Violent Offenders: Theory, Research, Policy, And Practice / Edition 2

Violent Offenders: Theory, Research, Policy, And Practice / Edition 2

by Matt DeLisi, Peter J. Conis

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Table of Contents

Preface VII

Reviewers IX

Contributors XI

Part I Theory and Research 1

Chapter 1 The Importance of Violent Offenders to Criminology Matt DeLisi Peter J. Conis Kevin M. Beaver 3

Chapter 2 The Overlap of Violent Offending and Violent Victimization: Assessing the Evidence and Explanations Mark T. Berg 17

Chapter 3 Community-Level Correlates of Crime Matthew R. Lee Graham C. Ousey 39

Chapter 4 Where I'm From: Criminal Predators and Their Environments Andy Hochstetler Heith Copes 55

Chapter 5 Cyber-Related Violence Brooke N. Miller Robert G. Morris 75

Chapter 6 Still Psychopathic After All These Years Matt DeLisi Michael G. Vaughn 95

Chapter 7 The Behavioral Genetics of Predatory Criminal Behavior John Paul Wright Kevin M. Beaver 109

Chapter 8 Vigilance, Violence, and Murder in Mateships Farnaz Kaighobadi Todd K. Shackelford 125

Chapter 9 Early Risk Factors for Young Homicide Offenders and Victims David P. Farrington Rolf Loeber Rebecca Stallings Doni Lynn Homish 143

Chapter 10 Generality of Deviance and Predation: Crime-Switching and Specialization Patterns in Persistent Sexual Offenders Patrick Lussier Benoit Leclerc Jay Healey Jean Proulx 161

Chapter 11 Comparing Women and Men Who Kill Jennifer Schwartz 185

Chapter 12 Female Sexual Offending Danielle A. Harris 207

Chapter 13 Gang Involvement and Predatory Crime Jean Marie McGloin 221

Chapter 14 The Heterogeneity of Predatory Behaviors in Sexual Homicide Eric Beauregard 235

Part II Policy and Practice 257

Chapter 15 Focused Deterrence Strategies and the Reduction of Gang and Group-Involved Violence Anthony A. Braga 259

Chapter 16 Arrested Today, Out Tomorrow: Patrol Officers' Perceptions of a Broken Justice System Jonathan W. Caudill Chad R. Trulson 281

Chapter 17 Sex Offenders on the Internet: Cyber-Struggles for the Protection of Children Frank Kardasz 301

Chapter 18 Prosecuting Criminal Predators Denise Timmins 319

Chapter 19 Alternative Adjudication Methods for Offenders with Mental Health Problems Monic P. Behnken 335

Chapter 20 Violent Offenders: A Perspective on Dynamic Federal Supervision Practices Alan J. Drury 351

Chapter 21 Criminal Predatory Behavior in the Federal Bureau of Prisons Glenn D. Walters 369

Chapter 22 Institutional Misconduct Among Capital Murderers Mark D. Cunningham 383

Chapter 23 Civil Commitment Laws for Sexual Predators Roxann M. Ryan 401

Chapter 24 Sex Offender Registries and Criminal Predators Shelley L. Reese 419

Chapter 25 Running to Stand Still? Reentry and Violent Offenders Shelley Johnson Listwan 433

Name Index 449

Subject Index 453

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