner of the back garden. Slipping past a jumble of patio furniture, he located the rear gate exactly where he'd been told it would be, obscured behind a thick cascade of slippery green ivy. Once through the gate, he was in a long, narrow alleyway that allowed service people discreet access to the grand houses that lined these blocks. He slipped down the dimly lit alley keeping to the shadows, avoiding the garbage cans neatly stacked behind each house he passed. His pace was cautious but even. As he moved steadily away from the night's killing ground he scanned his flanks and rear for anyone foolish or unlucky enough to follow him, but he was all alone.

At the end of the long alley, he found the tan Mazda coupe that had been left for him earlier. Before opening the door and slipping into the car he checked its backseat. More than one sorry asshole had found himself mugged by an unexpected visitor with a Slim Jim and sharp knife. Satisfied, he belted himself into the driver's seat and started the car. He fished the cell phone out of his pocket and punched a speed dial button. After three rings, his call was answered by a clipped New England accent.


"Please inform Mr. Black that I'm on time."

"Of course," replied the voice. "He'll be pleased." The line went dead.

Thirty minutes later, the man in black arrived back at his downtown hotel. Going directly to the luxury suite he'd rented the day before under a false name, he called room service and ordered a Caesar salad and a porterhouse steak, bloody rare. Sipping a glass of excellent cabernet, he stepped out onto the room's private balcony and took in the breathtaking view of the city's monuments spread out before him. Once upon a time, the gleaming structures had actually inspired awe in him, but now he could see them only as monuments to a terrible vanity. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Raising his glass, he silently congratulated his men for the night's success. They'd done well. It had been, as always, a team effort. Samuel Beckstein's assassination would be the means of delivering their message to the president of the United States and then to the world.

The doomsday clock had begun its countdown.

Copyright © 2002 by Richard Marcinko

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Meet the Author

Richard Marcinko retired from the Navy as a full commander after more than thirty years of service. He currently lives in the Alexandria, Virginia, area, where he is CEO of SOS Temps Inc., his private security firm — whose clients are governments and corporations; Richard Marcinko Inc., a motivational training and team-building company; and Red Cell International, Inc., which conducts vulnerability assessments of high-value properties and high-risk targets. He is the author of The Real Team; The Rogue Warrior's Strategy for Success: A Commando's Principles of Winning; and the four-month New York Times business bestseller Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior: A Commando's Guide to Success. Rogue Warrior, his #1 New York Times bestselling autobiography, set the stage for his bestselling Rogue Warrior novels, eight of which were coauthored with John Weisman. Visit Richard Marcinko's website at

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Violence of Action (Rogue Warrior Series) 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Good book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great book. The ending was stupid. Otherwise worth the read if you like RW.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Unfortunately, this is his last book. I hope he makes more novels. This book he did meat his match. A warrior who was an ultimate lunitic who had training and a team similar to the Rogue's. The book like all the others was real good. It did take you to a new level where you got into the details of a out of control interrorgation, and I'll leave it at that. It turned my stomach, which I thought was real cool. The book also made mentioning of 'what' would have happenned if Red Cell was still active: would Osama Bin Laudin and Adu Nidal have been assinated so 911 would have not been allowed to take place ? The book makes you wonder. This book was different from the others because the Rogue Warrior was allowed to run things the way he wanted to without the Eamon the Deamon and other beurocrats in his way. An interesting read though. The one thing though I didn't like was the dealing with the president Bush. Now I'm not saying this because of my political like/dislike for George Bush, but in the book through 3/4 of it he makes Bush look good but turns and makes him look bad at the end. It makes the book lose continuity. That is my only beef with the novel. Good mentioning of the FBI HRT and NEST groups and how good they are. Still, A good book to read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must say that I wasnt impressed at all.The other Rogue Warrior books have been absolutely great!!Hard hitting,fast action,real,and gritty.This one had the feel that a C2 wrote it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book should be listed as science fiction, I have purchased all of the RW series, but this is my last. I'll spend my money more wisely. Save your cash or go by a childrens book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read and enjoyed the whole Rogue Warrior series, but I was very disappointed in Richard Marcinko's lastest work. The book did not flow smoothly and was not very well written. I don't know if the book was even read by an editor because there were quite a few spelling errors. I believe that Mr. Marcinko would do well to re-enlist the services of John Weisman.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think that this book was very refreshing and more real than the last few. I could have done without the Trace character who was kind of annoying but otherwise the book was very funny and enjoyable and I did not want it to end. I am looking forward to the next one. But what's wrong with lady golfers?
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a disappointment. It was short. It was badly written. What struck me was how banal the Rogue has become--cliche ridden prose, a hackneyed plot that was more "comic book" than the usual Rogue plot, and stilted dialog. If this is all that Marcinko can do on his own, it's probably time to move on.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After reading ALL of Demo Dicks books, I found his first attempt to go it solo (sans John Weisman) very disappointing. Unfortunately this is nothing like the Rogue Warrior series his fans have read about in the past. The thing I found most displeasing about this latest Demo Dick story is it seemed that he used a lot of fluff to use up space to make this book seem much longer than it is. In one instance, he used approximately 3 or 4 pages on how he went about describing how he established SEAL Team SIX. The Why's and How's he chose certain people and so on ... Why ??? We already know that story ... been there, done that already (several times over). Another disturbing thing was we've read (in other books) countless times over that he doesn't like the way the Teams are run and how they aren't up to snuff from when he Commanded, yet for this story, he feels at home using a NEW bunch of 'Shooters & Looters' he's never worked with ??? What ever happened to his preachings on Team Integrity ??? If you're a fan of the Rogue Warrior series, you might as well buy this book. But don't expect much in the way a rivoting story for the money spent. With his past books, I felt they were worth the price, sadly this latest installment is definitely not.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Demo Dick is back in this new exciting novel, but not the same Rogue we are all used too. Although Dick has retained his "good" bed side manner in this new novel, he has grown into a even more wise and powerful Rogue. Violence of Action is much more fast paced then the rest of the Rogue Series. It also does not have all of the beloved characters as the rest, such as Stevie Wonder or Nasty Nick Grundle. But on the plus side the story is much more serious and fatal if Dick does not succeed. He faces his toughest enemy to date, a whacked out retired special forces colonel bent on the nuclear destruction of a major U.S. city. Read and be amazed as our favorite Rogue dispatches another ruthless enemy with extreme prejudice in the newest Rogue Warrior novel.