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by Beth Elisa Harris
The "Vision" trilogy spans over 300 years, starting on a remote Scottish island haunted by dark secrets and a violent past. Two loves, Sarah and Jonathan MacPhie are brutally murdered in 1731 by a jealous clan leader out for bloody revenge. The night before Sarah dies, she predicts her death in a letter to a distant relative Layla Stone who will be born in 1991.


The "Vision" trilogy spans over 300 years, starting on a remote Scottish island haunted by dark secrets and a violent past. Two loves, Sarah and Jonathan MacPhie are brutally murdered in 1731 by a jealous clan leader out for bloody revenge. The night before Sarah dies, she predicts her death in a letter to a distant relative Layla Stone who will be born in 1991.
Three centuries later, Abbey Grace digs up Sarah's letter in her backyard and contacts Layla in Portland, Oregon just as Layla leaves to study in the UK. Coincidence? Not in the life of a Clear.
Once in Cambridge with her host family, Layla meets Stuart Fairchild, a friend of her host family, who seems more than familiar, mysterious and disarming. Layla's once isolated existence turns upside down as she learns there are many things she doesn't know about, including details about her workaholic mother and father.
And what she doesn't know could kill her.

Vision is a story about eternal love, forgiveness, the human connection, and good versus evil.  As Layla learns horrifying and thrilling details about her gift, she evolves from a single-minded, secluded teenager into a strong and determined woman who wages war against those hell-bent on world destruction.

Read the "Vision" trilogy: Vision available everywhere, "Soul Herder" (Vision #2) coming 2012, "Clear Resilience" (Vision #3) coming soon.

Editorial Reviews

Corey White
"Written in a fresh new literary voice, Vision is a breakthrough young adult novel for all ages, unlike anything you've read. Beth's originality, humor and passion shine in this breathtaking story about love, power and self-discovery. Clairvoyance, immortality, parental relations, romance, action and human connections stronger than life are packed into the pages. These vivid and gorgeous characters are lush with life, strong in spirit and utterly timeless. Get ready to be dazzled!"
Madeline Bartos
Vision was an unbelievably awesome story juxtaposed with a strong storyline, amazingly realistic characters, and a unique voice! It was extremely hard to put you down - the story grabbed my attention and didn't let go. A brilliant story by a brilliant author, Vision is absolutely hands down amazing. Everything about it was easy to love! I definitely give it five stars.
Lisa Acuna
I read this book in two sittings because I just couldn't put it down. I don't want to give anything away, but I have to say I enjoyed essentially "living" the experience with the main character, Layla. I don't know how to place this novel, because it has the right balance of romance, suspense, and fantasy. Definitely a must-read!!
Christine Baker
I LOVED this book. It’s so refreshingly unique in every way: the characters, the plot, and the settings where it takes place. The action is intense and the romance is…quite nice. Everything about this book flows and I’m so happy she left it open for a sequel! I read it in one sitting (I couldn’t put it down!). The writing/word structure was what made it unique because you truly heard Layla’s (the main character) voice and personality. The story flawlessly unfol
Jennifer Salsbury
I won an e-book from the publisher then turned around and ordered copies for my friends to give as presents. I've never done that before! Seriously, I can't believe how amazing this book is. I hope someone makes this into a movie series. Without giving much away, you will fall head over heels in love with the characters, the story and the setting. It's so mystical and romantic and suspenseful that you can't stop turning the pages.

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Meet the Author

Beth Elisa Harris is a young adult author living in the San Diego area. The story telling started when she began talking. Her parents were relieved when she learned to write, because she stopped chatting so much and retreated to her head where she still resides today. At some point she pretended to grow up, writing for everyone but herself. Cue life-altering moment, the stories returned, and all is well. Vision is Beth Elisa’s debut novel and first in a series of three Vision books with other projects underway.

Q: What inspired you to write? A: My love of books and great stories. It’s a natural state for me to be in.
Q: What led you to write your first novel? A: Vision is my first published novel, but there are others no one will ever see. I also grew tired of pretending writing for others was just as satisfying. My authentic self was suffering not writing stories.
Q: Do you have a favorite time or place to write? A: When I’m writing I shut out my surroundings and exist in a bubble, so it really doesn’t matter when or where or how. I guess I prefer morning and late afternoon/evening. I need an exercise/tea break in the early afternoon.
Q: Tell us what inspired Vision. A: I have ancestors from the island of Colonsay off the Scotland coast. When I learned about this piece of family history, stories started forming using the location as a central point. Be careful what you tell me – I take concepts and run.
Q: What’s next? A: I’m working on the two Vision sequels and have a couple other projects under development. You can read about them on my blog.

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Vision 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
shutterbug2394 More than 1 year ago
i absolutely love love LOVE this book!!!! it's not a Harry Potter, it's not a Twilight - it's Vision. it's the start of a new classic for other people my age and other people who love reading this genre. the characters, their relationships and the dialogue are far from being unrealistic even though Beth Elisa Harris (author) created a mystical world. the main characters are all unique and lovable...especially Stuart! ;) i really feel like i'm in England and Scotland with Layla which is why i can easily see this as a movie. i have quite a few favorite parts of the book but sharing them would need too much explanation and potentially spoil it! Beth Elisa Harris left it open for a sequel which i can't wait for! i hope she's making it a long series because it's easily one of my favorite books :)
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
One thing that grab me about this book is the setting. Now while the setting was now, some went back to the past. I love time travel. And I guess I love it so much because I wish I can do it myself. I loved to be immersed in a book where I can feel the past and the characters. The plot was also great. Not only did it entertain me all the way through, but it brought so much more to the story. The way the past was intertwined with the future really pulled me into the book. I enjoyed watching both the characters past and future come together. The romance was a major swoon. And I am such a sucker for romance. Give me a guy who says heart stopping things and you have me at hello! This love was intense. It was a type of love the had been longing since the past of the characters. Its was great seeing them come together and love one another. I love the paranormal twist to the book. It was definitely a refreshment to see something new for once. Don't get me wrong cause I love other paranormal elements, but this one I haven't seen around. I love reading new twist to an classic. Vision is a great one of kind book. Filled with a love from the past that comes to a future, it is something you can't resist. The book was dynamic in the storyline and it flowed really well. I look forward to reading more about adventures about Layla and her ever enduring love for Stuart.